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A Synopsis of Paper 22: The Trinitized Sons of God

Some Trinitized Sons of God are Deity‑trinitized, some are Trinity‑embraced, and some are Creature-trinitized. Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those Without Name and Number are adjuster‑fused mortals who, after attaining the Corps of Finality, are embraced by the Trinity. Trinitized Custodians and Trinitized Ambassadors are Spirit‑fused and Son‑fused mortal ascenders, or seraphim and  midway creatures who have attained Paradise. Creature‑trinitized beings include Celestial Guardians and High Son Assistants.

Ascendant mortals who function loyally in the face of insurrection are destined to become Mighty Messengers. One trillion Mighty Messengers are commissioned on Uversa, and it is believed that there are one trillion in each of the seven superuniverses. These messengers serve as observers for the Ancients of Days on individual planets and the headquarters worlds, and take part in all phases of mortal progression.

Perfected mortals who exhibit superior administrative ability are chosen to serve as Those High in Authority, executives for the Ancients of Days on the inhabited worlds. Over one hundred million ascendant mortals with minds of superior spiritual capacity have become Those Without Name and Number, the supreme jurors of Orvonton.

Ascendant seraphim and translated midway creatures who show valiant cooperation with an ascendant mortal member of the Corps of Finality may become a Trinitized Custodian. There currently are about ten million Custodians administering group projects in Orvonton. Son‑fused and Spirit‑fused mortals are selected for the Trinity embrace as Trinitized Ambassadors in service of the Ancients of Days. They are assigned to assist in the administration of Son-fusion and Spirit‑fusion worlds. There is nothing on Urantia that is analogous to the activities of these beings.

Paradise‑Havona personalities and some members of the finaliter corps can engage in creature- trinitization. This process creates an entirely new being who is the personification of some previously unexpressed concept, idea, or ideal. Trinitization can be achieved between two Paradise‑Havona citizens, or two finaliters, or one of each. On the advice of the Trinity Teacher Sons, creature‑trinitized beings may be embraced by the Trinity, thereby becoming twice‑trinitized. Those of higher service become High Son Assistants, those of lower service become Celestial Guardians. There are almost one billion Celestial Guardians commissioned in Orvonton, and about one and one quarter million High Son Assistants. They are in constant circulation, traveling wherever they are needed to further the work of the Paradise Trinity.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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