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April 1981

To General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

Study Group Questionnaire:

Last summer a study group questionnaire was sent to everyone on our mailing list in the United States. We received a heavy response. The purpose of the questionnaire was to gather information that would more effectively help in identifying study group activity which, in turn, would aid us in referring interested readers to existing groups, as well as learning of readers interests in forming study groups. The Domestic Extension Committee's preliminary report indicates there are 218 study groups in the United States. (The lnternational Fellowship Committee is in the process of conducting an international survey.) This figure represents something less than the actual number since I am sure there are groups composed of readers, none of whom are on our mailing list. For some of you, the figure is disappointingly low since estimates have ranged from 300 to 700 groups. But I do not see this as cause for discouragement, since it is the first systematic attempt at locating and identifying study groups. It provides some factual knowledge as a basis for realistic practical planning to achieve our goal of thousands upon thousands of study group. We hope to have further information to share by the end of the summer.

1981 General Conference:

The Executive Committee plans to be available one of the afternoons of the Conference so that the officers and committee chairmen along with committee members may informally talk with interested individuals about the Brotherhood committee activities. There are approximately 1,250 registered of which 280 are children.


Frank Sgaraglino, Finance Committee Chairman, reported that the Phon-a-thon was quite successful, both in the enthusiastic help provided by volunteers who manned the phones as well as in the response from those called. Of the people contacted 79% either gave a pledge or said they would consider it. For various reasons 21% said no with less than 1% of the 1,344 contacted by phone stating they did not like the idea of a fund drive at all. The amount either pledged or received is $105,000.00. Individual work continues to reach the $210,000 goal. Frank is optimistic that it will be reached.

Trustee Appointed

Our Vice-President, Christy, announced that Arthur M. Burch has been appointed a trustee of Urantia Foundation, following the resignation of Arthur C. Born. As many of you know, Art was for many years Chairman of the Brotherhood's Judicial Committee and has been a contributor to Brotherhood and First Urantia Society activities for many years. I extend to Art best wishes from the Committee and my personal prayers to each of the trustees as they deliberate on the difficult problems before them which concern both the dissemination and the protection of The Urantia Book

You Are Requested ... General Council Agenda:

In preparation for the August 1 meeting Of The General Council, I am asking each of you to send me topics you wish to be included on the agenda for discussion. It would facilitate our planning if you suggestions would reach the office by July 6.

Society Conclave:

As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of First Urantia Society, representative from 10 of the 13 existing Urantia Societies met March 2!-24, 1981 in Chicago. Those attending felt it to be a beneficial opportunity to share society goals, priorities, and problems. I appreciate having been invited to participate in the conclave. Along with other Committee members attending it provided a time to hear the direct concerns of society leaders. An article in the Bulletin as well as a report to societies will give further details.

News Notes:

We welcome Mr. Pentti Olavi Niiranen, Helsinki, Finland, as a member-at-large.

Please note the following changes on your society officers list:


President Larry Mullins, 1602 S. Gary Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106

Vice Pres. Harry McMullen, III, P.O. Box 82009, Oklahoma City, OK 73148

Secretary Mrs. Jeralie Scanlan, 1508 S.E. 47th Place, Oklahoma City, OK 63129

Treasurer Steve Wilsey, 2241 N.W. 40th E-102, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Connecticut :

President Peter Laurence, 512 Bedford Road, Armonk, NY 10504

Vice Pres. Mrs. Alison Gardner Massey, 60 Farm Rd., Sherborn, MA 01770

Secretary Mrs. Barbara Dreier, 672 Albin St., Teaneck, NJ 07666

Treasurer Mrs. Helena Sprague, 2 H Talcott Glen Rd., Farmington, CT 06032


Other corrections


John D. Hay, 1636 18th St., Boulder, CO 80302


William A. Gardner, 1826 Fairview, Houston TX 77006

Also, General Councilor Jim Mills and his wife Eunice have moved to 3711 P-176, Tallahassee, FL 32303 - phone (904) 893-3784.

Our next meeting is June 6, after which there are only a few weeks until seeing many o:f you at the General Conference at Snowmass, CO. I look forward to this time of fellowship and renewal.

Warm regards,

John W. Hales



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