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The Co-Ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings

The Urantia Book; Paper 19, Section 0

P214:1, 19:0.1
This Paradise group, designated the Co-ordinate Trinity-origin Beings, embraces the Trinity Teacher Sons, also classed among the Paradise Sons of God, three groups of high superuniverse administrators, and the somewhat impersonal category of the Inspired Trinity Spirits. Even the Havona natives may properly be included in this classification of Trinity personalities along with numerous groups of beings resident on Paradise. Those Trinity-origin beings to be considered in this discussion are:

  1. Trinity Teacher Sons.
  2. Perfectors of Wisdom.
  3. Divine Counselors.
  4. Universal Censors.
  5. Inspired Trinity Spirits.
  6. Havona Natives.
  7. Paradise Citizens.

P214:9, 19:0.2
Excepting the Trinity Teacher Sons and possibly the Inspired Trinity Spirits, these groups are of definite numbers; their creation is a finished and past event.

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