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A Synopsis of Paper 14: The Central and Divine Universe

The billion worlds of Havona are arranged into seven concentric circuits surrounding the three circuits of Paradise satellites. Circling on the outskirts of this central universe are a large number of enormous dark gravity bodies. Since these dark gravity bodies neither reflect nor absorb light, they serve to hide Havona from the view of nearby inhabited universes.

Time is not reckoned on Paradise, but each Havona world observes its own time as determined by its position in the circuit around Paradise. The Paradise-Havona day is based on the length of time the inner Havona circuit takes to complete one revolution around the Isle of Paradise-in earth years, just seven minutes less than one thousand years.

The substance of the Havona worlds is different from the material organization of the planets in the seven superuniverses. Havona material consists of one thousand basic chemical elements. The energy of Havona is threefold, as compared to the twofold energy charge of the superuniverses. Havona natives respond to forty-nine sensory stimuli. Citizens of the central universe would not be visible to a person from Urantia; neither would our current senses react to any of the physical stimuli of Havona worlds.

Havona is spiritually perfect and physically stable. No sin has appeared in any ascending creature who has arrived there, and the freewill natives of Havona have never been guilty of transgressing the will of Deity. Life in the central universe is so rich and replete that it transcends human comprehension. Each planet of the central universe is a matchless, unique, and perfect creation.

Havona citizens enjoy the ideal of true self-government. The billion Havona spheres are training worlds for the natives of Paradise and Havona, and are the final proving grounds for ascending creatures of the worlds of time. Only about one per cent of Havona's capacity relative to the mortal ascension plan is currently being used.

There are seven types of beings in the central universe: material, morontial, spiritual, absonite, ultimate, co-absolute, and absolute. Havona natives are the offspring of the Paradise Trinity. They are non-reproducing beings. As mortals strive to do the will of the Father, so Havona natives live to fulfill the ideals of the Paradise Trinity. By nature, they are the will of God. All beings in all universes are created after a pattern of some creature living on one of the billion Havona worlds.

Havona serves many purposes. The central universe compensates for the time-space delay of the Father's urge for infinite expansion. It is his perfect pattern for all evolving universes, a revelation of
spirit reality, the power nucleus for future universe expansion, and a worthy goal for ascending beings. Havona gives the Eternal Son a base for ever-expanding spirit power and a foundation for his
spirit-gravity control. The Infinite Spirit finds in Havona a laboratory for the creation of mind, a place to rehearse ministry, and a venue where he can participate in universe administration. Havona also serves as a pattern of the potential of the Supreme Being, the training ground for the Creator Sons and the Universe Mother Spirits, the destiny of every ascending mortal, and the starting place for finaliters as they begin their exploration of the infinity of the Universal Father.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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