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Sandy Garrick
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
July 18th 1981

It has been unequivocally revealed to us that the “Main Lesson” of this life is “To Choose God, or to forsake Him”.

Each and every one of us, there are no exceptions, is part of the gigantic struggle of this very attainment.  In this we are all equal.  Those of us who are smugly satisfied with our particular brand of attainment, are clearly avoiding the depth of this problem, for whenever such “Perfection of Purpose” would take place in reality, we would be immediately “Fused” and translated into the next realm of existence.

Therefore, those of us who are still among the living have, to some degree, managed to avoid the real meaning of such aspirations and are still with us as part of the definite struggle of the evolutionary process as it is infallibly unfolding in accordance with the Will of our Father in Heaven, since there are definitely No shortcuts, royal roads, or easy paths on the way to getting to know Him.

My favorite, so called, “Three Doubleyous” (the “WILL”, THE “WAY”, AND THE “WORK” of our Father) must reflect balanced growth in Love, Mercy, and Ministry on spiritual, mindal, and material levels.  It is primarily incumbent upon us to LOVE our fellows and to thus show forth the “Fruits” of our strivings for the benefit of ALL.  But are we really the leaven, the salt of the earth, do we really show forth love if we fail to be:

1.  punctual;
2.  reliable;
3.  just;
4.  patient;
5.  kind;
6. fair; and
7.  responsible?

I would like to reflect on these 7 points the way I see them and would like to put forth some of my personal thoughts in these most important adjuncts for balanced growth in accordance with my interpretation of Our Father’s Will.  For all intents and purposed this analysis may be true or false in whatever proportion the “Spirit of Truth” moves you to receive it.  But let me emphasize these are strictly my own thoughts and my own truths as I see them in my personal religious experience.

Are we punctual? – Do we really respect and love our fellows if we make them wait for us and delay their plans with our tardiness?

Are we reliable? – Can our fellows really count on us?  (If our fellows can’t. can the Angels?), or do we pay mere lip service and proceed to forget about the importance of our words?  Can we be trusted and relied upon to come through with our promises?  Do we deliver our pledges to ourselves as well as to others in the commonplace drudgery of living?  Are we forging a personality of Eternal Value?

Are we just? – When our fellows voice ideas that may not reflect our own interpretation of “reality”, are we judgmental toward the, or do we offer positive analysis to correct the error of OUR ways as well as theirs?

Are we persistent? – Do we argue about immediate semantics, temporary statements of small beliefs, and do we shut the door with some intolerant action, or do we leave the door open for the future realization of the real value of the experience?  Are our suggestions faithful to the very cosmic goal, which should and MUST INCLUDE our verbose opponents?

Are we kind? – Kind in a spontaneous way, with due consideration for the emotion and disposition of our fellows, or do we lay down niggling rules of conduct and expect everyone to adhere to them, no matter how this may affect them?  Are we learning to turn the other cheek?

Are we fair? – Do we faithfully follow the road to openness and look for the Truth even where it may not chance to be, or do we try to insist on our short-term beliefs to be followed by those around us?

Are we responsible? – Are we going about our daily business of doing things which offensively portray immediate gains and results, or do we responsibly show forth the way of our Father by striving for the attainable perfection in each and every little thing we may say, do, or even think?

How do we carry on in the face of disappointment? – Do we continue to trust our Father, or do we pout and turn away with a prideful glance looking for another vainglorious victory for our selfish ambitions?

Are we learning to cope? – Can we successfully hold intercourse with “other minded” individuals, or must we always return to take shelter with Kindred Spirits?

Are we trying to make this world a better place? – Are we talking intelligently with our elected officials, or do we still try to solve the problems of the world in our best friends’ living rooms?

Are we tempering our daily commerce with Universe Justice, or are we guilty of participation in a system designed to get away with every greed the law allows, and then some?

Have we learned to be fair and just in the face of injustice?  Do we really try hard to see the other’s point of view, or do we insist on trying to make our point over again, thinking it hasn’t been properly understood?

Are we slowly learning to live the Heavenly life whilst continuing our early existence, or are we still looking for our answers to mysticism, false conversions, booze, pot, hallucinations, or other forms of visionary narcosis?

Are we slowly learning to utilize the Power of the Spirit to maintain our health?  Do we give positive thought to the healing energies of the Universe, or do we continue to plague ourselves with debilitations, deliriums, pathological allergies, chronic hypochondria, or fainting spells for our sympathy seeking narcissistic selves?

Are we really becoming skillfully experienced in the art of wresting victory from the very jaws of defeat, or do we feel sorry for ourselves when our efforts of patronage, condescension, pity, even charity fail to be appreciated the way we conceive them?

Do we really think our efforts are sufficient to be the flag-bearers of culture and the beacons of light we ought to be?  Are we consistently gravitating and counseling toward the best and highest available quality in art, music, humor, education, and politics, or are we inactively sitting by, slothfully tolerating surrealist abstractions, barbarically monotonous synthetic noise, a quality of humor feeding upon the shortcomings of our fellows, an educational system administered by tired officials dedicated to the perpetuation of the status-quo?  Do we still follow licentious slogans designed to tolerate the ungodliest tendencies?  We should KNOW that in order for evil to triumph in this world all we have to do is sit back and do nothing.  Are we really allowing the Spirit to activate our intellect?

Are we learning to transform the difficulties of time into the triumphs of Eternity, or do we still look for a shoulder to cry on when our parasitic ambitions have been recognized, thwarted, and defeated?

Are we becoming good at showing forth the Love of Our Father? – Are we striving to become as reliable as His gifts are reliable i.e., gravity, personality, Universe Constancy, talent, our Beloved Thought Adjusters, Universe Patterns etc., the list is ENDLESS.  I firmly and faithfully understand there is NOTHING in our entire existence, which is not a gift from our Heavenly Father.

We know the zeal of Faith is according to knowledge, its out-workings according to experience, its strivings for Spiritual Meanings, Divine Ideals, and Supreme Values are accordingly a prelude to sublime peace.  We become God-knowing and man-serving when our entire being (I AM) is motivated and mobilized by the living attributes of the problem-solving DUTY of mortal living.

Are we doing our VERY BEST at all times, for if WE don’t, who will?

Are we worthy administrators of the FIFTH EPOCHAL REVELATION?

Are we concentrating and consecrating our lives to the goal of becoming “Faith Sons of God” IN REALITY?

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