The Urantia Book Fellowship

Implementing Local Outreach Programs
Suggestions Gathered from Reader Experience
and Some Sample Materials that have Proven Useful


"By faith have you become a God-knowing kingdom son. There is but one law to obey--that is the command to go forth proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom." 2049 :14

Dear Friends,

Outreach is an interesting term. If we could give it a definition, it would best be defined by one word -- action. As I ponder the meaning of outreach it occurs to me that it's indicative of how the central universe works. Expanding outward from the center, myriads of celestial beings journey forth into space to "reach out" with the Love of God, performing countless and creative acts of truth, beauty and goodness in the name of the great creative source from which they sprang. Who among us doesn't deeply desire to participate with them in this divine scheme of evolutionary perfection?

Was it not, after all, just such a group of cosmic evangelists who came to Urantia from all over Creation and served us a large helping of truth? It must have given them great joy to have an opportunity to further God's plan on this backward little planet. They descended through countless levels of time and space to bring truth to all here who desired it. They did their outreach -- now it's our turn.

The Urantia Book is empowering and transforming to the individual. Its broadened perspective changes peoples' lives. Few who have read it would claim otherwise. Why then do sincere students of The Urantia Book sometimes have great trepidation about sharing it with others? Could it be FEAR? Fear that we can't do it justice; fear that we aren't worthy to share it; fear that we'll say the wrong thing and turn someone against it; fear that we will be labeled as crazy for believing it; fear we will put it into the wrong hands and do more harm than good? These fears are well founded. Still, this superlative book has a way of filling us with a desire to share it. A desire that is compounded by the fact that this world desperately seems to need the Book's divine logic, philosophy, and inspiration.

What then is the solution? Could it be FAITH? Faith that when we step up to the plate to share the truth, the Spirit of Truth steps up with us; faith that, "All things work together for good;" faith that, "... nothing of survival value is ever lost in all the wide universe." We will no doubt make mistakes because we are human, but we can -- and should -- proceed with action (outreach) that is tempered by group wisdom, performed with discretion, and sanctified by prayerful reflection. The group wisdom process will always serve as an effective check and balance for our actions as well as provides us with a network to mutually benefit from experiences and prevent duplication of mistakes. When our fears are alleviated, and we have found the faith to reach out, the only thing holding us back is lack of imagination and creativity.

In the final analysis, it behooves us to take the next step towards actualizing Light and Life on our world. The Universe is counting on us, perhaps that is why Jesus so emphatically said, "By faith you have become a God-knowing kingdom son. There is but one law to obey -- that is to go forth proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom. Cease to fear men; be unafraid to preach the good news of eternal life to your fellows who languish in darkness and hunger for the light of truth." (Page 2046)

This section of your Manual provides a variety of tried and tested methods of outreach ministry as well as some tremendous new ideas. I heartily encourage anyone who has the desire to try some form of outreach ministry.

Yours in Light and Love,

Paula Thompson, Outreach Coordinator
Domestic Extension Committee
The Urantia Book Fellowship


In public outreach efforts, it should always be kept in mind that we are responding to inquiries -- not forcing the Revelation on anyone. The common thread in sharing the teachings of The Urantia Book should continue to be a reflection of Jesus' admonition, "You are to let your light shine but do so with wisdom and discretion."(1691:7) And one of the most important -- if not the MOST important -- guidelines to follow is: "As a rule, to those he taught the most, he said the least." (1460:44)

The following suggestions are offered should there be an interest in your area for some type of outreach. Feel free to contact the Domestic Extension Committee and/or the Fellowship office.


To determine if there are appropriate settings for a Urantia Booth in your area, check out your local health food stores, holistic practitioners, and new age bookstores, radio stations & magazines. If you discover an upcoming event, contact the Domestic Extension Committee to discuss the date and size to determine the best approach to participating; full support will be provided.


Renting a meeting room in a hotel, community center, teaching center or library for public introductions has proven to be successful. Flyers and brochures placed in bookstores and health food stores, along with ads placed in appropriate newspapers and magazines have had good results. Some groups have discovered that participation in a local fair or expo is effective in letting people know about an upcoming introduction. Of course, the most successful method continues to be word-of-mouth through readers.


Since Dr. Marcus Bach endorsed The Urantia Book in his November, 1993, Unity Magazine article, response from Unity Churches in various parts of the Country has been favorable, with some introductions and/or study groups being held in their facilities. Dr. Bach and I had several conversations after the article was printed. He mentioned his hesitation to discuss The Urantia Book in the Unity Magazine due to some unfavorable reactions after other books were introduced in the churches. Some wisdom and advice from Dr. Bach himself: "It's critical to emphasize that you're 'enhancing' rather than 'replacing.'"

