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To: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

At the August 18 meeting of the Triennial Delegate Assembly, twelve Councilors were elected to serve for nine years on the General Council This was an historic event since of the twelve, eight are new to the Council and come from a broad geographic area -- East Coast, Midwest, Southwest, and West Coast.

The following day at the Triennial Meeting of the General Council election of officers, committee chairmen, and committee members saw the Council's inclusion of individuals that reflect a nationalization of the governing process of the Brotherhood. The Executive Committee has five new members, three of whom are from outside of Illinois. While this seemingly creates some logistical problems, the broader input, I feel, will be of great experiential value in the evolutionary movement toward the eventual internationalization of the Brotherhood. The enclosed page listing Councilors, officers, and committee members reflects the changes made at the August 19 meeting.

The Council passed two amendments to the Constitution which are enclosed. Please replace the appropriate pages in your copy of the Constituion.

The Executive Committee spent a good deal of time in discussing the ten motions passed at the General Council and referred to the Committee. The motions were then assigned to the appropriate departmental committee for its study and recommendation.

The Judicial Committee has notified the officers of the Houston society that it has received a resolution from the Charter Committee recommending the revocation of their charter due to their decision not to sign the Licensing Agreement.

Susan Sarfaty called recently to tell of Peter's death, September 13. At his request he had remained home the last few weeks of his illness and she indicated his passing was peaceful. Those of us who know Peter will miss his enthusiastic personality -- at least temporarily. For Susan we give our love and support.

I had the opportunity to attend the Regional Forum sponsored by the Oklahoma society at Lake Eufala, September 7-9. It was a time of uplifting fellowship, perfect weather, and the viewing of a new creative multimedia "Pebbles of Truth, The Search for the Damascus Scribe." I know that many of you will enjoy seeing and hearing this story at future gatherings. Congratulations to all those who contributed their talents to this presentation.

Now that Fall is here, many of us return to the routines of family life brought on by school and associated activities. Whatever our circumstances, may the refreshment gained from the past summer give us renewed strength and enthusiasm for the challenges ahead, especially as we mingle with our fellows and have the opportunity to bring about a better understanding of God the Father.

Warm regards,

John Hales, President

JH/jm Encl.

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