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Sadlers live in San Francisco and attend Cooper Medical College (now a part of Stanford University).7 John Harvey Kellogg had appointed Dr. William S. Sadler to begin a new Medical Mission operation in San Francisco.


The Sadlers left Battle Creek in the Spring of 1904. They attended the Seventh Day Adventist Medical Missionary College branch in the Chicago suburb of Hinsdale. They took up residence in La Grange, a neighboring suburb.

William S. Sadler writes long letter to Ellen G. White, author, leader and prophet of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, challenging her "testimonials" and "visions."8  [See letter from Dr. William S. Sadler to Ellen G. White]


William S. Sadler awarded medical degree from the Adventist American Medical Missionary College. Begins practice with Dr. Lena. Offered medical teaching position at Indiana University, Bloomington; declined in favor of lecturing and writing.3

Date of first introduction to the "contact personality." The date of 1906 can be alluded to in a comment from page 8 in the Meussling phd dissertation:  "In 1906, Dr William Lowe Bryan, president of Indiana Unversity at Bloomington, offered Sadler a position as head of the medical deparment at the University. Although he had signed the contract and had leased a house, the night before he was to move to the University, he decided that he could do more for humanity if he were free to give lectures and to write books on the adaptation to life and the maintenance of mental and physical health."

Sadlers increasingly disenchanted with Adventism.8 [For background on Dr. Sadler's connection to Adventism, see "The Adventist Connection" by Dan Massey]

Meussling, G Vonne, William S Sadler: Chautauqua's medic orator, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA, December 1970, UMI No: 7114192, UMI/Proquest Publishers, Dissertations Abstracts International Vol Issue 31-12A


Sadlers begin working the Chautauqua circuit, lecturing on health related issues; this continued at least until 1915

Birth of Bill Sadler, Jr.


Chautauqua records show Sadlers active on the circuit this year.3 [See "William S. Sadler: Chautauqua's Medic Orator"]; an account of Dr. Sadler's professional career as a orator.

Between 1905 and 1926 Dr. Sadler is reported to have written four popular health articles for "Ladies Home Journal," as well as two articles published in medical journals and one published in the "Journal of Criminal Law."


Sadlers go abroad to study psychiatry at clinics in Leeds, England and in Vienna3

Dr. Sadler's first encounter with the "sleeping subject" described in the Appendix from "The Mind at Mischief." 9 Date of first introduction to the "contact personality" occurrred in 1906 as reported by his foster daughter Christy to be the actual year. Dr. Sadler is reported to have acknowledged that this 1911 date was an error. Wilfred and Anna moved next door to the Sadlers in December 1913. Wilfred Kellogg was never considered to be the sleeping subject by anyone who knew him personally, especially his family. Most people who knew him when presented with this idea, would go into fits of laughter. Some sources indicate that Dr. Lena Sadler was a key figure in making possible the reception of the revelation. She is reported to have believed right from the start that something significant was occurring whereas Dr. Sadler remained skeptical until 1936. He wanted to abandon the process at several points but continued at her insistence. The process started as a result of the husband of a patient of Dr. Lena K. Sadler who consulted with her husband, Dr. William S. Sadler, due to the "bizarre behavior of the gentleman." It is reported that the "Sleeping Subject" "never crossed the threshold at 533" and that he "never paid Doc a cent for medical treatments." Bill Sadler maintained in private conversations that if anyone involved were a destiny reservist, it was his mother--he indicated that her participation was the critical element for the success of the undertaking.23

[See Appendix to "The Mind at Mischief"]

[See "Were you Deceived?" -- Transcript of a 1958 interview with Dr. William S. Sadler]

[See personal correspondence in which Meredith Sprunger asks Dr. Sadler about "The Mind at Mischief"]

[See Dr. Sadler's reply to Meredith Sprungers questions]

This year Dr. Sadler's public lectures were expanded to include addresses on the "phenomena and philosophy of spiritualism."


Dr. Sadler publishes "The Physiology of Faith and Fear," a compendium of his most popular Chautauqua lectures. This was one of 42 books which he authored and published.

August 28 -- Marriage of Wilfred and Anna Kellogg (they were cousins) in the home of Dr. Wm. S. Sadler, LaGrange, IL31 This was a double wedding at which Miss Sarah Wilmer (who worked the Chataqua circuit with the Sadlers) married Edward VanBond of Dallas, Texas.


