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A Synopsis of Paper 146: First Preaching Tour of Galilee

The first public preaching tour in Galilee lasted for almost two months. One of the remarkable events of this tour took place at Jotapata, where Jesus spoke to the apostles about prayer and worship. Jesus taught that:

Prayer doesn't change God's attitude toward man, but changes man's attitude toward God.

Praying for people cannot replace ministering to their needs.

Prayers of thanksgiving are appropriate for groups, but personal prayers should be made privately.

Believers should pray for the extension of the kingdom and the spiritual progress of others, but should avoid materialistic prayers.

Prayer helps increase the capacity for the presence of divine spirit.

One day in the city of Iron, a man approached Jesus and asked to be healed of his leprosy. Since lepers were forbidden to engage in public worship, this man believed he could not be close to God unless he was cured. Jesus cured him. He asked that the man tell no one, but the man immediately spread the word of his cure. Such a crowd of sick people gathered that Jesus was forced to leave the city.

In Cana a man named Titus came to Jesus and asked him to cure his son. Jesus said, "The power of God is in your midst, but except you see signs and behold wonder, you refuse to believe." But Titus pleaded until Jesus assured him that his son would live. The man returned home to find his son recovering. Titus and his family believed incorrectly that they had witnessed one of the Master's miracles.

Jesus left Cana to travel to Nain. On the way he met a funeral procession bearing the son of a widow. Jesus examined the boy and said, "Your son is not dead; he sleeps." When the boy sat up and began to talk, the villagers thought another miracle had taken place. No matter how Jesus tried to explain to them that the boy had never been dead, they would not listen. Word traveled through Galilee and Judea that Jesus had raised this boy from the dead.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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