Each area needs to determine what type of outreach is appropriate. Those living in the conservative areas have probably learned -- through experiences -- the true meaning of, "Sincerity is most serviceable in the work of the kingdom when it is wedded to discretion."(1961:2)

In these conservative areas, even though local outreach continues to focus on one-to-one, several groups have become more involved in group outreach activities the last few years -- with group wisdom and discretion. Many are discovering there exists a wider acceptance of the teachings and anticipate even more public outreach activities.

Regardless of the type of outreach -- one-to-one, churches, expos, fairs, etc. -- regardless -- a balanced approach is best summarized in the Master's words:

"You are not merely to proclaim the joys of heaven but also to exhibit in your daily experience these spirit realities of the divine life since you already have eternal life, as the gift of God, through faith." (2043:8-29)

Many ask, "What can we do, individually and as a group, to help spread the teachings of The Urantia Book?" The following ideas are from readers around the country. Perhaps some of these can also be used effectively in your area and/or ignite other creative ideas:


Install an answering machine with a message tape pre-recorded inviting readers to attend a study groups and listing phone numbers to be contacted for further information, on a dedicated line at the home of a willing reader. The content of the message could easily be altered to announce pot lucks and other events.


Several groups are listed in the white pages under the "U" section with the number of the information tape, so that persons who might be looking for the word "Urantia" in the phone book will actually find it there. This needs to be carefully researched in your particular area to see whether the fees for listing a bold-face in place of regular type would be too costly, and what it would cost to have a telephone number from another community listed. Also, seek to have the listing as a private instead of a business listing.


Other groups have listings in the Yellow Pages under "Schools," "Religions," "Teaching Centers," etc.


Business cards are printed, preferably in blue ink, with phone number.

The Urantia Book Harmonizes philosophy, science, and religion in a logical explanation of the nature of the universe and of our progressive spiritual careers.

For Study Group Information Call _____________________


Many groups maintain a small ad in local papers and magazines at a minimum cost. Many communities publish publications that have space for free listing and/or advertising of organizations involved in spiritual studied. Examples of some of the brief messages are:

THE Urantia BOOK --- Study Groups in Area Call _________________

Urantia Book students meet locally each week. For information about study groups Call __________________

Do you have a Urantia Book? Would you like to join other in a study group? Call ___________________ for information.


Other groups have used display ads successfully:

FIFTH EPOCHAL REVELATION An Enlarged Perspective of God and the Universe That Enhances all Previous Planetary Knowledge

The Urantia Book Provides --- v Revelation About Nature of God v Fascinating Details About Angels & Spirit Personalities v Explanation of Origin of Our Solar System v Detailed One Billion Year History and Destiny of Planet v Story of First Two Human Beings - 1 Million Years Ago v Vivid Details of Life After Death For More Information, Call ________________

Whenever possible, it is best to have a number listed that can personally be answered. At those times when the line cannot be answered, the answering machine should be monitored closely and the interested people called back ASAP.

Meetings should be held for those readers interested in answering the calls, with possible questions being posed and answered by the group. Seasoned readers who are experienced and comfortable in introducing concepts of The Urantia Book should answer or return the calls. In most areas, several readers rotate this responsibility, either by ôcall forwardingö the phone number or taking turns in returning calls. These meetings and discussions amongst the involved readers should be held on an ongoing basis for sharing and learning.

Use Jesus' technique of asking questions to determine the caller's religious background, level of interest, etc. Encourage him/her to ask questions about particular interests. AND MOST OF ALL ù NEVER ATTACK THEIR REliGIOUS BEliEFS ù recall Jesus' method of not attacking the old ways, but rather, skillfully to put the leaven of new truth in the midst of the old beliefs. Let the Spirit of Truth do his own work.(1932:14-15) Exhibit wisdom and exercise tolerance. And recall, The true teacher maintains his intellectual integrity by every remaining a learner. (1433:21) It is good to keep in mind the comment made by the Revelators on Page 1012 about the many religions of Urantia:

The many religions of Urantia are all good to the extent that they bring man to God and bring the realization of the Father to man. It is a fallacy for any group of religionists to conceive of their creed at The Truth; such attitudes bespeak more of theological arrogance than of certainty of faith. There is not a Urantia religion that could not profitably study and assimilate the best of the truths contained in every other faith, for all contain truth. Religionists would do better to borrow the best in their neighbor's living spiritual faith rather than to denounce the worst in their lingering superstitions and outworn rituals.(1012:28-35)


With wise selectivity, readers introduce The Urantia Book in diverse ways. People have been introduced to the Book by readers who:

