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Michael Foundation's
Copyright Case

In the summer of 1999, Michael Foundation, Inc. published Part IV of The Urantia Book as a separate publication. Urantia Foundation subsequently sued Michael Foundation. A series of events followed which resulted in the loss of Urantia Foundation's U.S. Copyright. Various documents related to this matter are provided below.

"Jesus: A New Revelation" is now once again available from Michael Foundation. You may contact Michael Foundation via email for more information.

Michael Foundation, Inc.
3333 South Council Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73179


(Documents are ordered with the most recent at top and oldest at bottom. )

November 20, 2001 -- Federal Court denies Urantia Foundation's petition to stay judgment pending appeal.
                           See Court's Order

September 13, 2001 -- Urantia Foundation files legal documents for appeal in the Michael Foundation matter. The Foundation subsequently filed an additional motion with the Court seeking to have the effect of the Court's decision stayed until the appeal process was completed.

June 21, 2001 -- Post-trial reflections
                           Note from Claudia and Lee
                           Trial overview by Dick and Peggy Johnson

June 20, 2001 -- Oklahoma City Federal Court places the U.S. copyright to The Urantia Book in the public domain.
                           Announcement from The Fellowship to the Readers

June 19, 2001 -- Trial news update

June 18, 2001 -- Trial news update

June 15, 2001 -- Trial news update

June 13, 2001 -- Trial news update

June 12, 2001 -- Trial information update

June 8, 2001 -- Trial information update

June 7, 2001 -- Trial information update

June 5, 2001 -- Trial information update email from Harry McMullan

June 4, 2001 -- Final Michael Foundation filing in Federal copyright infringement case. [See Michael Foundation's final filing]

October 4, 2000 -- Urantia Foundation public announcement regarding impending trial

August 2, 2000 -- Michael Foundation files Counterclaim for Declaratory Judgement invalidating Urantia Foundation's claim of trademark in the words "Urantia" and "Urantian."

June 16, 2000 -- Urantia Foundation responds to Michael Foundation request for declaratory judgment. See Foundation's response

May 12, 2000 -- Michael Foundation files a Motion for Declaratory Judgment against Urantia Foundation in federal court in Oklahoma, which is in the 10th federal judicial circuit. This motion requests the court to determine whether Urantia Foundation has a valid copyright to the Urantia Book in general, and Part IV of the Urantia Book in particular. See text of Michael Foundation's complaint.

May 10, 2000 -- Court dismisses Urantia Foundation's lawsuit due to lack of proper venue
[See full text of Judge's Dismissal]

January 21, 2000 -- Michael Foundation files opposition to Urantia Foundation's request for preliminary injunction

Comments from Carol Herren regarding "Setting the Record Straight"
Letter to trustee Gard Jameson from Debbie Bartman

December: "Setting the Record Straight" -- Urantia Foundation issues defensive statement regarding long-standing readership charges of incompetency

11/30/99 Urantia Foundation initiates lawsuit against Michael Foundation

David Kantor's response to Paul Snider, 11/22/99
Paul Snider comments on "A Call to Spiritual Unity"
Support for "A Call to Spiritual Unity," Mark and Kathy George-Moore
November 19, Al Wolf; "A Call to Spiritual Unity"
Letter from Carolyn Camp
November 18, Open Letter to Trustees from Larry Gwynn
November 16, Letter from Zshonette Reed
November 15, Essay by Saskia Raevouri; "A Call for Common Sense"
David Kantor's commentary on Foundation's open letter, November 13, 1999
Philip Calabrese's response to Foundation's open letter
Phil Geiger's response to Foundation's open letter, November 12, 1999
Saskia Raevouri response to Foundation's open letter, November 10, 1999
Claudia Ayers response to Foundation's open letter, November 9, 1999
Fred Harris commentary on Foundation's open letter, November 9, 1999

Foundation's Open Letter to readers of November 8, 1999

McMullan Attorney letter to Urantia Foundation trustees, October 28, 1999

McMullan response to Foundation letter, October 28, 1999

Urantia Foundation letter to Harry McMullan, October 13, 1999

Interviews with Harry McMullan and Travis Binion regarding the publication of JANR

Response to Dave Elders by Claudia Ayers
Further Rebuttal by David Kantor
Rebuttal by Dave Elders
David Kantor's response to Dave Elder's Essay, "Separate Publishing"

An Essay by Dave Elders: "Separate Publishing of Part IV of The Urantia Book: Some Philosophic Considerations and Implications"

Urantia Book Fellowship President's Letter of August 30, 1999

Harry McMullan's letter of response of August 25, 1999

Urantia Foundation letter to Harry McMullan of August 5, 1999

Part IV Printed Illegally: Urantia Foundation Press Release of July 24, 1999