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January-February 1984

TO: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and

Field Representatives

At the time of the Executive Committee meeting February 24, we were still receiving many communications in support of Urantia Brotherhood's position not to make official statements as concerns personal spiritual or religious experience. While the majority expressed a sensitivity to the feelings of the parties involved, they affirmed the organization's position of following democratic procedures in reaching decisions.

Charter Committee.

It was reported by Chairman Dave Elders that work on the membership pamphlet is in its final stages. The pamphlet outlines some of the philosophy and purpose to membership in Urantia Brotherhood.

A constitutional amendment is being recommended to the effect that any candidate for the General Council must have read the entire Urantia Book This is in response to a resolution passed by The Triennial Delegate Assembly. Notice will be sent to General Councilors so that the amendment can be voted upon at its meeting in August.

International Fellowship Committee. Berkeley Elliott, Chairman, announced that a translation company has been chosen for the Spanish translation of The Urantia Book. Urantia Foundation has notified us of their decision and estimates that the translation and first printing will cost about $350,000. The Foundation has requested that the Brotherhood help raise the necessary funds. It was unanimously agreed to undertake this fund-raising job. This is a great step toward making The Urantia Book available to a large segment of our world's population.

Publications Committee. Chairman Barbara Kulieke reported that the four language international issue of the Brotherhood Bulletin has been delayed.

Because of the need to communicate in a timely and regular fashion with our members and readers, it was agreed that the Brotherhood officers will be responsible for seeing that news articles are written. A publications schedule will be set for three issues per year.

The Publications Committee's report on the text book project was accepted and will be presented to the Foundation for consideration. The seventeen text books that were originally used in conjunction with the Brotherhood school in the late 1950's and early 1960's are currently out of print. The recommendation is that they be reproduced in micro-fiche form for sale to interested students. As copyright holder, the Foundation is being asked for permission to reproduce this material.

Dan Massey, Sherborn, Mass., has been appointed to fill a vacancy on the committee due to the resignation of Mike Painter, Oak Park, Ill. Dan will occupy this position until the meeting of the General Council.

Finance Committee: As is custcmary, the Finance Committee will be responsible for sending out the solicitation follow-up letter in late May. This appeal is for general operating funds

Chairman Frank Sgaraglino indicated the Foundation has been in contact with him concerning the work to be done on fund-raising for the Spanish translation. A plan will be worked up in the coming months.

1984 General Conference. Registration materials were mailed out to the entire mailing list the end of January. To facilitate planning, we urge all who are going to attend to register now.

Regular Meeting of General Council Scheduled. The regular meeting of the General Council will be held Saturday, August 11, at 10:00 a.m. at the ABA Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake, Wisconsin. The meeting will most likely continue on Sunday. All Councilors have been sent information concerning room reservations for Friday evening. If you have not responded, please do so promptly.

Harmony. Readers of the Southeast have initiated a new semi-annual journal titled "Harmony." As a service, Urantia Brotherhood mailed out the initial issue to those on our mailing list in nine southeastern states. . The newsletter staff bore the cost of this mailing. Please find copy enclosed. I wish the staff every success in their communication efforts.

Council.-Executive Committee Relationships. To enhance communication between the Executive Committee and the General Council, I have instituted the practice of having each Councilor contacted personally by a member of the Executive Committee to share news of our deliberations and respond to concerns they may have. I plan to change these assignments after each meeting to facilitate each of us getting to known one another more fully.

Field Representative Reappointed. Jim Mills has been reappointed as Field Representative. The Executive Committee agreed that such appointments should be for a specific time and purpose. Jim has been asked to serve for a three year term with the following purpose: helping study groups in his area evolve toward society status, recommending those who might seek membership-at -large, assisting in regional conference activity, conveying information on Brotherhood policies to readers in the area. Having finished his course requirements for a doctoral degree, Jim again has the time to devote to field work

Departmental Committee Elections. As stated in the Brotherhood constitution,

Section 11.2, the Executive Committee will nominate individuals to fill committee positions that are expiring. This slate will be presented to the General Council for its consideration. Nominations can be made from the floor with the prior consent of the nominee. A current committee list is enclosed. Positions with a number one, indicate those terms expiring. Any Brotherhood member can make recommendations for candidates to be considered. If you have such suggestions, please contact me.

Members At Large: I wish to welcome the following as members of Urantia Brotherhood: Bill & Carol Brehio, North San Juan, California; Kenneth & Zona Raveill, Independence, Missouri; Cliff Larsen, Douglasville, Georgia; Thomas P. Toth, Avenel, New Jersey; Jacques Vallee, Grand Mere, P.Q., Canada.

There is a story about four people., called everybody, somebody, ,anybody and nobody. There was a important job to be done and everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure that somebody would do it, anybody could have done it, but nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was everybody's job. Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when actually nobody asked anybody to do it. We must not let this happen in Urantia Brotherhood.

I pass this anonymous classic which is most appropriate for every volunteer organization.


John W. Hales



A Service of
The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book