  • Participate in Whole Life Expos, fairs, etc., with a Urantia booth, displaying The Urantia Book and secondary works. Questions are answered and overview are given to those individuals who show an interest in the Revelation.
  • Introduce the Book through public speaking engagements, such as conferences, interfaith activities, Whole Life Expos, churches, and/or rented facilities.
  • Conduct seminars and/or workshops for individuals interested in The Urantia Book.
  • Network through bulletin boards, dedicated to discussions about Urantia Book topics.
  • Cite The Urantia Book in footnotes of appropriate research papers.
  • Eat in restaurants while reading The Urantia Book. Several readers report that almost without exception someone will strike up a conversation with them about the large book, frequently asking, "What is that you're reading?"
  • Report favorable interactions by carrying their Books on public transport systems and airline flights.
  • Leave a copy of The Urantia Book on a conspicuous coffee table in their home or on their desk to be "discovered" by others.
  • Make a concerted effort to place a Urantia Book in all of the public libraries in their areas, plus libraries in prep schools, colleges or universities.
  • If you do a lot of business travel, leave copies in your hotel room in the drawer with the Bible.
  • Donate Urantia Books to local churches, synagogues, spiritual centers, etc.
  • Donate Urantia Books as reading material for doctors' or waiting rooms.
  • Place a Urantia Book in a local hospital chapel.
  • Give a Book to the valedictorian of their hometown high school each year.
  • Ask bookstores not currently carrying the Book to stock it.
  • Introduce people to the Book through a gift of Clyde Bedell's Concordex.
  • Give copies of "Life After Death" as gifts.(Available from Jesusonian Foundation)
  • Give copies of "21 Steps to a Spiritual Awakening" (Available from Asoka Foundation)
  • Place copies of the above booklets in waiting rooms of nursing homes or Doctor's offices.
  • Give the Book as birthday presents, wedding or anniversary gifts to those who appear to be ready to study the Revelation.
  • Maintain several copies of Urantia Books to lend.



The local Chamber of Commerce will have a list of the upcoming events in the community. Look for events that will have a variety of offerings such as crafts and non-profit organizations to see if your booth will fit in. New Age and health type expos are also appropriate. A booth space generally measures 10' x 10' and costs between $65 and $125 (non-profits often cost less than seller booths - make sure you enter under the right category).


Many patio and discount stores now sell inexpensive awning-type booths that are very popular and are easy to put up. You can inquire at various retailers such as Sears, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. Also, buying clubs such as Costco or Price Club, and mail order liquidators (Comb 612/654-4800 or Damark 612/535-8880) are also sources. Costs should be under $100 for a 10' x 10' booth which is the average size of booth spaces. Another alternative is rental of a "backdrop curtain" (preferably blue); most rental stores that supply wedding equipment have these units. The average rental cost is $25 for a weekend.

Should you discover an Expo in your area that has a particularly large attendance, or is in an area where there has been no Urantia Booth activity, submit the information to the Domestic Extension Committee (1/800-767-5683). It's possible that The Fellowship could sponsor a Booth Outreach Activity in your area. Keep in mind that there needs to be a core of 10 - 15 seasoned readers to ensure a successful show.


Several copies of The Urantia Book, along with The Concordex and The Paramony should be open and available for browsing. These books, along with Booth literature, such as Mustard Seeds, Life After Death, Introduction to The Urantia Book, Origins of The Urantia Book, etc., will be provided by Jesusonian at cost.

A list of area study groups and where The Urantia Book can be found or purchased is also important. An inexpensive 3 5/8" x 8 1/2" flyer can be made, three of them being cut from one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. (Special Note:It is a good idea to make sure that your local libraries have several copies of The Urantia Book and a Concordex.


Be sure to have a sign-up sheet visible. On the sheet, in addition to name, address & phone number, some questions that are good to ask are: 1) Are you a Urantia Book Reader? 2) Would you be interested in a workshop and/or study group?


Our flyer was also an invitation to a follow-up lecture being held at the Public Library one week later. Follow-ups in other areas of the country include initiating a study group for new readers, a topical workshop series that lasts 6 - 12 weeks (one evening per week), or a series of introductory classes (6 - 12 weeks) with the new readers then attending one of the ongoing study groups in the area.

Another idea for a flyer is to distribute copies of the November, 1993, Unity Magazine article written by Dr. Marcus about The Urantia Book, folded once. Reprint Permission was granted to The Fellowship by The Unity Village - if you do not have a copy of this article call the Area Coordinator Director for a camera ready copy. Information about follow-up introductions and local study groups can be included on the blank side of the article.


