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Supreme, the Papers 115-117) 0:2.12(4;9), 0:7sec(10;6), 10:7sec(115;3),,. See also Supremacy; Supreme Mind
actualization of the Supreme
3 superfinite possibilities for manifestation 117:7.8(1292;2)
creation of creature-trinitized sons precipitates out everything possible of a single divine ideal 22:10.2-6(253;4)
creation of Majeston imparted new personality prerogatives to 17:2.2(199;6)
dependent upon steadfastness of mortal decision-actions in doing will of God 112:5.5(1233;1), 117:0.1(1278;1), 117:4.9-13(1284;5)
derives from divinity successes of Supreme Creators, God the Sevenfold 20:10.4(233;1), 56:6.2(641;3), 106:5.2(1167;3), 115:4.7(1264;6), 116:2sec(1269;5), 116:4.2(1272;1), 117:3.7(1282;2), 118:0.9(1294;9)
destiny is perfection 116:0.4(1268;4)
from union of creative power of Supreme Creators and potentials of Trinity 17:2.2(199;6)
God's presence in any area proportional to presence of Supreme 3:1.10(46;2), 3:2.12(48;4)
grows as Creators and creatures attain Godlikeness and mastery of grand universe 9:6.9(104;7), 105:6.5(1159;5), 106:1.4(1164;3), 115:6.4(1265;5)
growth centered on Absolutes of actuality, predicated on Absolutes of potentiality 118:10.2(1304;4)
Havona is perfect pattern for 14:6.22(161;12)
involved in developments within Deity, Universal, and Unqualified Absolutes 115:6.3(1265;4), 115:7.3(1266;4)
Master Spirit #7 functions as source of personal and spiritual nature of 16:3.15(188;3)
prepersonal work of adjutant mind-spirits does not repercuss in 36:5.16(403;4)
Supreme is volitional, creative participant in his own deity actualization 117:3.7(1282;2)
Supreme will become sovereign when superuniverses attain light and life, superseding Ancients of Days; rule from Uversa 15:14.3(182;1), 18:3.8(210;2), 55:12.3,5(636;4), 116:0.5(1268;5), 117:2.7(1280;7), 117:7.13(1292;7), 118:10.11-17(1305;6)
universe changes upon completed actualization of S.
end will come to growth of S. 117:2.6(1280;6)
future of the S. 117:7sec(1291;5)
future sovereignty of S. will be like that of Master Michaels in their universes 21:5.2(240;4), 117:6.3(1288;2)
hitherto non-ascending cherubim, Morontia Companions, may progress 38:8.4(423;4), 48:3.16(547;1)
may assume direct control of superuniverses in light and life 56:7.6(642;6)
probable that 7 finaliter corps will be directed by s. 117:7.7(1292;1)
repentant rebels may enjoy larger function 35:10.4(394;6)
superuniverses will no longer be isolated from each other 15:10.9(179;3), 117:7.12(1292;6)
Supreme will function under overcontrol of the Ultimate 118:2.4(1296;6)
Supreme will some day be definitely contactable at some specific locality 117:7.13(1292;7)
Trinity Ultimate is immediate destiny of s. 115:7.7(1267;1)
upon attainment of perfected self-realization by all persons plus perfected equilibrium of universes 117:6.24(1291;1)
upon exhaustion of all finite potentials; at end of present universe age 106:3.2(1165;7), 117:6.24(1291;1), 117:7.1(1291;5)
will constitute eternal fusion of finite and infinite 0:7.7-8(11;3), 0:8.4(12;2)
will emerge when all live the full will of God 117:0.2(1278;2)
Almighty Supreme Paper 116 (1268;1),)
and Paradise Deity 116:3sec(1270;5)
and sevenfold controllers 116:5sec(1273;5)
