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The Seven Supreme Power Directors

The Urantia Book; Paper 29, Section 1

P320:1, 29:1.1
The Seven Supreme Power Directors are the physical-energy regulators of the grand universe. Their creation by the Seven Master Spirits is the first recorded instance of the derivation of semimaterial progeny from true spirit ancestry. When the Seven Master Spirits create individually, they bring forth highly spiritual personalities on the angelic order; when they create collectively, they sometimes produce these high types of semimaterial beings. But even these quasi-physical beings would be invisible to the short-range vision of Urantia mortals.

P320:2, 29:1.2
The Supreme Power Directors are seven in number, and they are identical in appearance and function. One cannot be distinguished from another except by that Master Spirit with whom each is in immediate association, and to whom each is in complete functional subservience. Each of the Master Spirits is thus in eternal union with one of their collective offspring. The same director is always in association with the same Spirit, and their working partnership results in a unique association of physical and spiritual energies, of a semiphysical being and a spirit personality.

P320:3, 29:1.3
The Seven Supreme Power Directors are stationed on peripheral Paradise, where their slowly circulating presences indicate the whereabouts of the force-focal headquarters of the Master Spirits. These power directors function singly in the power-energy regulation of the superuniverses but collectively in the administration of the central creation. They operate from Paradise but maintain themselves as effective power centers in all divisions of the grand universe.

P320:4, 29:1.4
These mighty beings are the physical ancestors of the vast host of the power centers and, through them, of the physical controllers scattered throughout the seven superuniverses. Such subordinate physical-control organisms are basically uniform, identical except for the differential toning of each superuniverse corps. In order to change in superuniverse service, they would merely have to return to Paradise for retoning. The physical creation is fundamentally uniform in administration.

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