We found that a simple but nicely decorated booth was a pleasure to work in. John Byron's artwork of The Master Universe and Journey to Paradise created a visual draw (these can be obtained through Good Cheer Press). To display books/materials we recommend two card tables (with optional blue or white table cloths) placed at the entrance. People generally do not come into the Booth. However, chairs and even a small rug will add comfort for those who do come into the Booth for conversation. Don't forget to have a sign above the Booth area that says, "The Urantia Book." Letters can be found at party supply stores or art stores and attached to a pieced of foam-core board for stability (also available at art stores).

Keep in mind that for many people this will be their first encounter with the Book and readers of it. What will make the biggest impression is YOU! We are all students of this wonderful revelation and people will respond to honesty, friendliness, and sincerity. Some role playing is suggested and can assist in learning how to handle difficult questions or situations.

We encourage any group desiring to reach out to their community in this way to just do it! There are many wonderful brothers and sisters out there -- let's make The Urantia Book and its supernal teachings available.


WEDNESDAYS The Urantia Book - ongoing study group of this epochal revelation. Discusses cosmology, philosophy, science & religion and the teachings of Christ - creator of our universe, 8pm, Free 462-4823.

Urantia BOOK STUDY GROUPS. (List names and phone numbers of leaders, dates of meetings.)

An Introductory Evening To THE Urantia BOOK

The Urantia Book is a superb presentation of facts, meanings and values that integrates science, philosophy and religion in a holistic view of reality. It describes the cosmology of the universe, the nature and attributes of God, the history and destiny of our planet, Urantia, and offers an inspiring narration of the life and teachings of Jesus. Wednesday v May 19 v SANTA CRUZ MAIN LIBRARY

Press Release:

Attention: _______________________________

Topic:INTRODUCTION TO THE Urantia BOOK (pronounced: "you ran cha")

Santa Cruz readers of The Urantia Book will host a free informational talk and discussion at the Santa Cruz Main Library, 224 Church Street, in the upstairs meeting room Wednesday, May 19 at 7:45 p.m.

The talk will overview all four parts of The Urantia Book which synthesizes science, philosophy and religion from the perspective of epochal revelation.

The Urantia Book has been in print since 1955. It is available at local libraries or can be ordered through any bookstore.


A new and fuller revelation of the religion of Jesus is destined to conquer an empire of materialistic secularism and to overthrow a world sway of mechanistic naturalism. Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment. (P.2082)

Of God, the most inescapable of all presences, the most real of all facts, the most living of all truths, the most loving of all friends, and the most divine of all values, we have the right to be the most certain of all universe experixÕ

INTRO TO THE Urantia BOOK Talk, Questions and Discussions Wed. May 19 7-8:45 PM Santa Cruz Main Library (upstairs)


There is a great and glorious purpose in the march of the universes through space. All of your mortal struggling is not in vain. We are all part of an immense plan, a gigantic enterprise, and it is the vastness of the undertaking that renders it impossible to see very much of it at any one time and during any one life. We are all a part of an eternal project which the Gods are supervising and outworking. The whole marvelous and universal mechanism moves on majestically through space to the music of the meter of the infinite thought and the eternal purpose of the First Great Source and Center. (P.364)

Do not be so slothful as to ask God to solve your difficulties, but never hesitate to ask him for wisdom and spiritual strength to guide and sustain you while you yourself resolutely and courageously attack the problems at hand. (P.364)

Urantia BOOK

Study Groups Tues. - 8pm 438-4682 Wed. - 8pm 462-4823 Thurs. - 8pm 438-9303



For several years The Jesusonian Foundation has fostered and pioneered new and different forms of outreach ministry. It has been my pleasure to be able to work on some of these projects, and it gives me great joy to encourage you to try the "Phone Message Program" in particular. This program was first tried by an Area Coordinator in San Diego several years ago. Andrea Barnes-French ran a series of small but catchy ads about The Urantia Book in her local newspaper. The ads listed a phone number that tied into a corresponding pre-recorded telephone message. The response was very good. Jesusonian was inspired by Andrea and, with the help of The Fellowship, has done a similar phone program in the Denver/Boulder area for four years now. The program has proven to be a wonderful form of outreach ministry.

The obvious benefit of the program is the people who find The Urantia Book as a result, but there is another (not so obvious) benefit - those unknown Urantia Book readers who find a study group and other readers because of it. This is possible, not only because of the message itself, but because after every message we invite people to leave their name and address for more information.


