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Planetary Mortal Epochs

The Urantia Book; Paper 52, Section 0

P589:1, 52:0.1  
From the inception of life on an evolutionary planet to the time of its final flowering in the era of light and life, there appear upon the stage of world action at least seven epochs of human life. These successive ages are determined by the planetary missions of the divine Sons, and on an average inhabited world these epochs appear in the following order:

  1. Pre-Planetary Prince Man.
  2. Post-Planetary Prince Man.
  3. Post-Adamic Man.
  4. Post-Magisterial Son Man.
  5. Post-Bestowal Son Man.
  6. Post-Teacher Son Man.
  7. The Era of Light and Life.

P589:9, 52:0.2
The worlds of space, as soon as they are physically suitable for life, are placed on the registry of the Life Carriers, and in due time these Sons are dispatched to such planets for the purpose of initiating life. The entire period from life initiation to the appearance of man is designated the prehuman era and precedes the successive mortal epochs considered in this narrative.

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