The Urantia Book Fellowship

Letter from Harold Sherman to Dr. Sadler
January 15, 1967

For exploration of the origin and nature of man's sixth sense
1750 Tower Building
Little Rock, Arkansas

Harold Sherman, President

January 15th, 1967

Dr. William S. Sadler
533 Diversey Parkway
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Dr. Sadler:

Your days have to be numbered at your age. You have little time left to make it possible for the true story to be told about the origin and history of the Urantia book.

I have just completed research on native faith and spirit healers in the Philippines and my book: "WONDER" HEALERS OF THE PHILIPPINES has just been published.

I am now considering the writing of a new book detailing the "inside story" of the Urantia development, from the early beginning, as much as can be known, to the present - based upon voluminous notes, observations, information from many and some surprising sources - dealing with personalities involved and actions that have been taken.

I feel it is time that the TRUTH about Urantia should be given the public. If you really believe in the "Urantia Revelation", you can make a valued contribution to such a book.

Here are some of the points that need to be clarified:

Specific knowledge about the "sleeping subject" - Your first the book itself developed, with you, as the apparent "appointed" custodian.

The formation of the Forum; its financing of the project; the reading of the papers, the supposed observation of Higher Beings and their "correction" of the papers, based upon the reaction of the listeners.

The reported appearance (materialization) of these papers after they had been corrected, in typewritten form.

The statement that the papers were considered to be completed in 1934 - and yet the writing of the Jesus papers took place at a later date?

Proof that the Jesus papers were dictated through the "sleeping subject" and not written by you and adapted to the Urantia philosophy, with your knowledge of comparative religions.

The reason why all original manuscripts purportedly written by the "sleeping subject" were not preserved in a vault, and witnessed and annotated by observers at the time, as evidence, so that proof could be presented that the book, as originally written, had not been altered.

Explanation of how much editorial license has been taken wit the original manuscript, by what authorization, and how much has been interpolated, so that the reader can know what is true and what is false with respect to its contents.

Explanation as to why powers of ex-communication were exercised by you if the conduct or attitude of any of the Forum members did not meet with your approval. Proof that such authority to threaten Forum members or so punish them was given you by these Higher Beings, purportedly in charge of the Urantia Project.

These are just a few of the mysterious phases of the Urantia development which need to be cleared up before the public-at-large can be expected to accept some of the remarkable contents as anything but glorified Science Fiction.

You, if you really believe, fundamentally, in the Urantia revelation, owe a great debt before you leave this earth, as the ONE person who can reveal the WHOLE TRUTH. Personally, were I in your position and actually believed, I could not face an entrance in to the Next Dimension with certain unrevealed facts on my heart and soul. I would not want to have to answer for some of the things that have been said and done in the name of TRUTH.

Christy, as one of the surviving commissioners, who holds as well a great responsibility in the name of TRUTH, can be of great help to you in this regard.

This is the time for the TRUTH to be made known, and if I undertake the writing of such a book on Urantia, I will speak the TRUTH as frankly as I have set it forth in my exploration of the Psychic Surgery in the Philippines, without fear or favor.

Enough time has now elapsed for a perspective to be drawn on the Urantia BOOK - and its contents.

How much is TRUE?

How much is FALSE?

The book has not sold widely in its present form. It needs a development to vitalize it - to point out its significant factors - to separate the human side from the metaphysical, in its creation.

Do you have the courage and integrity to make these disclosures?

If not, the book will always remain a great Question Mark - and the vast amount of work gone into its creation will be lost to mankind.


Harold Sherman