When a message is left, we follow up by mailing a packet of information: 1) Cover Letter --- thanking them for their interest; 2) List of Study Groups in Area; 3) List of Bookstores That Carry the Book; 4) Several Mustard Seeds (to give them a "taste" of UB wisdom); 5) Introduction Brochure. Sometimes we also include a bookmark, a pertinent article (like the one that appeared in Unity magazine by Dr. Marcus Bach), a Urantia Book inspired poem, or other Urantia Book related literature that is helpful and inspiring.

The phone message program can be done by an individual or by a group. Many people can be enlisted to write a different message, think up catchy ad headlines, do the recordings, or compile the follow-up packets. Although the program allows for diverse talent and creativity, it does require one person who will host the phone line and be responsible for making sure the ads are placed and the newspapers are paid.


The Fellowship is often willing to help finance these efforts. If you are a member of a local Urantia Society, you can ask the newspaper for a non-profit discount. We have found that the ads get good results and are less expensive when they appear in the weekly religious section. The cost of the program overall varies, depending on the size and frequency of the ads and the distribution of the newspaper. Small papers, such as college papers and regional newspapers, are usually very affordable.


Besides having a person who is willing to be responsible for the details, there are two other prerequisites to make your Phone Program work: (1) A phone line you can dedicate to the program -- especially on the days that the ad runs. Calls seldom come in from yesterday's paper; (2) An answering machine with adequate outgoing recording length and room for incoming messages. It helps to have good rewind capabilities when taking addresses off the machine.

It takes some commitment, but I really hope you will decide to try the "Phone Message Program." It offers a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a spiritually hungry world with soul satisfying spiritual food.


  • What is the Destiny of Our World?
  • Love Your Enemies!
  • Who Are God's Chosen People?
  • How do Angels Help People?
  • Learn About Life on a Neighboring Planet.
  • How to Overcome Your Anger.
  • Behold Jesus the Man.
  • Was Jesus' Death Political?
  • Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?
  • Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?
  • Who is God?
  • Who Were Adam and Eve?
  • Who Was Lucifer?
  • Evolution or Creation?
  • Urantia Book Study Groups.
  • Is There Life on Other Planets?
  • Prayers From Other Planets.
  • Experience the Living Jesus.
  • What Happens When Children Die?
  • Three Reasons to be Truly Thankful.
  • Why Was Jesus Born?
  • What Jesus Said to an Abusive Husband.
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Do You Ever Ask "Why Me?"
  • The Urantia Book: The Angel Book.
  • The Truth About Love.
  • Are You Afraid of God?
    • Who Was Jesus? For a Free Taped Message From The Urantia Book Call __________
    • Guardian Angels - Are They Real? For a Free Taped Message From The Urantia Book Call __________
    • Who Are God's Chosen People? For a Free Taped Message From The Urantia Book Call __________


Hello, my name is_____________________. Thank you for listening to this brief message from The Urantia Book.

Who is this being that we know as Jesus? This being that was born nearly 2,000 years ago and yet is still an intricate part of our modern lives. This being who has forever changed the history of our world -- who is he? The Urantia Book says Jesus was born on Paradise at the center of all things and is a divine Spirit Son of God known as a Creator Son.

The Book says that Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. Each Creator Son is different from every other; each is unique in nature as well as in personality; each is the "only-begotten Son" of the perfect deity ideal of his origin.

The Book says that Creator Sons alone are given God's creative power. They eventually leave Paradise with their counterpart, the Creative Mother Spirit, to create a universe. Jesus, according to The Urantia Book, is the creator of our local universe. It says that there are 100,000 such universes in our super universe, and seven such super universes move slowly and majestically around Paradise, the hub of all creation.

Jesus descended into space with the Creative Mother and created our universe home. He is essentially our universe father. Not only did he create the vast material aspects of our universe, but he and the Mother Spirit also populated our universe with many orders of intelligent free will spirit beings. Human beings, like us, are the last and lowest order of free will beings to be created in any universe.

The Urantia Book says that only once in the history of a universe does the Creator Son, the spiritual sovereign of that universe, incarnate on an inhabited world as a material creature. Jesus, or Michael as he is known in the universe, picked our world to bestow himself on. He probably chose our world from the millions of inhabited worlds in his universe because our need was greatest.

His mission here had a dual purpose. He was to reveal the life of the creature to the Creator while also revealing the true and loving nature of the Creator to the creature. This revelation he made for the entire universe, not just our world. His sojourn on earth forever shows all evolving mortals on all material worlds how a human can triumph over extreme adversity and live a God-like life. His life exemplified a perfect human existence and was truly the most profound event ever to happen on this planet or in this universe.

The last 700 pages of The Urantia Book are a detailed chronicle of Jesus' extraordinary life. Even if you don't believe, as I do, that the Book is a divine revelation, even just a casual reading of "The Life and Teachings of Jesus," Part IV of The Urantia Book, will touch you in a very deep and profound way. It will give you a refreshing new look at this master of masters, this divine human, the one we call Jesus.

