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A Synopsis of Paper 20: The Paradise Sons of God and
A Synopsis of Paper 21: The Paradise Creator Sons

Descending Sons of God who take origin in the Paradise Deities are known as Paradise Sons of God. Paradise Sons are creators, servers, bestowers, judges, teachers, and truth revealers. They embrace three orders. In the local universes, Creator Sons reveal the Father, Magisterial Sons reveal the Son, and Trinity Teacher Sons reveal the Infinite Spirit.

The Creator Sons, also known as the Michael Sons, are of dual origin. Springing from God the Father and God the Son, they embody characteristics of both. They are the designers, creators, and administrators of  the local universes of time and space. Each unique Michael Son is accompanied in his local creation by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. A Creator Son pledges to uphold, protect, defend, and, if necessary, retrieve his local universe. There is no experience of the children of time and space in which some Michael has not personally participated.

A Michael Son cannot assume supreme sovereignty in his local universe until he completes seven bestowal missions. When Jesus of Nazareth, the Creator Son of our local universe, breathed his last on the cross two thousand years ago, the words from his lips, "It is finished," applied not only to his human life but also to his sevenfold bestowal career.

Once his seventh bestowal is completed a Creator Son is considered a Master Michael. Master Sons enjoy perfect connection with the Eternal Son and, through the Spirit of Truth, with every bestowed world in their realm; thus Master Sons serve as a link between the lowest and highest intelligent creatures in the universe.

Magisterial Sons, also known as Avonals, are planetary ministers and judges. There are nearly one billion unique Magisterial Sons. They serve in judicial, magisterial, and bestowal missions on the evolutionary worlds. Avonals preside over the dispensations of planetary ages and the awakenings of sleeping survivors.

When Magisterial Sons perform judicial actions they usually arrive as a spiritual being rather than through incarnation. During the initial magisterial mission of an evolutionary world, an Avonal appears as an adult male. During bestowal missions, the Paradise Son is always born of a mortal woman. The bestowal process is a necessary part of a Magisterial Son's education. The Spirit of Truth comes to an evolutionary planet only after a successful bestowal, and Thought Adjusters cannot come en masse to a planet until the Spirit of Truth has been poured out. There has never been a failure of a Magisterial Son during a bestowal mission.

Trinity Teacher Sons, the Daynals, are constantly increasing in number. They are the moral and spiritual educators of the universes, and their ministry is interrelated with that of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit. Teacher Sons are the embodiment of service and wisdom. They begin their work in the local systems and advance inward through their home constellation teaching mortals and angels. When a planet is ready to embark on a spiritual age, the Daynals volunteer for one thousand years of planetary service. Trinity Teacher Sons attempt to create spiritual counterparts for the temporal wisdom and material knowledge of their students.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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