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MAY 1980

To: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

I am sorry to be so late with this letter. May disappeared with great rapidity -- at least for me. At our last meeting we finally voted to accept the "Standards of Admission of Urantia Societies" as first worked out by the Charter Committee, and then slightly revised by them at the suggestion of the Executive Committee. These revised standards (a copy is attached) will apply to all new applicants. These requirements are established in order to clarify what requirements there are to be met by those requesting a charter. As with any set of criteria it is difficult if not impossible to reach unanimity of opinion, i.e., too strict, too lenient. So there is compromise. If after having studied the standards you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them to Dave Elders who is chairman of the Charter Committee. The standards are not "written in stone" and will be revised as experience dictates.

Duane Faw, his Judicial Committee having formally met, presented the opinions and recommendations on eight items of business given the committee since the last meeting of the General Council. From his report we will formalize our recommendations to the General Council. When completed a more detailed report will follow.

As mentioned in a previous letter, Jim Mills had submitted his resignation as a member of the Judicial Committee due to his time commitment to educational pursuits. It was accepted with regret.

At the annual meeting of the General Council one of the items of business is to elect members to the standing committees for those terms which are expiring (a committee list is enclosed). The term of each person with a "one" after it is expiring. Also to be elected are those who have been appointed since the last meeting of the Council. The Executive Committee is responsible for presenting candidates to the Council to fill these vacancies. To help us in this selection process I request you send me your recommendations (please include biographical data) by June 30 so that the widest selection is possible from Brotherhood members. Keep in mind that the person must be willing to serve and to attend committee meetings. Also it has been the custom for committee chairmen to make their recommendations to the Executive Committee as to their choice of members. I will pass your suggestions on to them. While only a few are asked to serve I feel it is important for each of you to think of those who are capable of such service. This will also increase our knowledge of talented individuals who can be called upon in the future.

At the Council meeting August 9, there will be two vacancies to fill on the General Council, those left by W. Allen Brazell and Herman Schell. The constitution, Section 8.5., provides that the Council can fill vacancies until the next meeting of the Triennial Delegate Assembly (in this case 1982) since it is the TDA's job to elect members of the Council. Again, please send me your recommendations to fill these two vacancies (biographical data please).

General Councilors. I am planning the tentative agenda for the next council meeting. Please send me any items of business you wish to be included. It would be most helpful to have this information as soon as possible.

An application for membership-at-large was approved from Mr. Renald Cyr, Blaine, Washington.

I have had the pleasure of hearing accounts of the group trip to the Holy Land -- pictures too. The excitement of the travelers' accounts is contagious as you visualize the earthly setting of our elder brother's career. I hope all of you have a chance to visit with these travelers --in fact you probably cannot escape them.

Warm Regards,

John W. Hales, President

JH/jh Enc.

Attached Standards


At the time of application for a society charter (via a form supplied by the Charter Committee), prospective Founders must number at least ten (10) and there shall be additional prospective applicants (Charter Members) for a minimum of twenty (20) applicants in total. These minimums must also be met at the time of application approval. and installation.

Founders shall have read The Urantia Book, shall have made an in-depth study of its contents, and shall profess a sincere belief in its teachings.

Founders must have been participating in a study group which has been meeting regularly for at least five (5) years.

Founders and Charter Members shall have read the constitution and by-laws of Urantia Brotherhood and shall declare their willingness to accept them.

Founders shall all be citizens or residents in good standing in the community and in the country in which the Urantia society is to be established, and they shall promise to uphold the laws of that country.

Founders shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and Charter Members at least sixteen (16).

7. Founders shall agree, when admitting members to the proposed society, to abide by the Standards of Admission (as they may exist from time-to-time) for the qualification of persons making application for membership in Urantia societies, which standards have been-made available by the Charter Committee of Urantia Brotherhood.

8. The Founders must be familiar with the Urantia Foundation's function and with the function and purpose of the Urantia Brother hood as well as the Urantia Brotherhood Corporation, and the relationship of each to the others.

9. The Founders are responsible for educating all members of the applying group concerning the Urantia Brotherhood constitution, Urantia Foundation, Urantia Brotherhood, and Urantia Brotherhood Corporation, before applying for charter.

The Founders must have read and agree to sign on behalf of the applying society the Licensing Agreement between Urantia Foundation and the society granting use of the registered marks owned by the Foundation -- the Concentric-Circles symbol and the word "Urantia." This Licensing Agreement shall be a part of the Application for Charter.

There shall be a minimum one (l) year waiting period from application to the granting of a society charter so that the ten (10) Founders may be sure they wish to accept the responsibilities outlined herein, and so they may fulfill all admission requirements.

'' An orientation meeting shall be held between the Founders (or their representatives) and the members of the Charter Committee (or representatives of the Brotherhood) during this one (1) year waiting period to discuss all the requirements and responsibilities of society chartering.

13. The Founders shall select a name for their society, meeting the requirements as set forth in the Brotherhood constitution and by the Charter Committee. The name should locate this Urantia society while recognizing the possibility that other societies may be located nearby in the future.

14. The prospective society must function during this one (1) year waiting period with some form of organization, with officers and opportunities for members to assume differential responsibilities. A constitution for the prospective society must be drawn and approved by the Charter Committee before installation as a society.

15. After the designated one-year waiting period, if all requirements have been met and the Founders wish to proceed, the application for society status will be acted upon by the Charter Committee and the Executive Committee of Urantia Brotherhood.

16. At the time of acceptance and approval of the application by the Charter and Executive Committees, a fee must be paid to the Charter Committee by the applying prospective society. This fee will be set by the Charter Committee as approved by the Executive Committee.

17. Installation of the new society follows this formal-approval of application at a time and place agreeable to all parties. At this installation, a specified minimal ceremony, the Founders and Charter Members will officially constitute the initial membership of the new society.

18. On the date of installation, the society becomes an official part of Urantia Brotherhood. ~

19. Applicants' membership in any church, religious organization, or fraternal society shall not disqualify them as Founders of a Urantia society.

DE/jh Rev. 5/3/80

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