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A Synopsis of Paper 53: The Lucifer Rebellion

Lucifer was a primary Lanonandek Son. He was once considered one of the hundred most brilliant personalities of more than seven hundred thousand Lanonandek Sons. Lucifer now is one of three System Sovereigns in ten thousand who, by embracing sin and rejecting universe allegiance, have rebelled against the local universe government. Lucifer and his assistant, Satan, reigned on Jerusem for more than five hundred thousand years before they became traitors to the Universal Father.

It is difficult to trace the exact cause of Lucifer's rebellion. No specific conditions in the system of Satania favored the outbreak. At some point, Lucifer's evil devolved into deliberate sin; his self-pride  turned into self-deception.

Several months passed before Lucifer succeeding in corrupting his assistant, but once corrupted, Satan became the primary spokesperson for Lucifer's cause on Urantia. Satan was assisted by Caligastia, the Planetary Prince; Abaddon, Caligastia's chief of staff; and Beelzebub, leader of the disloyal midwayers.

Lucifer presented his three main arguments in a manifesto known as the Lucifer Declaration of Liberty. The rebel claimed that the Universal Father was merely a myth invented by the Paradise Sons so they could maintain power in the universes. He protested the right of Michael to rule and denounced the Ancients of Days as tyrants and foreign potentates. Finally, he condemned the mortal ascension plan on the grounds that it wasted time and energy on a fictional destiny.

Lucifer's manifesto was issued at the annual conclave of Satania on the sea of glass two hundred thousand years ago. He promised that Planetary Princes who followed him would rule as supreme executives. Michael, after taking counsel with his brother Immanuel, decided to assume a position of noninterference. Lucifer was given a free hand to promote his plan, and he pointed to this apparent lack of notice as proof that the universe government was unable to stop him. The following years were a time of great testing in Satania.

Gabriel, leading Lucifer's opposition, set up headquarters in Satania and assumed command of the hosts loyal to Michael. The conflict was terrible, real, and far more deadly than material warfare on the immature worlds. Material life is lost in material conflicts, but those who choose the wrong side during heavenly rebellion forfeit their eternal lives.

The Lucifer Rebellion was system-wide. Thirty-seven Planetary Princes chose the side of the rebel; hundreds of thousands of personalities were lost. At the outbreak of the insurrection, the entire system of Satania was isolated from the constellation and universe communication circuits. No Trinitized Sons, Melchizedeks, archangels, or Brilliant Evening Stars rebelled, but a heavy loss occurred from Morontia Companions and Mansion World Teachers. All of the supreme order of seraphim remained loyal, but many superior and third order seraphim were lost. One third of the administrator angels went astray along with their associated cherubim. Over six hundred thousand Material Sons rebelled, as did large numbers of midway creatures. Ascending mortals withstood the rebellion better than the lower spirits. Not one ascendant citizen on Jerusem was lost, which, ironically, validated the mortal ascension scheme by proving that the best security against cosmic rebellion was the experience of universe ascension.

Lucifer and Satan roamed freely until the bestowal mission of Michael was completed on Urantia. Their attack against him while he was incarnate on Urantia brought an end to any remaining sympathy for the rebel cause in Satania. Michael's bestowal terminated the rebellion throughout the system except on the thirty-seven planets that rebelled. Salvation was offered to all rebels during the early days of the insurrection; none of the leaders accepted mercy, but thousands of angels and lower orders of beings were rehabilitated.

The Ancients of Days have yet to hand down a decision regarding the disposition of Lucifer, Satan, and their associates. Lucifer and Satan are currently imprisoned on the Father's transition spheres surrounding Jerusem. For nineteen hundred years, their status has remained unchanged.

Michael's last act before leaving Urantia was to offer mercy to Caligastia and Dalagastia, but they rejected his offer. Caligastia is still free on Earth, although he has no power to enter the human mind and cannot corrupt any person unless they truly desire to be cursed with his presence. Both Caligastia and Dalagastia are powerless against the Thought Adjusters and the Spirit of Truth.

The system circuits will not be reinstated as long as Lucifer lives. It is believed that all rebels who will ever accept mercy have already done so. The universe awaits the Uversa decree that will deprive these rebels of personality existence. 

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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