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Ultimatons, Electrons and Atoms:
A Study of Paper 42 of The Urantia Book
Georgia Gecht



Ultimatons are the energy particles which make up the electrons, the PRIME physical units of material existence (472:1); Ultimatons aggregate into electrons.  (475:1)

Ultimatons do not whirl about in circuits within electrons, but they CLUSTER, - or spread, in accordance with their AXIAL REVOLUTIONARY VELOCITIES, which determines:

The entire SEGREGATION AND GROUPING of electronic matter, RESULT from these various functions of the COMPONENT ULTIMATONIC INTERASSOCIATION. (476:#6:LP)


Mutual attraction holds 100 ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron.  There are never more nor less than 100 ultimatons in a "typical" electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electronic identity, bringing into existence one of TEN MODIFIED FORMS of the electron.  (476:#6:5)

The ultimaton is derived from, and is dependent on, PARADISE.  It has Paradise as it's NUCLEUS.  (476:#1:2)

Ultimatons function by mutual attraction, responding ONLY to the Paradise gravity pull.  Without LINEAR gravity resonse, (the electrical stage, 125:#8:3), they are thus held in the universal space drift. They are capable of accelerating revolutionary velocity, but cannot, of themselves, deindividuate, - return to the puissant-energy stage.  (476:#6:3)

Many phases of physical activity slow the ultimatons down before they attain the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to electronic organization, (organizing into electrons according to certain velocities.  (476:LP)

Ultimatons have three varieties of motion:

Some of the unpredictability of the electron is due to differential ultimatonic axial revolutionary velocities, and to the unexplained "HUDDLING" proclivity of ultimatons. Other influences, - physical, electrical, magnetic, and gravitational also operate to produce VARIABLE electronic behavior. The ultimaton is the first measurable form of energy, and has Paradise as its nucleus.  It is measurable by the force organizers who initiate those changes of space-force, which eventuate in energy.  (468:3)

There is no measurable linear gravity pull on uncharged electronic energy particles, or on unassociated ultimatons.  (476:#6:2, 3)


Atoms may contain from one to one hundred orbital electrons.  ONLY THE OUTER TEN electrons of the LARGER atoms revolve about the central nucleus as  DISTINCT and DISCRETE bodies, -intactly and compactly swinging around on precise and definite orbits. These outer ten electrons, (present in only the TEN HEAVIEST elements), are possessed of the dignity of independence, and are therefore able to escape more or less freely from the control of the mother nucleus. With a minimum variation in temperature and pressure, the members of this fourth and outer-most group of electrons will escape from the grasp of the central nucleus, - as illustrated by the spontaneous disruption of uranium and kindred elements.  (Ref.:478:2,3,4)

MESOTRON: "Energy carrier" particle at center of nucleus.
NUCLEUS: Charged protons and uncharged neutrons.  (479:2)

The WAVE-LIKE ENERGY EXTENSION of an electron may so spread out, as to occuply the whole of the lesser atomic orbits, especially those nearest the nucleus. These thirty innermost electrons DO HAVE individuality, but their energy systems tend to intermingle, extending from electron to electron, and well nigh from orbit to orbit.

The formation of all matter is on the order of the solar system.  There is at the center of every minute universe of energy, a RELATIVELY stable, COMPARATIVELY stationary, nuclear portion of material existence."  (477:#7:1) "Relatively" and "comparatively" - meaning compared with the unbelievable velocities of the electrons and ultimatons.  This does NOT mean "absolutely" stationary, as Paradise Isle.  (See "relatively stationary": matter example.  (472:#10)

Illustrations in science books, aforementioned, show the atom to be round, like a golf ball.  The Urantia Book describes it as having the solar system pattern, i.e., horizontal.  If an atom could be photographed, it's revolutionary velocity would make it appear round.)


Gravity is one of SEVERAL factors concerned in holding together a tiny atomic energy system.  There is also present IN and AMONG these basic physical units, a powerful and UNKNOWN energy...the SECRET of their basic constitution and ultimate BEHAVIOR, an energy not yet discovered on Urantia. This universal influence permeates ALL the space embraced within this tiny energy organization.  The space between the electrons of an atom IS NOT EMPTY.  It is activated by wave-like manifestations which are perfectly synchronized with electronic velocity and ultimatonic revolutions.

