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The Urantia Brotherhood since its inception in 1955 has, through its various committees, sought to promulgate the inspiring message of the Urantia Book. In keeping with the constitutional mandate concerning the way truth should be disseminated, an emphasis is placed upon the education of future teachers and leaders This mandate says in part:

"The Committee on Education shall find, prepare, and qualify teachers of the Urantia BOOK, who shall be persons of high moral character, devoted to the teachings and principles of the Urantia BOOK; it shall seek to interest such suitable persons in preparing them selves to teach the truths of the Urantia BOOK and to prepare and qualify such persons to teach the Urantia BOOK. By and with the approval and consent of the Executive Commit tee, it shall establish standards of character, conduct, and education for such teachers; and shall confer upon any person who shall qualify under the standards so established the title of "Certified Leader" or " Ordained Teacher" and authorize such persons to represent Urantia BROTHERHOOD in such capacity; and by and with the consent and approval of the Executive Committee, it may revoke said title and the credentials issued to any Certified Leader or Ordained Teacher of Urantia BROTHERHOOD for conduct unworthy of his office."

Thus one of the important functions of the Urantia Brotherhood has been entrusted to the Committee on Education. Accordingly, this Committee on Education carries on this preparation of leadership in the Urantia Brotherhood School.

All policies and practices of the Urantia Brotherhood School constitute an endeavor to disseminate the Urantia message through qualified, trained, and dedicated teachers and leaders.


The Urantia Brotherhood School was organized in 1956 to prepare teachers and leaders whose responsibility it would be to carry the message of the Urantia Book to all interested people and to further the program of the Urantia Brotherhood. As early as January 1955, the Committee on Education of the Urantia Brotherhood had begun to make detailed plans for the inauguration of this comprehensive training and educational program. Both words, training and educational, can be used to describe this program for there are two features in the purpose of the school:

  • 1. To provide a corps of competent workers who know and understand the message of the book and the program of the Brother hood.
  • 2. To provide the nucleus of rigorously educated persons whose standard of attainment will set the pattern for future educational efforts.

In September 1956, the school opened its doors at 533 Diversey Parkway for two hours each Wednesday evening during the school year. In a very real sense, this was a continuation of the work that had been carried on for many years by pre ceding groups that functioned as part of the mother organization known as the Forum. Since 1956 the school's program has been continued with numerous minor adjustments but with the same major purposes.


Students may attend classes by making formal application in one of two categories, as a regular student or as an auditor. Regular students are expected to have a college education or the equivalent. They receive credit for their work which may be applied to requirements for diplomas (degrees) from the school. Auditors must have shown sufficient interest in the Urantia Book and have a creditable level of education comparable to that of a four-year high school. No credit is given for auditing a course. Candidates for Teachers' degrees must be members of the Brotherhood, that is, members of some Urantia society or members-at-large.


The Urantia Brotherhood School operates on a fee system as follows:

Matriculation fee $5.00 required of all regular students upon initial registration. Payable only once.

Registration fee $1.00 required of all auditors at each yearly registration.

Major course (1 hr. per wk. for 36 weeks) regular students $10.00 auditors $5.00

Minor course (1 hr. per wk. for 18 weeks) regular students $5.00 auditors $2.50

These fees are used to provide materials and facilities for the school. Neither officers of the school nor the members of the faculty receive compensation. Certain courses require that the student purchase textbooks and other study materials. Credit for all courses is contingent upon the student's attendance at no less than one half of the sessions and upon fulfilling those requirements set forth by the instructor.


Regular students who receive full credit, i.e., passing grades of A B C or D for six major courses or the equivalent (a minor equals 1/2 major), are eligible for a diploma showing that they have met the educational requirements for a Certified Leader. This diploma is awarded by the school on recommendation of the faculty. The Committee on Education may then award the Certificate of Leadership upon approval of the Executive Committee of Urantia Brotherhood. In certifying an individual, personal factors besides educational attainment are considered by the school, the Committee on Education, and the Executive Committee. Since the school opened, 18 people have earned this diploma and have also received their full certification from the Urantia Brotherhood. Four honorary certificates also have been awarded during that time.

The diploma showing that the requirements for an Ordained Teacher have been met is given after the student has completed twelve major courses or the equivalent. As in the case of the leadership certificate, the full ordination is offered by the Committee on Education with the approval of the Executive Committee. Eleven people who were in the original faculty pool of the school have received honorary status as Ordained Teachers. Five people have earned the status of Ordained Teacher and have received their ordination from the Brotherhood.

The Committee on Education envisions that at some future date for a Leader's certificate there will be a requirement of certain basic courses and in addition a definite number of electives selected from a specific list of courses; and that for an Ordained Teachers' degree there will be additional courses required, along with a definite number of electives selected from a list of more advanced courses.


Synthetic Study of Urantia Book 1 major

Urantia Doctrine--The Theology of the Urantia Book, Parts I and II 1 major (God, the Trinity, Paradise, Evolution, Supreme Spirits, etc.)

Urantia Doctrine--The Theology of the Urantia Book, Parts III and IV 1 major (Man, Education, Marriage and Home, Christology, Kingdom of Heaven, etc.)

Science in Urantia Book, Part I 2 majors (Astronomy, Geology, and Physics and Chemistry)

Science in Urantia Book, Part II 1 major (Biology and Anthropology)

Topical Studies in the Urantia Book, Part I 1 major (Love, Mercy, Justice, Faith, Hope, Ministry, Prayer, etc.)

Topical Studies in the Urantia Book, Part II 1 major (Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, Evolution of the Soul, Angels, etc.)

The Life and Teachings of Jesus 1 major (Sayings, Miracles, Parables, and Sermons)

Analytic Study of Part I of Urantia Book 2 majors

Analytic Study of Part II of Urantia Book 1 major

History of the Bible--Old Testament and New Testament History 1 ma j or

The Books of the Bible 1 major

Denominations, Sects, and Cults 1 major

Ancient and Modern Philosophy 2 majors

The Urantia Brotherhood-Organization and Constitution 1 minor

Short Course in Doctrine 1 minor (Summary of the Theology of the Urantia Book--Parts l-IV)

Worship and Wisdom--Gems from the Urantia Book 1 minor

Harmony of the Gospels--The Urantia Book and the New Testament 1 minor (Comparison of the Life and Teachings of Jesus in the Urantia Book with the Record of the Four Gospels in the New Testament)

World Religions 1 minor

Educational Psychology 1 minor Speaking and Teaching 1 minor

17 majors 7 minors

NOTE: It is designed that this curriculum or the equivalent of 20.5 majors--with other courses--shall constitute the curriculum of the two-year course of a future seminary.


Ruth F. Burton
Emma L. Christensen
Alvin L. Kulieke
Edmond F. J . Kulieke
Warren H. Kulieke
Anna P. Rawson
Marian T. Rowley
Leone M. Sadler
William S. Sadler
Kenton E. Stephens
Thomas E. Wideroe


William S. Sadler -- Chairman
Helen C. Thurman -- Secretary

Albert H. Dyon
Alvin L. Kulieke
Marian T. Rowley
Kenton E. Stephens


William S. Sadler -- President
Alvin L. Kulieke -- Dean
Helen C. Thurman -- Secretary and Registrar
Kenton E. Stephens -- Treasurer

Information and application forms may be obtained from any of the officers of the Urantia Brotherhood School or from the office of Urantia Brotherhood, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago 14, Illinois.

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