If you would like more information ......


Group introductions are helpful to people who are curious about The Urantia Book, but who don't know anyone who can answer their questions. Introductions can also be a great aid for helping readers describe the book more clearly to someone they to introduce The Urantia Book.

Some people are horrified by the prospect of presenting The Urantia Book in this way. They want to know -- "Who gave us the authority to tell others about the Book?" Or they ask, "How do you know that you'll do an adequate job? What if you turn someone off to the Book instead?"

We take these questions very seriously. It's a constant challenge to find new and better ways of reaching more people more effectively. Besides, we have to remember that we're not the only ones who are involved in the introduction.

It's important to remember that if we make every effort to create a presentation of The Urantia Book that is sincere, well-organized and sensitive to the people who attend such a presentation, we will be joined by spiritual agencies in our efforts. Don't underestimate the power of the Spirit.


Something else that occurs during the planning and presenting of such a group introduction is the excitement and momentum that builds in our existing readership. Sometimes introducing the Book to people is scary, and doing it as a group gives us all an added boost of confidence. It's a privilege to tell others about The Urantia Book, and it's a joy to do it as a group. The factors involved in planning an introduction include:


A "Bring a Buddy" type of introduction requires that a letter be sent out to every known reader in the area, along with "invitations" for them to give to interested friends. (A sample letter and invitation are on the following pages). A broader approach requires advertising in neighborhood circulars, or a local newspaper. Very often, religion pages in newspapers offer non-profit groups a half-price rate for advertisements. (Samples of ads which have been placed are on the following pages.)

You'll need room for registration, refreshments and room for socializing comfortable chairs and a stage or open space at the front, as well as an adequate sound system.


It helps to have people RSVP if you advertise in the paper. This way, you can have name tags prepared and have a rough estimate of how many people to expect. If it's a "Bring a Buddy" intro, you would benefit from following the letter with a phone call to encourage people to invite friends and to find out how may people they are bringing.


A folder with the following materials is helpful: A brief introduction - "WELCOME!" (See on following pages), several mustard seeds & "Origin of The Urantia Book," (both available through Jesusonian), a local newsletter if you have one, a list of area study groups and activities.

Have several sign-up sheets for people to use to write in their names, addresses and phone numbers when they first enter.

You should also include an invitation to a more in-depth introduction to the Book which is scheduled soon after the group introduction they are attending (Sample format on following pages.)

Most important of all, have Urantia Books available for sale. If you don't have any, get creative. Purchase copies in advance through several bookstores in your area and sell them for the same price you paid for them. If you're not sure of how to proceed with keeping books stocked in local bookstores, Jesusonian Foundation has information -- call (303)581-0456.


It is essential to have a social time after the presentation for people to process what they've just heard. We offer desserts and tea and coffee. Make it nice - these people are your honored guest.


Since you will probably need a sound system anyway, you can play music through the system at the beginning and the end of the event. Don't forget, these people know nothing about you, so keep it generic. You may think Gregorian chanting is very inspiring, but they think it's a tape of your last study group!


We can tell you about our presentations, but, ultimately, you'll have to decide on the best approach for your audience.

You may have advertised one of two different formats; the general overview of the book or the specific topic in relation to The Urantia Book, such as what the book says about our relationship to God, how it fits in with the philosophy of The Course in Miracles, etc.

We've stayed with the general overview presentation, but hope to present special topics in the future. We believe we can greatly improve our own introductions, so please share any ideas you come up with.

At our first group introduction, we had four different presenters cover the four parts of the book in ten minutes each. One caution: The presentation could run a long time if you don't keep each presenter to a minimum.

It helps to have the presenters give their talks to each other and several other people at least twice before the actual event to get feedback. You might have a couple of non-reader friends that would agree to listen as well.

If you have people who are good presenters, by all means use them. Presenters need to convey a sense of sincerity and warmth, and sound knowledgeable and confident. This last requirement is important. Your presenters must approach their talk from the standpoint that the audience doesn't know who a Lanonandek Son is, or can't fathom (or believe) that there are 700,000 Creator Sons in the universe of universes!


Create a series of PowerPoint presentations geared for different audiences and contexts.


You'll need an effective emcee at the beginning to welcome everyone; this same person should close the presentation, inviting them to stay for refreshment, telling them about the books for sale, etc. We have our emcee introduce the first presenter and then have the presenters introduce the person following them.