consists of nonpersonal aspects of Supreme Being 0:8.3(12;1)
power potentials of s. unified with spiritual nature in Havona 14:6.20(161;10)
power unification of grand universe Creators 22:7.11(251;1), 116:4sec(1271;5)
Supreme Being functioning outside Havona 116:0.5(1268;5)
Brahmanic doctrine very close to 94:3.4-7(1030;4)
compound manipulators of celestial artisans dedicated to discovering 44:5.5(505;2)
finaliters' relation to the Supreme
companies initially serve in superuniverses other than those of origin to learn more of 31:0.4(345;4)
experience self-realization through revealing s. 112:2.14(1229;5)
finaliter transcendation permits them to recognize s. 117:5.3(1286;1)
finaliters are children of s. 112:7.16-19(1239;5)
know s. by experience 5:5.11(69;6), 56:8.2(643;5)
s. will be personally discovered when all creatures simultaneously find him 117:6.16,21(1290;2)
some attempt to trinitize realities of Almighty Supreme 22:7.12(251;2)
will become 7th stage spirits upon attainment of s. 31:3.5(348;2)
functions and actions of the Supreme
anticipates future evolution as Immanence of Projected Incomplete 117:7.6(1291;10)
catalyzer and focus of all universe growth 115:4.1(1263;7), 117:3.1,13(1281;3)
connects finite with absonite 115:7.8(1267;2)
controls domain of power, energy, and matter 42:2.14(470;5)
cosmic mind evolving in 9:7.3-4(105;3)
creation of Majeston is sole instance of direct creation 0:7.7(11;3), 17:2.2-5(199;6), 117:3.11(1282;6)
functioned as person on spiritual levels in Havona before creation of superuniverses 56:6.2(641;3), 106:1.1(1163;7)
functions directly as creator only upon exhaustion of finite possibilities 117:3.11,13(1282;6)
initiated changes in Havona in response to Grandfanda's arrival 14:6.20(161;10), 24:7.9(271;8)
integrates all celestial influences impinging on mortals 8:5.4(95;7), 56:8.1(643;4), 113:3.6(1244;7), 113:4.6(1245;6)
involved in creation of Graduate Guides and tertiary supernaphim 24:7.8-9(271;7)
involvement in reflectivity 9:7.4-5(105;4)
manifests regard for the whole, not for the part 10:7.2(115;4), 118:10.11(1305;6)
overcontrol of s. not wholly predictable 10:7.4-6(115;6)
providence is domain of 9:1.3(99;2)
retains records of human life as it was lived 112:6.4(1236;2)
Seven Master Spirits are repository of mind potential, unexercised sovereignty of 17:8.6(206;1), 24:7.8(271;7), 116:1.3(1269;2)
Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits created in response to purpose of 26:2.6(287;5)
Seven Supreme Power Directors are repository for power potential 24:7.8(271;7), 116:1.3(1269;2), 116:5.4(1274;1)
sometimes causes Adjuster bestowal on non-fusion worlds 108:2.11(1188;2)
tertiary function in outer space 112:7.15-16(1239;4)
God the Supreme
bestows understanding and insight to limit of creature's capacity 26:6.3(292;3)
experiential Deity expressed in spirit person of 106:1.1(1163;7)
experiential unification of all grand universe divinity occurs in person of 44:5.5(505;2)
Most Highs lead Edentia in worship of 43:6.3(492;3)
personal spirit reflection of Trinity in Havona 0:7.5(11;1)
Infinite Spirit compensates for incompleteness of 9:1.6(99;5)
Master Spirit #7 compensates for Havona pilgrims' inability fully to find 16:3.19(188;7)
