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The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book

February 25, 1998

Dear Member,

Last Friday I put the finishing touches on a President's letter describing the recent General Council meeting held in Oklahoma City. The next day, February 21 st, Mo Siegel and Gard Jameson resigned from the Fellowship Executive Committee WW the General Council in order to assume the duties of Trustees of Urantia Foundation. Needless to say, the focus of the letter has shifted to the significant events of the past few days. A report on the General Council meeting is still front page news in the Mighty Messenger, which will be mailed shortly. In addition, minutes from the General Council meeting will soon be posted on the Fellowship webpage.

Included with this letter you will find the Foundation's policy statement on unity, their statement on the appointment of the new Trustees, and the resignation letters from both Gard and Mo to the General Council. You will notice that the theme of unity is woven through each statement and letter.

There has been a significant discussion of unity within our community during the past year. We have held meetings, exchanged letters, made phone calls in an attempt to keep the fines of communication open between the Fellowship and the Foundation. In addition, there have been opportunities for socialization and study between members of the Fellowship and the IUA, as well as public statements and gracious letters calling for increased cooperation and contact among readers

Even with all these positive steps, it was still quite a surprise to learn that the Foundation Trustees had appointed Mo and Gard to fill the two positions left vacant last December by the resignations of Patricia Mundelius and Tom Bums. There was some speculation that one Fellowship member might be appointed as a sign of goodwill, but the appointment of two strong Fellowship leaders is more than goodwill; the appointment of Mo and Gard is a courageous commitment to the pursuit of unity within our community.

The Fellowship intends to respond in kind, with a full commitment to exploring opportunities for cooperation and increased communication between all members of both organizations. We

sincerely appreciate the potential created by the Foundation's action, and by the willingness of Mo and Gard to serve as they were called.

The Executive Committee will be meeting with the Foundation Trustees April 17th, in Chicago, to continue the exchange of ideas and understanding, and to further explore the remaining issues between our diverse organizations. We are hopeful that progress will be made in all areas if we courageously apply the wisdom of cosmic consciousness to the complex challenges associated with serving an epochal revelation.

As you know, the Fellowship is actively engaged in projects designed to disseminate the revelation and serve the community. We are currently planning two conferences: The first is the 1998 Summer Study Session to be held July 9-12th in Washington DC; the second is the 1999 International Conference to be held in Vancouver B.C. August 5-12th.

We are also planning several Wrightwood seminars, expanding the Fellowship webpage, promoting the activities of the Family Life committee, creating increased visibility for the book through Whole Life Expos and book fairs, interfacing with the interfaith community, providing funding and expertise for translation work, maintaining a network of study group information and reader referrals. In addition, we are currently exploring ways to make our administrative office more efficient and cost-effective.

These activities, along with the current opportunities for progress in our relationship with Urantia Foundation, require a vast pool of human and financial resources. We are active, committed, growing and can always use more help. This is a gentle plea for your support.

The weeks ahead promise to be both chal . lenging and uplifting for the entire community. Change will require patience, tolerance, wisdom and love; we will not evolve towards a unified community without a willingness to embrace diversity and to encourage loving relationship between all readers.

Please keep the Trustees and the Executive Committee members in your prayers. We each sincerely hope to serve the revelation to the best of our ability.

In fellowship,

Janet Farrington Graham President

A Service of
The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book