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Summary of Events of the Second Quarter 1956


The Forum no longer exists. In its place the First Urantia Society was established June 17th. Dr. William S. Sadler performed the rituals in accordance with the mandates of the Charter Committee. Approximately 150 Forumites were present as founders and charter members of the newly formed Society. Officers and comittee members were elected. We now enter upon a new era as to function and activities. The precedent has been established; other Urantia Societies will follow.

Applications are being accepted by the Urantia Brotherhood School for certain classes which will start in the fall. Although the formal opening of the school will not take place until September 1957, the following courses are being offered this coming year:

1. Doctrinal Study of the Urantia Book: A year course granting one major credit. Meets Wednesday 8:45 - 9:45 P.M., starting Sept. 19th. Instructor - Dr. Wiliam Sadler.

2. Topical Study of the Urantia Book: Fall Semester. One minor credit. Meets Wednesday, 7:30 - 8:30 P.M., starting Sept. 19th. Instructor - Alvin Kulieke.

3. Course on Leadership and Public Speaking: Spring semester. One minor credit. Meets Wednesday 7:30 - 8:30 P.M. Instructor Kenton Stephens.

We aim to keep cool at 533. The Executive Committee has authorized the purchase of an additional air conditioning unit to supplement the one now in operation.

The following announcement has been submitted to us. We pass it on to you:

The Program Committee of the First Urantia Society has announced that the first Sunday meeting in the fall will be held on September 30th at 3:00 P.M. at 533 Diversey Parkway, and a meeting will be held every Sunday thereafter, as usual. The committee feels that many members of the group must have ideas on what they would like to have included in the Sunday programs and they are most anxious to have suggestions from everyone. If you do have ideas on how you would like the Sunday meetings conducted, please send them to Marian Rowley, 533 Diversey Parkway, before July 31st, and she will turn them over to the Program Committee. Every suggestion will be carefully considered by the committee and they will greatly appreciate your cooperation.

We reported recently that approximately 30 books had been sent to prominent people as gifts from the Urantia Brotherhood, and 20 to libraries in the United States. We have had almost no response, except for a few which were returned immediately. The Foreign Extension Committee is now working on a list of 100 libraries in English-speaking parts of the British Commonwealth of Nations and we hope these gift books will go out soon.

We would like to try another plan for getting books into the hands of people who might be interested. We have set aside 100 books to be used as gifts, but instead of the Brotherhood's sending them to well-known people, these books are for you to present personally to someone you think would be a good prospect. There have been a few cases where someone wanted to give a book to a friend or acquaintance who seemed to be ripe for it, but couldn't afford it and didn't want to ask the other person to buy it. Or perhaps you suggested someone on your original questionaire form last summer to receive a gift book, but the Foreign and Domestic Extension Committees have not yet sent the book. You might want to send one of these gift books with a personal letter, or better yet, present the book personally. There are probably other circumstances which would justify your receiving a gift book to pass on. We feel the personal contact is most important.

You all have a list of the gift books which have already been sent out by the Brotherhood, but in any event, the names you suggest will be checked against our list, to make sure there are no duplications. Since these books are being paid for by the Brotherhood, even though you are sending them personally, the names will be reviewed and approved by the Domestic and Foreign Extension Committees. If you would like to receive one or more of these gift books, please write for an application (Form 10). Each request should be on a separate application form.

It is important that the books be given as wide distribution as possible, but we do not want to waste them by sowing recklessly on barren ground. And if any of you have any different ideas on how to get more books out, we will be most happy to hear yourt suggestions. Address your letters to Marian Rowley at 533 Diversey Parkway.

Warren H. Kulieke Vice-President


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