This force is NOT DOMINATED by our laws of positive and negative attraction; its behavior is, therefore, sometimes UNPREDICTABLE.  This "unnamed" influence seems to be a SPACE FORCE reaction of the UNQUALIFIED ABSOLUTE.  (478:#8:1,2)

NOTE:  The Paper #42 on Energy, Mind and Matter was requested by Gabriel of Salvington, the Chief Executive of the universe of Nebadon, and was presented by a Mighty Messenger, ... a perfected mortal who was either rebellion tested, or in some way passed throuogh some definite test of universe allegiance.  (245:#2) And, so it behooves us to do our best to understand the energies, so that we understand God and his universes, and attain worship through comprehension of his greatness; and proceed intelligently with our PRIME PURPOSE from here to Paradise; of inter-relating energy and spirit.  (See 1,275:#6:2,3; also 638:4,5)


When atoms perform radioactively, the excess of radiation is derived from the "breaking up" of the mesotron "energy carrier", which thereby becomes a MERE ELECTRON. This disintegration is accompanied by the emission of small uncharged particles.  (479:4)

Electronic orbits Charged protons and uncharged neutrons of the nucleus MESOTRON at center  (The "glue" of the atom) weighs 180 times the weight of an electron. Mysterious wave-like manifestations expanding outward in ever increasing circles of 360 degrees. Our Mighty Messenger brother thinks that this mysterious manifestation seems to be a reaction of the Unqualified Absolute.

From these brief explainings of the atom, which are given, could we not conclude that the mesotron is secretly composed of 100 potential ultimatons at the beginning; performing at high speed revolutions, (possibly at the puissant stage), and made stable by the many uncharged particles; but not yet slowed down to the revolutionary prereequisites to electronic energy; which maintains order throughout the system...whether the atom consists of one or one hundred electrons,...the "powerful cohesive integrity" of the atom.

When a physical change occurs in the atom, as in radioactivity, the powerful mesotron undergoes a sudden metamorphosis.  Through previous intelligent action of the ultimate and a flash reaction of the delicately space-concealed bit of the Unqualified Absolute, the "certain uncharged particles" of the mesotron are released, reducing its weight 180 times itself, -the revolutionary velocity of the ultimatons is slowed down to tthe requisite electronic stage,...thus proceeding within the laws of the "sevenfold electronic organization of prematter".  (469:#2)

The 100 mature ultimatons, huddled together, become an electron.  It then goes forth to perform another service.  In its wanderings in space, it may be absorbed by another atom in another universe, but after countless ages of swinging ever true to the circle of eternity, it returns to its source, Nether Paradise, where, we assume, it is reduced, or melted back into space potency (Unqualified Absolute), only to be sent back into space...where it takes another turn in the evolution of "the circularity of endless existence".  One thing is certain - nothing is destroyed.  It merely changes its course and proceeds through intelligent law.  (A reference to "mature ultimaton" may be found on p.519:#1:2)


Mesotrons explain CERTAIN cohesive properties, but the PARADOXICAL and POWERFUL FORCE of ATOMIC COHESIVE INTEGRITY is a form of energy, as yet UNDISCOVERED ON Urantia.  (Other Ref. on "unknown energy":  47:1; 328:2; 467:LP; 472:#4:2; 667:1)


The decimal system is inherent in energy, matter, and the material creation.  The number seven is basic to the central universe (Paradise through Havona), and the spiritual system of transmissions of character (1,242:2-4), but the number seven also plays a phenomenal part in the physical energies of our world. The atomic world displays a certain periodic characterization which RECURS in GROUPS OF SEVEN, a brithmark, carried by this material world, indivative of its far-distant spiritual origin. 

There are seven cycles whereby certain SIMILAR physical and chemical properties are recurrent in our atomic energy system. If we arrange the basic elements in a row in the order of their atomic weight, then, "...starting from ANY ONE ELEMENT, and nothing some ONE property, such a quality or property will change -- for the following SIX CONSECUTIVE ELEMENTS, but on reaching the eighth it tends to reappear, that is, the EIGHTH chemical active element resembles the FIRST, the NINTH the SECOND, and so on."  (425:1)

This PERIODIC change recurs diminishingly, and with variations, down through the entire chemical weight table, being most observable in the LIGHTER atomic groupings.  This sevenfold persistence of creative constitution is difficult of comprehension, but this fact of the physical world points to the "seven-fold constitution of ancestral energy".  (489:#2) Urantians are saddled with a great problem in trying to compute fixed laws for posterity, because of the inconstancy of the elements; together with "man's ignorance of the philosophy of the universe; which CANNOT be predicated on the observations of so-called science".  (480:2)  Further complications are analyzed in the last three paragraphs on page 482 of The Urantia Book.

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