The follow-up to your group introduction is just as important as the actual presentation itself -- in fact, follow-up may be the single most important ingredient to lasting success! As you probably remember, coming to The Urantia Book for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Sometimes we need a little encouragement to get acquainted with all of these new words and concepts. Sometimes, in our already too-busy schedule, it seems easier to put it off until we have the time to investigate it more thoroughly.

For that reason, staying in contact with new readers is extremely important. Some of us knew what we had when we first opened the book, but others came to that sense gradually. For people who need some time to realize the importance of this new discovery, having someone who calls them from time to time or getting flyers in the mail about social or worship events in their local Urantia community can make all the difference in whether or not they continue to read the book.

Our follow-up consists of two areas: the first is an in-depth overview of the book that usually meets four times over a month's period. We've tried it in less time, but we strongly recommend taking at least two evenings to do an in-depth introduction to the book. The people who attend the in-depth overview classes have already been to the original introduction and might have even purchased their own book. Now, they want a better idea of the book's teachings.

Of course, the follow-up is strongly emphasized during the first introduction and is featured on a sheet in their take-home material. We want people to know that a real get-down-to-business description of the book is available in addition to the introductory presentation. It seems that the decision-making process of whether or not they want to read The Urantia Book takes up a lot of space in a person's mind that first night, making an in-depth presentation of the book overwhelming at that time.

How you approach this in-depth overview introduction is up to you., We've done it several ways, usually creating a "lesson plan" and then searching through our available readers to find the right person to talk about each subject or part of the book. (See following pages for a sample lesson plan). You probably have certain people who have expertise or special interest in certain parts of the book as well.

The overview class is usually held at the same place that the introduction was held. If that's not possible, the next best place, or perhaps just as good, is at the home where they will eventually be attending a study group. We also serve refreshments at the end of each class, although the group is not as well-acquainted and doesn't socialize as much as a regular study group in the beginning.


If you have eight or more people who appear to be willing to attend a study group, you might consider starting a "new readers" group just for the people who have come from your introduction. If you have a significant response from your outreach before your introduction, you should go ahead and commit to a new readers study group and have it printed up in the activities sheet in their take-home material.

We have started a new readers group after each introduction, and have developed a whole new community of readers. We have a team of four people who are scheduled once a month to lead the new readers group, and who prepare in advance with cross-references and questions for discussion.

We find it effective to start new readers with The Life and Teachings of Jesus. It's important to let the newcomers know that they are also welcome to attend other study groups, although the format will not always be as easy as the new readers group.

If your existing study group is small, perhaps the members would be willing to make some changes for the new readers. For example: it's important to leave plenty of time for discussion for new readers' questions. The only danger we've found is that we all tend to think we're terribly profound and we talk too much. We have a tendency to over-explain things to these new readers and have to make an effort to return to the text.

A second area of important follow-up is the need to personally stay in contact with the new readers. During the initial group introduction, have a quick huddle at the end of the evening with those experienced readers who have mingled with the crowd. Go through your sign-up sheets, find out who talked to whom during the refreshment time and give them those readers names and phone numbers. They can call the new readers on their list in a week or so, to see if they have any questions and to personally invite them to a study group.

If you are particularly sensitive to a new reader and are genuinely motivated to support their discovery of the book, you need not worry about being pushy. If they don't want to be contacted, they'll tell you. We would have a lot fewer people who are now involved in our group if we hadn't followed up the first meeting with a few friendly phone calls.

It's a good idea to have a purely social event shortly after the introduction. This is a non-threatening way of getting to know prospective readers better and introducing them to your wonderful community of readers. Inviting them to a well-presented worship service is also helpful. If you have a women's corps or men's group in your area, you'll find that the newcomers will respond very well to being included in a service group of Urantia Book readers.

Few things are more exciting than bringing a friend to The Urantia Book. And perhaps nothing is more rewarding than meeting new friends because of the book. We've been blessed with the addition of many talented, wonderful people in our group because of these introductions. We've been rewarded by our efforts time and time again when someone tells us: "I have been searching for answers about God all of my life. When I saw your ad in the paper, something told me to go and listen to your introduction. Now I know what I've been searching for all of these years. This book has changed my life."

People are out there who are hungry for new truth. Help bring them to The Urantia Book! Make group introductions a part of your Urantia Book community!


Dear Friend,

On February 6th, the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship is hosting an introduction to The Urantia Book, and we would like you to come and bring your friends. It will be held at The Clarion Harvest Hotel in Boulder, 1345 28th St. (just south of Araphahoe) on Saturday evening, February 6th from 7 to 8 p.m. in The Century Room. It's an opportunity for all of us to do some personal outreach in our local area.

