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A Synopsis of Paper 24: Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit

The vast power currents of space and the circuits of spiritual energy are subject to intelligent supervision by four orders of Universe Circuit Supervisors. One supreme circuit supervisor is stationed at each of the seven pilot worlds of the Havona circuits. One associate circuit supervisor is in charge of the circuits of the seven superuniverses. On the headquarters of each superuniverse, secondary circuit supervisors oversee energy circuits for the local universes. Tertiary circuit supervisors serve within each local universe. Circuit supervisors serve eternally at the same assignment, directing personality transits and transmissions of spiritual messages. If a system is in rebellion, it is they who isolate the worlds in spiritual quarantine.

Census Directors are immediately aware of the birth and death of every will creature in every part of the grand universe. They are personally sensitive and responsive to intelligent will. Orvonton contains 100,000 Census Directors who are overseen by Usatia, superuniverse chief of census directors.

Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit travel through space like Solitary Messengers. Only the Infinite Spirit relates to them as persons; they emit no spiritual presence, and we do not meet them on the way to Paradise.

Seven hundred thousand Associate Inspectors observe the affairs of the local universes and report to the Seven Supreme Executives.

Seven billion Assigned Sentinels keep the Associate Inspectors informed of the affairs of the systems of the local universes.

Graduate Guides are in charge of the university of technical instruction and spiritual training for mortal ascenders. A Graduate Guide greets each mortal as they arrive in Havona and accompanies them throughout their entire billion‑world journey.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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