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A Synopsis of Paper 9: Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe

The Third Source and Center is responsive to both spiritual and material reality. He is the universal coordinator, the correlator of all reality. The Infinite Spirit functions whenever energy and spirit associate; no reality can escape eventual relationship with him. Agents of the Infinite Spirit ceaselessly manipulate forces and energies throughout the universes.

The Infinite Spirit pervades all space. He is omnipresent without qualification, but is omnipotent only in the domain of mind. The Infinite Spirit possesses the unique power of antigravity, which he transmits to certain of his higher creatures. He also has powers that neutralize energy and transcend force by slowing energy to the point of materialization. The Conjoint Actor manipulates the forces and energies of Paradise, thus bringing into existence the universal and absolute mind.

The Conjoint Creator is not the source of energy, rather, he is the manipulator of energy. He has created power-control creatures-physical controllers, power directors, and power centers-who regulate and stabilize physical energies. These material energies are dependent on the absoluteness of the Eternal Isle. Paradise is the pattern of infinity, and the God of Action activates that pattern.

Energy is receptive and responsive to mind. Mind can be superimposed on energy, but does not need to be added to pure spirit because spirit is innately conscious. The insight of spirit transcends the consciousness of mind. Cosmic force responds to mind as cosmic mind responds to spirit. Mind establishes relationships between energy and spirit that suggest a mutual kinship in eternity.

The Third Source and Center bestows mind and is infinite in mind. If the universe should grow endlessly, his mind potential would remain adequate to endow limitless numbers of creatures with suitable minds. Through his associates, the Third Source ministers to all minds on all spheres. He is personally conscious of every intellect in all of creation.

The Conjoint Creator is the ancestor of the cosmic mind; he completely controls the universal mind circuit. The human mind is an individual portion of the cosmic mind bestowed in the local universe by a Creative Mother Spirit. The Infinite Spirit is the perfect expression of the mind of the Creator to all creatures, just as the Supreme Being is the evolving expression of the minds of all creatures to the Creator.

The Conjoint Actor coordinates all levels of universe actuality through the phenomenon of universe reflectivity. He has the power to see, hear, sense, and know all things as they transpire, and to reflect this knowledge to any desired point. Reflectivity is the most complex interassociation of phases of existence in creation. There is a unique unification of spirit, energy, and mind in reflectivity which enables the universe rulers to know about remote conditions throughout the universes instantaneously. Reflectivity appears to be omniscient within the limits of the experiential finite. It may represent the emergence of the consciousness of the Supreme Being.

The Infinite Spirit transmits many of his powers to subordinate personalities, including the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise and the local universe Creative Spirits. The Third Source is further represented in the universes by a vast array of spirits, messengers, teachers, adjudicators, helpers and advisers. This vast family of the Infinite Spirit is dedicated to administering the love of God and the mercy of the Son to all intelligent creatures in time and space. These spirit beings constitute the living ladder whereby mortals climb from chaos to glory.

The Father upholds, the Son reveals, Paradise stabilizes, and the Spirit unifies.

This Synopsis is from "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh

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