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A Synopsis of Paper 119: The Bestowals of Christ Michael

The ability for bestowal is an inherent gift of the Creator Sons. Divine Sons learn to become sympathetic, merciful, and understanding sovereigns by incarnating as lower beings. It is so important that a Creator Son understand the perspective of even the lowest of his creatures, that he must actually become a being of his realm seven times. Creator Sons are never certified as sovereigns of their local universes by the Ancients of Days until they have acquired creature viewpoint through actual experience.

Michael of Nebadon, our local universe sovereign, is the 611,121st of his order to achieve approval of the Ancients of Days for local universe sovereignty. Michael made his first bestowal nearly one billion years ago and embarked on a new bestowal mission every 1,500,000 years. Michael's seven incarnations in Nebadon were as:

1. A Melchizedek Son, during which he displayed matchless wisdom and superb devotion to duty.

2. A Lanonandek Son serving as a temporary replacement for a rebel system sovereign in constellation 37.

3. A Material Son in constellation 61, where he became an acting Planetary Prince.

4. A Seraphim in the corps of teaching counselors.

5. An ascendant mortal of spirit status on Uversa. During this bestowal, the residents of Salvington began to suspect that Michael was going to eventually incarnate as a mortal on an evolutionary world.

6. A morontia mortal in constellation five.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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