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The Sophomore Test
of Knowledge of the Urantia Papers

William S. Sadler, Jr.
July 1959

1-3What are the three main divisions, or major parts, of Paradise?
4-9Name the six space levels of the master universe.
10-13Name the four kinds of absolute gravity.
14-20Name the seven worlds of the Father in the near-regions of Paradise.
21What is the name of our major sector?
22What is the name of our minor sector?
23-29Identify the seven unique natures of the Seven Master Spirits.
30Who is the Chief of Reflectivity?
31Who creates the universal concilliators?
32Who creates the Image Aids?
33Who creates the seconaphim?
34Who creates the primary supernaphim?
35Who creates the secondary supernaphim?
36Who created the Seven Supreme Power Directors?
37-43Name the seven levels of God the Sevenfold.
44-50Name the seven orders of the Supreme Spirits.


1Upper Paradise
2Nether Paradise
3the Periphery, Peripheral Paradise
4the Havona space level, havona, the central universe
5the superuniverse space level, the superuniverses
6the primary space level, the first outer space level
7the secondary space level, the second outer space level

the tertiary space level, the third outer space level

9the quartan space level, the fourth outer space level
10physical gravity, material gravity, Paradise gravity, circular gravity
11mind gravity, mindal gravity, the gravity of the Infinite Spirit
12spiritual gravity, spirit gravity, the gravity of the Eternal Son
13personality gravity, the personality circuit, the circuit of the Father
23Fatherlike, Father, Universal Father
24Sonlike, Son, Eternal Son
25Spiritlike, Spirit, Infinite Spirit
31Reflective Spirits
32Reflective Spirits
33Reflective Spirits
34Infinite Spirit
35Master Spirits
36Master Spirits
37Universal Father, Father
38Eternal Son, the Son
39Infinite Spirit, the Spirit
40Supreme Being, the Supreme, God the Supreme
41the Master Spirits
42the Ancients of Days
43Creator Sons, Michaels, Creator Sons and Creative Spirits
44Master Spirits
45Circuit Spirits, Spirits of the Havona Circuits
46Supreme Executives
47Reflective Spirits
48the Image Aids, Reflective Image Aids
49Creative Spirits, Universe Spirits, Divine Ministers, local universe Mother Spirit
50Adjutant Mind-spirits, the Adjutants, the Adjutant Spirits