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A Synopsis of Paper 44: The Celestial Artisans

Celestial artisans devote themselves to embellishment and beautification throughout the grand universe. Celestial artisans are selected from Havona natives, ascending mortals, and other celestial groups. They work with morontial and spiritual reality, since to spirit beings, the material world is almost entirely unreal. There are seven divisions of celestial artisans:

Celestial Musicians manipulate spiritual forces of sound, light, energy, color, thought, music, and orders of beings to produce celestial harmony. Harmony is the universal code of spirit communication; it is the speech of Havona.

Heavenly Reproducers work in areas that are mostly unknown to us. They can present dramas  using one million actors and one thousand scenes. They are able to re‑enact an entire age, or portray the  eternal values of the spirit world.

Divine Builders create homes, industrial buildings, recreational facilities, temples of worship, schools, and public buildings.

Thought Recorders preserve thoughts, idea patterns, oratory, broadcasts, rhythm, poetry, and something like group photographs.

Energy Manipulators include physical energy manipulators, mind energy manipulators, and spiritual energy manipulators. Compound manipulators work with all three energies in their attempt to discover God the Supreme, in whom occurs the unification of divine energy.

Designers and Embellishers work with color, sound, emotion, odor, and taste.

Harmony Workers deal with forces and energies that are unrecognized by mortals.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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