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The Junior Test
of Knowledge of the Urantia Papers

William S. Sadler, Jr.
July 1959

1-3Name the three levels of the function of the Paradise Trinity.
4What is the other name of the first experiential trinity?
5-7Who are the members of this first experiential trinity?
8-10Who are the Supreme Creators?
11-17Name the Sevenfold Controllers associated with God the Sevenfold.
18-20Who are the members of the second experiential trinity?
21What is the other name of the second experiential trinity?
22-25Name the four basic kinds of motion.
26-32Name the seven levels of energy referred to in "Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems (Physical Energy)."
33-35Name the three kinds of creature-trinitized sons.
36-42The Architects of the Master Universe work on seven levels; name them.
43-49How many Architects are there on each of these seven levels?
50What is the name of our solar system?


1finite level, Trinity of Supremacy, Trinity in relation to the finite
2absonite level, Trinity of Ultimacy, Trinity in relation to absonite
3absolute level, Trinity in relation to absoluteness
4The Trinity Ultimate
5The Supreme Being, God the Supreme, the Supreme
6The Supreme Creators
7The ARchitects of the Master Universe, the Architects
8The Seven Master Spirits, the Master Spirits
9The Ancients of Days
10The Creator Sons, Michaels, Creator Sons and Creative Spirits
11Master Physical Controllers
12Supreme Power Centers
13Supreme Power Directors
14Almighty Supreme
15The Conjoint Actor, Infinite Manipulator, God of Action, Infinite Spirit
16Paradise, the Isle of Paradise
17Universal Controller, Source of Paradise, First Source and Center
18The Supreme, Supreme Being, God the Supreme
19The Ultimate, God the Ultimate
20Consummator of Universe Destiny
21The Trinity Absolute
22Primary motion, space respiration, the motion of space
23Secondary motion, the clockwise-counterclockwise processional of the space levels
24Relative motion
25Compensatory motion, motion initiated by the Universal Absolute
26Absoluta, space potency
27Segregata, primordial force
28Ultimata, emergent energy, puissant energy plus gravity energy
29Gravita, universe power
30Triata, Havona energy
31Tranosta, transcendental energy
32Monota, the energy of the Paradise Isle
33ascender-trinitized sons
34Paradise-Havona trinitized sons
35trinitized sons of destiny
36Paradise level
37Havona level
38Superuniverse level
39Primary space level, first outer space level
40Secondary space level, second outer space level
41Tertiary space level, third outer space level
42Quartan space level, fourth outer space level
431 - Paradise level
443- Havona level
457 - Superuniverse level
467 x 10 = 70 on primary space level
477 x 7 x 10 = 490 on secondary space level
487 x 7 x 7 x 10 = 3,430 on tertiary space level
497 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 10 = 24,010 on quartan space level