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To: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

The officers of the First Urantia Society of Houston have told us that, "At a special meeting of the society January 11, 1980, the decision of the Governing Committee was affirmed to revoke membership in the First Urantia Society of Houston of W. Allen Brazell and Kermit Laurent. They have been informed of this action as well as of their right to appeal in accordance with the provisions of the Brotherhood Constitution. Having been expelled from the Houston society, they are ipso facto no longer members of Urantia Brotherhood. In Allen's situation he no longer holds the office of Councilor in the Brotherhood.

As many of you may have been aware, Arthur Born, Chairman of the Finance Committee, has been unable to attend our meetings for some time due to health difficulties. We had all hoped this would clear up to again allow his participation. He graciously offered some time ago to tender his resignation. The time has come when, with regret, we must accept his offer. I wish to give our collective thanks most warmly to Art for his many years of selfless loyal service to the work of Urantia Brotherhood. He and his wife Edythe are charter members of the First Urantia Society (1956). He served on the Charter Committee 1962-69, and then as Chairman of the Finance Committee 1969 until the present.

The committee has appointed Frank Sgaraglino to fill the vacancy until the next meeting of the General Council..He now becomes a member of the Executive Committee. For those of you who may not know Frank, he and his wife Mary and son Marc live in a suburb north of Chicago. As an early member of the Orvonton Urantia Society he was elected its secretary in 1963 and has held the office of President on four different occasions as well as serving as Treasurer. He was a member of the International Fellowship Committee from 1965 to 1971, at which time he joined the Fraternal Relations Committee of which he is still a member. Frank works as a Trust Officer with one of Chicago's largest banks.- I know Frank will make valuable contributions to the Executive Committee and specifically offer sound financial planning for the Brotherhood during these times of economic uncertainty.

Tom Kendall, as President of Urantia Foundation, has sent us a letter, congratulating the Brotherhood on its 25th anniversary. I will be sending a copy to all members.

Fort Wayne Urantia Society has reported officers elected at their recent annual business meeting as follows:

President Mrs. Irene L. Sprunger

.Vice President Mrs. Dorothy Sloffer

Secretary Mrs. Marjorie Runkle

Treasurer Mrs. lsabelle Masel

First Urantia Society of Houston has reported the following new officers elected at their recent annual business meeting as follows:

President Mr. William G. Gardner

Vice President Mr. Harry Weatherford

Secretary Miss Adrienne Kelley

Treasurer Ms. Kathleen Roberson

We have been notified of the following regional meetings:

May 9-11 Southeast,Regional - Holiday Inn, Palm Beach, FL - contact Mr. W. David Robertson, 312 Murray Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33405

May 16-17 Kansas City, Mo - Ramada Inn - contact Mr. & Mrs. Loren Hall 8700 E. 110th St., Kansas City, MO 64134

May 31-June I Northeast Regional - Cape Cod, MA - contact Ms. Sandy Rogers, 650 Depot St., N. Harwich, MA, 02645

June 7-8 Midwest Regional - Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL contact David Kulieke, 907 E. Central Ave., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

I hope some of you will have the opportunity to attend one of the above gatherings. It is increasingly obvious that such meetings are taking place with greater frequency.

Warm Regards,

John W. Hales, President

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The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book