The Urantia Book Fellowship


Fund raising note to Forum members
November, 1941

Chicago, Illinois
November 18th, 1941


As time goes on, we approach more realistically the eventual publication in book form of the papers with which you are familiar. For those members who have not been able to attend the Forum as often as others, as well as for the more active members, this letter has been prepared to clarify the present status of this project.

Forum members in 1937 were given the opportunity to subscribe to a general fund and also for copies of the proposed book. Enough had been received through payments on these subscriptions and from donations without subscriptions to permit the letting of a contact (pursuant to authority granted last spring) for the making of the plates, which are to be used in the printing of the book. Had these funds not been available, there would have been a great delay in going ahead with this project.

Our present objective is to obtain additional money so that we may promptly proceed with the printing and publication of the book when the authority to do so is given, and to provide funds for the expenses of a central office and other contingencies during the first two years. To be in a position to do this will require the raising of an additional amount of approximately $25,000. The task of this Finance Committee is to secure this sum. We will need the help of every member of the Forum. Our only source of funds is from this limited membership.

Under our present program a further opportunity is now given to subscribe to the general fund and also for copies of the book at the special price indicated on the pledge card. Your committee strongly urges that you first consider a subscription to the general fund, as all money given to this fund will be available for the general activities of the organization.

It is difficult to foresee when publication will be authorized, and knowing that the desires of many will exceed their immediate resources, we have ventured to forecast a two-year period during which such contributions may be accumulated by a systematic program of regular payments.

At certain forum meetings in the past few years the legal form of organization to publish this book has been discussed and pending the consummation of this plan the undersigned Finance Committee is functioning in all financial matters. We all recognize the great privilege afforded us to help in this undertaking. Some members have been able to be more regular in attendance than others, but now is the time and change for all to take an active part in financing the enterprise.

All subscriptions will be most welcome, and we hope every member will give generously.


William M. Hales, Chairman
E. L. Christensen
W. C. Kellogg
William S. Sadler, Jr.