Both Doctors Sadler still active on the Chautauqua circuit. [See "New Additions to the Sadler's Lectures" from a 1915 program guide]

Editor's note: the Chautauquas were lecture programs in which the lecturers traveled from city to city. By 1920, the Chautauquas were operating in more than 8,500 communities nationwide. The spread of radio in the 1920's along with changing morals and tastes gradually eroded the popularity of the Chautauquas which finally closed down in 1932.

1921 According to the preface in Dr. Sadler's book, "Race Decadence" he and Lena had their medical practice to 533 Diversey Parkway this year. However, city directories and other information show that the Sadlers did not actually move into the building until 1922.30 It should be noted that at this time there had still been no contact with "real" revelators, only midwayers and student visitors.23

Emma Christensen moves to Chicago and takes job as office manager of the National Bank Examiner's Office7

April -- Article by Dr. Sadler published in Ladies Home Journal -- "College Women and Race Suicide: Does Higher Education Unfit Them for Marriage and Motherhood?" [See Ladies Home Journal article]


January 25 -- First meeting of the group which became known as "The Forum"1

Emma Christensen joins the Sadler household at 533 Diversey Parkway.30 Emma Christensen is widely believed to be the stenographer referred to in "The Mind at Mischief."3It is reported that the Sadler's formally adopted Christy.23 Christy took shorthand notes of all the administrative contacts with the revelators. The text of the Urantia Book was always delivered in written form. Bill Sadler maintained that once the papers started coming through, there was not that much interaction with the "sleeping subject." The "sleeping subject" was apparently used only for administrative contact with the papers always appearing in written form. Bill also maintained that "the 'sleeping subject' never crossed the threshold at 533" and knew virtually nothing about the related activities of the Forum.


February 11 -- Sometime prior to this date, Tabamantia inspected the setup which had been established for communication (initially established and fostered by the Midwayers) and submitted a report to the Ancients of Days with a recommendation that they proceed with efforts to provide an epochal revelation as requested in an earlier petition submitted by the United Midwayers of Urantia. The Ancients of Days approved and assigned a group of personalities to undertake the mission. Machiventa Melchizedek then announced the fact that an epochal revelation was to be developed utilizing the process of communication which had been refined in conjunction with the Midwayers since 1911. Up to this point, all contacts had been with Midwayers and student visitors.25 Note the last few sentences of 35:3.22 (388:9) Guidelines established by the revelatory commission included the provision that at least two contact commissioners were to be present when any communications were taking place. The contact commissioners were also required to leave the room when any physical objects were to be moved or manipulated by the unseen revelators as it was deemed that witnessing such effects would be too "psychologically disturbing" for the mortal participants. It is also reported that there was never any contact during daylight hours. Another specification of the Revelation Mandate prohibited publication of the text as long as the 'sleeping subject' was still alive. The services of at least one Cherubim were essential to the process as considerable translation had to be done in order for the range of personalities involved to be able to communicate with their human counterparts.

February 11 -- "Contact Commission" formalized. Original members were:2

Dr. William S. Sadler
Dr. Lena Sadler
William S. Sadler, Jr.
Anna Kellogg (sister of Lena)
Wilfred Kellogg


February -- First questions submitted to the superhuman personalities. Between 1925 to about 1929 the "first series" of papers was delivered. The members of the Forum read and responded to these papers. They drafted questions in response to what they read. The "second series" was an expansion of all of the first papers. Some of the titles were changed, some papers were deleted, others consolidated and new ones added. But the order was close to that of the "first series." Among the "first series" of papers were, Installation of the Godhead; The Son of God; The Sons of God; The Third Source and Center; Higher Personalities of the Third Source and Center; Spiritual Artisans; Ministering Spirits; The Planetary Prince; Evolution of Law, Order and Civilization; Adam and Eve; The Default; the "Religion Papers" (ultimately published as papers 99 through 103); The Jewish Idea of God from Melchizedek to Christ; Bestowals of Christ Michael; Thought Adjusters and Seraphic Guardians.25 When the first papers arrived, only three of the contact commissioners were present--Wilfred and his wife, Anna, were in California.23

Forum formally established with 30 members, September, 19252

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