Master Spirit #7 represents 16:1.2(185;2), 16:3.14-20(188;2), 26:6.3(292;3), 116:4.2(1272;1)
member of 1st experiential Trinity 31:9.14(352;7), 56:5.3(640;7), 106:3.2(1165;7)
member of 2nd experiential Trinity 106:5.1(1167;2)
aspired to rule as embodiment of s. 120:0.3,7(1323;3)
creature bestowals augmented evolving sovereignty of s.; are new revelation of s. 21:3.23(239;5), 119:8.3,6-7) 120:2.2,6(1327;2)
is possessed of unlimited capacity to experience s. 101:6.5(1112;1)
mortals' relation to the Supreme
acceptance of cosmic citizenship is recognition of progressive obligations to 110:3.10(1206;8)
achievement prerequisite to status with; action essential to consciousness of kinship with 110:6.17(1211;2), 115:0.1(1260;1)
Adjuster fusion constitutes man a living part of 101:6.2,6(1111;6)
as mortals desire to find God, they become conscious of s. 117:6.2(1288;1)
ascenders achieve power comprehension of s. on superuniverse capitals 56:6.4(641;5)
ascenders achieve understanding of s. on 6th Havona circuit 26:6.2-4(292;2), 56:6.4(641;5), 56:7.2(642;2)
finding s. will be like returning home 117:6sec(1287;6)
great challenge is to make personal contribution to 117:4.10(1284;6)
implies co-ordination with attainments of all other beings 101:6.8(1112;4)
incompletion of universe makes inaccessible 16:3.19(188;7), 56:6.4(641;5), 117:6.16-17(1290;2)
mortals can reveal s. to fellows 56:8.3-4(644;1)
mortals evolve in s., s. evolves in mortals 31:10.4-5(353;3)
mortals live, move, and have their being within immanence of s. 115:7.2(1266;3), 117:3.12(1283;1), 117:4.8(1284;4)
mortals will sometime share evolutionary perfection of 106:2.4-6(1165;1)
planetary allegiance to s. in light and life 52:7.7(599;3), 55:6.4(630;7)
psychic circles increases consciousness of s. 110:6.16(1211;1)
search for s. in hearts of all other men 117:6.23(1290;9)
nature of the Supreme
all of infinity and Deity finite creatures could ever comprehend 0:3.13(5;12), 56:8.1(643;4), 115:4.6(1264;5), 116:2.5(1270;2), 117:6.19(1290;5)
almighty sovereign of 7 superuniverses 31:10.11(354;4)
attaining capacity for experience, s. becomes subject to necessity for 115:7.1(1266;2)
avenue through which Father's love flows outward to all creation 117:6.3(1288;2)
aware of all things 6:4.8(77;1)
consists in spirit, mind, power, and experience 106:8.18(1172;6)
copes with problems of finite in total sense 117:4.1(1283;3)
creature experience, superuniverse subjugation part of 116:1.1(1268;6)
deity embodiment of exhaustion of finite evolution; mosaic composite of total creature-Creator nature 0:1.9,11(2;9), 0:2.12(4;9), 0:7.6-7(11;2), 32:3.13(362;2), 106:2.1,5(1164;4), 106:8.11(1171;7), 117:0.2(1278;2), 117:3.1,4(1281;3), 117:5.1(1285;4), 117:6.24(1291;1)
Deity summation of finite natures of Absolute Actual and Absolute Potential 115:7.4(1266;5)
divine personalization of all universe experience 116:6.6(1275;6), 117:1.1(1278;5), 117:5.14(1287;5), 118:9.9(1304;2)
evolutionary and divine inevitability 0:12.4(16;1), 115:7.5-6(1266;6)
evolutionary unification of experiential Deity 14:6.20(161;10)
evolving Deity of power and personality 116:0.4(1268;4)
fact and value unified in 133:5.9(1477;4)
finite synthesis of perfect-Creator cause and perfecting-creature response 117:1.2(1278;6)
fruits of spirit are substance of s. 117:6.17(1290;3)
