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Apocryphal stories exist that the Midwayers had been planning for a revelation on the order of The Urantia Book since the middle ages -- the time of the development of the printing press and the Protestant Reformation -- and had petitioned the Melchizedeks as early as the fifteenth century for help. Dr. Sadler is reported to have told a number of people that the Midwayers tried a number of different methods with several different groups before developing a working liason with the Sadler/Forum group early in the twentieth century. This is apocryphal only -- there are informed sources who view this story as nonsense. 25


June 9 -- Lena Celestia Kellogg born, Abscota, Michigan to Smith Moses Kellogg, son of John Preston Kellogg. He was a broommaker; resident of Battle Creek, Michigan and later in Omro, Wisconsin, where he dealt in patent medicines.32

June 24 -- William Samuel Sadler born, Spencer Indiana, to Samuel Cavins Sadler and Sarah Isabelle (Wilson) Sadler. S. C. Sadler was a graduate of Chicago Conservatory of Music, a teacher, performer and "great Bible salesman" of his day.7



October 3 -- Birth of Wilfred C. Kellogg, Berkshire, Vermont; born to Rev. Charles Leonidas Sobeski Kellogg. His father was a traveling salesman and later a minister of the Seventh-Day Adventists; resident of Battle Creek, Michigan. He was a soldier in the Civil War serving one year in the First Regiment, Vermont Volunteer Heavy Artillery. He was honorably discharged at the end of the war having served at Cedar Creek and Appomattox, being an eye witness of Sheridan's ride from Winchester to Cedar Creek.32 Wilfred's birth certificate lists his father's occupation as "farmer". His mother was Emma Kellogg, daughter of John Preston Kellogg.

June 3 -- Birth of Anna Kellogg, Waupum, Wisconsin31

1890 January 29 -- Birth of Emma Christensen, Gem Township, South Dakota7
1893 William S. Sadler meets student nurse Lena Celestia Kellogg, neice of J.H. Kellogg3
1897 William S. Sadler marries Lena Celestia Kellogg3
1899 William S. Sadler becomes licensed Seventh Day adventist minister.

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