The Urantia Book Fellowship
in Uversa personality register 30:2.16(336;8)
regulate master energy circuits of grand universe; 7 in number 29:2.3(321;2)
Supreme Power Centers; act on phenomena
below levels of gravity energy 29:2.4(321;3)
Orlandof taught God to blue race as 64:6.23(725;4)
order of Universe Circuit Supervisors; serve on Havona circuits; number 7 24:1.2-4(265;2)
comprised of heads of all 7 finaliter corps 31:10.1-3,13)
advisory local universe council 33:8.3-5(373;5)
held executive meeting on Urantia during time of tomb 188:3.12(2016;1)
Mighty Messenger attached to 32:5.9(365;5)
Satania representation suspended by rebellion 45:3.10(513;1)
reserves of Unions of Days function as 18:6.2(212;4)
finaliter corps acknowledges jurisdiction of, in light and life 55:10.7(634;7)
governing body of local universe in light and life; comprised of 100 Faithfuls of Days 55:10sec(634;1)
Trinity Teacher Sons assigned to, in light and life 55:10.6(634;6)
1st 3 levels of God the Sevenfold: Creator Sons, local universe Mother Spirits, Ancients of Days, and Seven Master Spirits 31:9.14(352;7), 36:6.7(404;5), 56:5.3(640;7), 56:6.1-2(641;2), 106:3.2(1165;7), 106:5.2(1167;3), 115:4.7(1264;6), 116:2sec(1269;5), 116:4.2(1272;1), 117:1.2(1278;6), 117:3.7(1282;2), 118:0.9(1294;9), 118:4.7(1298;7)
date from organization of 7 superuniverses 0:8.5(12;3)
descended from Paradise to evolve creatures with Paradise-attainment capacity 0:2.13(4;10), 117:1.2(1278;6)
experiential Deity 116:2.6(1270;3), 116:4sec(1271;5)
ministry is that of the Supreme 34:6.2(380;3)
sovereignty of Supreme grows out of achievements of S.C. 0:7.5(11;1), 56:6.2(641;3), 106:5.2(1167;3), 115:4.7(1264;6), 116:2sec(1269;5), 116:4.2(1272;1), 117:3.7(1282;2), 118:0.9(1294;9)
transmute matured potentials into experiential actuals 118:4.7(1298;7)
Associate Inspector on Salvington reports to 37:8.5(413;8)
Uversa omniaphim report to 28:2.2(307;2)
select System Sovereigns 35:9.3(393;3)
Supreme Mind 116:1sec(1268;6),. See also mind; Supreme, the
accounts for reflectivity 9:7.4(105;4)
activates living mechanism of grand universe 116:7.3(1276;4), 118:9.4(1303;5)
bestowed on Supreme by Infinite Spirit 22:7.11(251;1), 56:6.2(641;3), 115:4.7(1264;6)
cosmic mind coordinates with 42:10.6(481;3), 56:2.3(638;7)
finaliter and Paradise-Havoner trinitization repercusses in 22:7.14(251;4), 23:4.2-3(262;3)
Majeston focalizes presence of 0:3.7(5;6), 116:4.3(1272;2)
progressive evolution indicates dominance of 56:10.11(647;2)
Solitary Messengers are repercussion of bestowal of? 23:4.2-3(262;3)
unifies spirit person of Supreme with attained power of Almighty 56:6.2(641;3), 116:1.2(1269;1), 116:3.2-3(1270;6), 117:7.11(1292;5)
unknown potential 106:5.2(1167;3)
1 million units of control 29:3.7(323;5)
antigravity endowments 9:3.6(101;6), 29:3.6(323;4), 42:4.4(473;2)
ascenders study S.P.C. on minor sectors 18:5.3(211;8)
associated with cosmic overcontrol of Supreme Being 29:3.3(323;1)
beings of high will freedom and action 29:2.2(321;1)
conscious of superenergy presence of Unqualified Absolute 29:3.12(324;2)
control mechanical-nonteachable mind 65:7.5(739;1)
coordinate activities with Creator Son's universe plans 41:1.1(455;5)
created by Seven Supreme Power Directors and Seven Master Spirits; number over 10 billion 29:3.1(322;4)
distribute light without heat 29:3.9(323;7)
early work in Andronover nebulae 57:2.3(652;6)
endowed with Third-Source personality 29:2.2(321;1)
existed from near eternity 29:0.3(319;3)
function only on architectural spheres 29:3.9(323;7)
gigantic beings 29:3.8(323;6)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.16(336;8)
Master Physical Controllers are mobile subordinates of 29:4.1(324;3)
Master Spirit #5 is adviser to 16:3.10(187;7)
modify, manipulate, energize, and directionize physical energies of space by their presence 29:3.6(323;4), 41:1.1-5(455;5), 42:2.22-23(471;6)
never play; always on duty 29:3.5(323;3), 48:4.11(548;6)
not subject to administrative direction by superuniverse government 29:3.2(322;5)
orders 29:2sec(320;5), 30:2.16(336;8)
2nd. Havona Centers q.v.
part of God the Sevenfold 116:5.1(1273;5)
perfectly control 7 of 10 forms of energy in 3 phases each 29:3.11(324;1)
precede Creator Sons in universe organization 32:2.1-2(358;3), 41:1.1(455;5)
secret of mind control by Master Physical Controllers and Morontia Power Supervisors 29:2.2(321;1)
transmute ultimatons into electrons; range of action curtailed thereafter 42:4.3(473;1)
undergo no training; created in perfection; no evolution in ranks 29:3.4(323;2)
utilize vast material mechanisms 29:3.7(323;5)
with Master Physical Controllers, built Salvington in 1 billion years 32:2.3(358;5)
Supreme Power Director See seven Supreme Power Directors
birth of local universe Mother Spirit 17:6.3(203;6)
bestowal of Michael as 39:1.15(429;1), 119:4sec(1313;4)
none lost in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.6(608;2)
serve as advisers to morontia mortals 48:6.17(554;2)
types 39:1sec(427;1)
6. recorders 39:1.17(429;3)
7. unattached ministers 39:1.18(429;4)
only degree granted in morontia temple 55:3.8,13(625;7)
Supreme Spirits Paper 17 (197;1),) 9:8.13(107;3),. See also Infinite Spirit: family
administrative directors of grand universe 17:0.1-5(197;1), 17:8.3(205;4)
all ministering spirits spring from 17:8.2(205;3)
groups comprising, in personality registers 30:1.3,11(330;5), 30:2.4(335;2)
adjutants of Havona Circuits q.v.
Unrevealed beings 30:1.3,11(330;5)
nucleus of functional family of Infinite Spirit 17:8.1(205;2)
created in perfection; of definite and final numbers 18:0.2-4(207;2)
groups comprising 18:0.1(207;1)
represent justice and executive judgment of Trinity; have never departed from divine path 18:0.3-4(207;3)

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