God and man need each other to fulfill destiny in s. 195:10.3(2084;3)
had beginning but will not have end 0:9.5(13;3)
highest finite manifestation of total will of God 117:0.1(1278;1)
Immanence of the Projected Incomplete 4:1.10(56;2)
indispensable focalizer, summarizer, and encompasser of evolutionary experience, of energy, mind, and spirit 99:4.10(1090;6), 102:2.5(1120;2), 103:7.3,12(1138;1), 115:7.6(1266;7)
Jesus' definition 130:4.2-3(1434;1)
manifestation of divine ubiquity 117:7.13(1292;7), 118:2.3(1296;5)
mind of s. converges in Majeston 0:3.7(5;6)
ministry is that of God the Sevenfold 34:6.2(380;3), 116:5.1(1273;5)
nearest approach to Deity, Trinity by finite creatures 0:7.5(11;1), 0:9.2(12;5), 10:5.4(113;5), 10:7.3(115;5), 22:7.11(251;1), 56:8.1(643;4), 116:2.5(1270;2), 117:7.7(1292;1), 118:10.3(1304;5)
now personally present in Havona 106:4.3(1166;6), 116:0.5(1268;5)
our Universal Mother 117:6.2,5-8)
oversoul of creation 117:1.1(1278;5), 117:5sec(1285;4)
personalities of nonsurvivors absorbed into 2:3.4(37;2), 16:9.3(195;5), 112:5.2(1232;3), 117:4.2,4(1283;4)
personality consequence of all evolution 116:3.6(1271;4)
personality synthesis of finite matter, mind, and spirit in grand universe 118:10.3(1304;5)
pre-Paradise Deity 14:6.35(162;13)
present in Havona 14:6.26(162;4)
real now to God the Sevenfold 117:7.5(1291;9)
revelation of unity of the I AM 104:5.6(1151;6)
seeks correlation inward toward Paradise and outward toward infinity 115:6.5-8(1265;6)
self-acting upon, self-reactive to, the universe 117:1.9(1279;7), 117:2.9(1281;2)
source of Havona's time-space unity 26:6.2(292;2)
spirit ministries unified in 101:2.10(1107;2)
spirit person of the evolving God of all creatures 106:5.2(1167;3), 116:7.6(1276;7), 117:2.1(1280;1)
strives in and with us for divine self-realization 117:4.1,2,6(1283;3)
the finite God 24:7.9(271;8), 117:2.1(1280;1), 117:4sec(1283;3)
treats experiential children as one cosmic total 117:6.22(1290;8)
truth, beauty, and goodness 117:1.7(1279;5)
unifies evolutionary approach to Father 56:7.8(643;2)
universe approach to transcend finite limitations 117:3.4(1281;6)
wholly experiential; completely experiencible 0:7.3(10;8), 106:2.7-8(1165;4), 117:6.1(1287;6)
physical universes symbolic of 116:7.1(1276;2)
power centers associated with cosmic overcontrol of 29:3.3(323;1)
Reflective Image Aids represent 15:10.7(179;1)
relation to triodities 104:5.6(1151;6)
Supreme Being
God the Supreme and the Almighty Supreme, unified by Supreme Mind constitute 0:7.5(11;1), 0:8.3(12;1), 22:7.11(251;1), 117:7.11(1292;5)
Supreme Being, God the Supreme, and the Almighty Supreme are the same reality 117:3.1(1281;3)
Taoist teachings regarding 131:8sec(1451;4)
is source of S. 0:8.3(12;1), 17:2.1(199;5), 56:6.2(641;3), 115:4.1,2,7(1263;7), 115:5sec(1264;7)
S. depends on absolute stability of Trinity 116:7.5(1276;6)
S. is experiential spirit personalization of 116:2.5(1270;2)
Trinity collaborates with S., not the Father, Son, or Spirit individually 10:7.3(115;5)
Trinity is to S. what Adjuster is to mortal 116:3.4(1271;2), 117:3.10(1282;5)
Trinity of Supremacy 0:8.3(12;1), 10:5.4(113;5), 10:7.3(115;5), 16:3.18(188;6), 26:6.3-4(292;3)

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