We all have a friend or two with whom we've had a conversation about The Urantia Book, or who has met some of our other reader friends and is curious to find out more. This introduction is for them.

It's a chance for those friends to explore The Urantia Book a little further, to hear what other readers have to say about it. The introduction will be friendly and well-presented. You can assure your friends that there will be no pressure whatsoever to join any organization or buy anything.

I myself have already though of half a dozen people I plan to invite to this "Bring a Buddy" introduction. I can't think of a better way to be a friend to someone than to introduce them to the universe they live in, to show them their own exciting future, and to help them get to know the true Jesus and be inspired by his life and teachings.

We've included several "invitations" for you to give to your friends to remind them of the time and date, and to let them know that they are indeed welcome to this very special event. We plan to have 50 - 100 new readers, so please come and bring someone! We'll have refreshments and social time after the presentation. I look forward to seeing you there.


President Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship

INVITATION ENCLOSED (Several Enclosed With Each Letter)

You are Cordially Invited to join us for an introduction to The Urantia Book Saturday evening, Feb. 6th from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Clarion Harvest House Hotel 1345 28th St. in Boulder (just south of Arapahoe) in the Century Room No admission Refreshments following


July 13 Topic: The Nature of God and The Origin of The Urantia Book

"If you truly want to find God, that desire is in itself evidence that you have already found him. Your trouble is not that you cannot find God, for the Father has already found you; your trouble is simply that you do not know God." (p. 1440)

The Urantia Book Presents God in glorious detail. Some of the areas that will be covered this are: The Nature and Attributes of God; God's Relationship to the Universe and the Individual, and The Feminine Aspects of God.

The origin and authorship of The Urantia Book will also be covered.

July 20 Topics: Our Immense, Friendly Universe and The Five Epochal Revelations to Our Planet

"I am absolutely assured that the entire universe is friendly to me -- this all-powerful truth I insist on believing with a wholehearted trust in spite of all appearances to the contrary." (p.1470)

Discussion of the universe will include: The design of the superuniverse and its components; Angels and their ministry, and The adventure of life after death.

A short history of our planet will include the five epochal revelations, of which Jesus and The Urantia Book are two.

July 27 Topics: Religion in Human Experience and Tips for Troubled Times

"The experience of dynamic religious living transforms the mediocre individual into a personality of idealistic power." (p. 1094)

In discussing religion in human experience, we will touch on: A dynamic description of religious living; Keys to increasing our spiritual connection; The sublime rewards of religious living; The fragment of God within us; and Comfort for times of turmoil and pain.

August 3 Topic: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

"Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it." (p. 2090)

The Urantia Book contains a replete narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus. Included are many stimulating direct quotations and examples of how he dealt with people and problems.

The presentation will address: Jesus' relation to God, the universe and the individual, Jesus' matchless human life, his death and resurrection, and his mission and message and their importance in our lives today.



We're pleased that you've taken the opportunity to investigate this fascinating book.

We've assembled some materials for you to look through this evening and take home with you. These materials are provided to stimulate your curiosity about the book but they are certainly no substitute for actually reading even a part of it. We have attempted to summarize the book as follows:

About The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book synthesizes philosophy, science and religion into a logical explanation of the nature of the universe and our progressive spiritual careers. Authored by a commission of celestial personalities and first published in Chicago in 1955, the 2,097 pages of The Urantia Book cover an enormous depth of information and inspiration regarding: the complete history and evolution of our planet, the structure of the vast universe, the affairs of our "local universe" and the diversity of beings who inhabit it, and, most importantly, the nature of God and the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

A casual reading of any one of the 196 Papers in The Urantia Book provides an intellectually challenging, loving presentation of powerful ideas crafted in some of the most elegant yet straightforward prose found anywhere in the English language. Readers of The Urantia Book around the world often experience a profound joy that comes from a broadened perspective on our place in the family of the cosmos. The Urantia Book available at libraries and bookstores, and two foreign language translations have been completed.

Here in the Boulder/Denver area, readers attend informally organized study groups. Local groups are autonomous and self-organizing -- there is no "Urantia Church." There is, however, a central "fellowship" that facilitates the organization of conferences around the world and communication between study groups. Urantia Book readers come from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds. The Urantia Book is complementary of all genuine spiritual experience. Many readers still attend the churches or synagogues in which they were raised.

In the Boulder/Denver area, a number of study groups thrive, and the readers enjoy coming together for worship services, socials and conferences. During the summer months, the readers in the Boulder area meet atop Flagstaff Mountain for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00. We'd love to have you join us. Also, we hope you will visit the study group for new readers on Wednesday nights at 1002 Mapleton at 7:15 and join us in exploring this most interesting book.