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A Synopsis of Paper 41: Physical Aspects of the Local Universe

The physical boundaries of the local universes are not easily identified, although the major and minor sectors of Orvonton are clearly distinguishable. What separates one local universe from all others is the presence of a local universe Creative Mother Spirit.

Nebadon sprang from Andronover and other nebulae. Today it travels in an increasingly settled orbit around the Sagittarius center of our minor sector. Our system of Satania is one of one hundred systems in the constellation Norlatiadek.

There are more than two thousand suns in Satania. Suns serve as way stations for concentrating the energy circuits of the material creations. Some larger suns may break up or split into double stars. Some are solid, especially the older ones, and their density may be so great that one square inch weighs three tons. Urantia's gaseous sun has a density of about one and a half times that of water.

Suns generate light and x‑rays. Light is real; it can be highly explosive. Energy, including light, moves through space in straight lines and is responsive to other forces and energies. Large suns maintain such gravity control over their electrons that light escapes only with the aid of powerful x-rays. These rays penetrate all of space, and contribute to the maintenance of ultimatonic energy associations. Atoms and electrons are subject to physical gravity, but ultimatons are obedient only to Paradise gravity.

Our sun's surface temperature is about six thousand degrees Fahrenheit; the interior temperature can approach thirty-five million degrees. Sources of this enormous energy include annihilation of atoms, transmutation of elements, accumulation of space energies, and solar contractions. A regulating blanket of hot gases envelops the sun and acts to stabilize solar heat loss. The heat given out by the sun each second is enough to boil all the water in all of Urantia's oceans, instantly.

Earth's sun is six billion years old and will continue to function in its present state of efficiency for another twenty-five billion years. It currently radiates almost one hundred billion tons of matter annually.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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