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A Synopsis of Paper 11: The Eternal Isle of Paradise

Paradise is the dwelling place of Deity and the eternal center of the universe of universes. It is the largest organized body of cosmic reality in the master universe; it is material as well as spiritual. The streams of life, energy, and personality flow outward from God in Paradise to every corner of the universe.

The Eternal Isle is essentially a flat ellipsoid divided into three geographic domains: upper Paradise, peripheral Paradise, and nether Paradise. Paradise is the original non-spiritual expression of the First Source and Center and is created of a substance found nowhere else in the universe. Paradise is nonspatial; it exists without time and has no location in space. Space seems to originate just below nether Paradise, and time from just above upper Paradise.

The three spheres of activity on upper Paradise are the Deity presence, where the Three Persons dwell; the Most Holy Sphere, which is wholly spiritual; and the Holy Area, which is the residential area of Paradise Citizens, Havona natives, and ascendant creatures from the seven superuniverses. The staggering number of residential areas on Paradise currently occupy less than one per cent of the total residential area available.

The peripheral surface of Paradise contains landing and dispatch fields for spirit personalities. The Seven Master Spirits maintain headquarters on the Paradise periphery. Here, the Seven Supreme Power Directors mark the locations of stations that disperse Paradise energy into the seven superuniverses. Peripheral Paradise is also the location of enormous historic and prophetic exhibit areas dedicated to the local universes of time and space.

All physical-energy and cosmic-force circuits have their origin in nether Paradise. One zone of the force center of nether Paradise seems to act as a gigantic heart whose pulsations direct and modify force-energy currents to the outermost borders of physical space. The nether Paradise space presence is entirely impersonal, notwithstanding that in some manner it seems to be indirectly responsive to the Trinity. Personalities do not travel to nether Paradise.

All forms of force and energy appear to be encircuited, traveling out throughout the universes and returning by defined routes. The emanations seem to be either outgoing or incoming; they never occur simultaneously. All force-energy originates from nether Paradise and eventually returns thereto. Material organizations of the universes do not, however, all come from nether Paradise; space itself is the womb of several forms of matter and pre-matter. All physical force, energy, and matter are one.

Space alternatively contracts and expands, but we do not know the mechanism of this space respiration.

Space does not exist on any surface of Paradise, neither does it touch Paradise. Paradise is the motionless nucleus of the quiescent zones existing between pervaded and unpervaded space.

Pervaded space extends from nearly peripheral Paradise through the fourth space level and beyond. The relatively quiet zones between the moving space levels act as buffers, stabilizing the alternate clockwise and counterclockwise flow of the galaxies. Space levels function as elliptical regions of motion, surrounded on all sides by relative motionlessness.

Gravity is the all-powerful grasp of the physical presence of Paradise. Space, while nonresponsive to gravity, acts to equalize gravity. The center of absolute material gravity is the central Isle. Absolute gravity is Paradise gravity; linear gravity pertains to energy or matter. Linear gravity operates in the central universe, superuniverses, and outer universes wherever suitable materialization has taken place.

Paradise is unique because it is both the origin and the destiny of spirit personalities. Paradise is the geographic center of infinity. It is not part of universal creation, is not even a part of the eternal Havona universe. When the Father gave infinite personality to the Son, simultaneously, he revealed the infinite  potential of his nonpersonal aspect as Paradise. Non-personal, non-spiritual Paradise appears to be an  inevitable repercussion of the Father's act which eternalized the Son. God projected reality in two phases: personal and non-personal, spiritual and non-spiritual. The tension between the two gave existence to the Conjoint Actor and the central universe of material worlds and spiritual beings.

Paradise is the absolute of patterns. Everything which has been, now is, or will be, has come, now comes, or will come from this eternal home of God.  

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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