The Urantia Book Fellowship
certain reply to unbelievers 102:6.5(1124;7)
believe in God of love who fosters survival 5:5.3(68;5)
borrow best from others rather than denounce worst 92:7.3(1012;4)
certain of salvation 34:6.13(381;7), 156:5.20(1740;7)
co-operate from unity of ideals and purposes 99:5.7(1091;6)
common people hear gladly 174:4.7(1902;1), 196:1.4(2090;5)
conscious of universe citizenship, contact with superhuman power 16:6.8(192;4), 100:6.3(1100;5)
dedicated to wholehearted service of brotherhood of man 99:5.9(1091;8)
delivered from isolation 184:4.6(1985;1)
demonstrate fruits of spirit; risk all to find God 155:6.14-16(1733;2)
detached from purely temporal, trivial matters 100:6.5(1100;7)
difficulties stimulate 48:7.7(556;7)
dispense wealth in spirit of stewardship 165:4.5(1821;5)
disregard selves, take up responsibilities daily 158:7.5(1760;2)
emancipated from haste, painful stress 102:2.3(1119;8)
enjoy comparative deliverance from the flesh 34:7.6-7(382;6)
establish kingdom in hearts of mankind 157:6.14(1750;8)
ever find it easier to do right 156:5.13(1739;8)
ever more skillful in alluring fellows 156:5.15(1740;2)
exist only to love one another as Jesus loved us 180:2.5(1946;3)
fulfill threefold duty to man, God, and fellowship 178:1.5(1930;2)
go right on worshiping God in spite of anything 101:3.4(1108;3)
have implicit faith in triumph of righteousness 156:5.12(1739;7)
have same eternal life which raised Jesus from the dead 162:7.5(1797;2), 190:0.2(2029;2), 193:1.2(2053;4)
indwelt by Spirit of Truth 181:1.1-2(1953;3)
jealously guard life purpose from temptation to transient attainment 160:3.5(1778;3)
Jesus lives anew in each 194:2.6(2061;4), 194:3.1(2062;10)
knowing God and desiring to do his will, are divinely stable 118:8.11(1303;1)
led by Spirit of God 8:6.4(96;6)
live and triumph irrespective of crushing overload 101:3.4(1108;3)
live as if in presence of the Eternal 102:2.3(1119;8)
live as to permit Father to reveal himself 132:7.2(1466;2), 142:6.6(1602;5)
live up to responsibilities and privileges 159:5.10(1770;2)
one with Jesus 182:1.6(1964;3), 184:4.6(1985;1)
only individuals who can love others as themselves 16:9.8-10(196;4)
promote peace and harmony among various groups of sincere believers 181:2.18(1959;2), 182:1.6(1964;3)
renew spirits by worshipful communion 156:5.12(1739;7)
show companionship with Jesus in their lives 141:5.2(1591;4)
Spirit of Truth draws together, leads into all truth 34:7.1(382;1), 56:10.13(647;4), 176:3.7(1917;3), 180:4.2,5(1948;3), 180:6.3(1951;4), 181:2.17(1959;1), 194:2.7(2061;5), 194:3.8(2063;6)
spirit will teach how to answer judges 176:1.1(1912;3)
trust and confide in one another 193:3.2(2055;2)
trust God as Jesus trusted God 196:1.5(2091;1)
trust in God's goodness despite bitter disappointment and crushing defeat 101:3.4(1108;3)
unconcerned if all things earthly crash 100:2.7(1096;4), 176:3.2(1916;2), 178:3.4(1934;6)
when Father wills, desire of faith sons IS 118:6.5(1300;1), 146:2.7(1639;2)
having complied with group's membership requirements, should enjoy liberty of expression 103:5.12(1135;2)
identify self with universe, serve universe family 5:4.3(67;1)
Jesus prayed for spiritual unity among 182:1.4,6(1964;1)
mortals are denominated faith sons prior to fusion 40:6sec(447;5)
only reward is joy and communion in this life, eternal life hereafter 141:7.5(1593;6)
second-milers needed to win souls 195:10.5(2084;5)
Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are 142:5.2-3(1601;2)
children of world wiser than 169:2.1,5(1853;4)
dependable only when gospel experienced in hearts 177:5.2(1927;3)
faint-hearted believers will turn away 152:5.2(1704;1), 153:5.3(1715;3), 180:3.1(1946;6)
grave danger in times of nominal acceptance of gospel 178:1.10(1931;1)
instruction for 159:3sec(1765;3)
languish in futile yearning from not obeying truth 155:1.3(1725;4)
must function in society as individuals, not as groups 99:2.3(1087;6), 99:3.10(1089;2)
must not be troubled by deceivers, wars, famines, earthquakes 176:1.1(1912;3)
must not resort to physical force for kingdom 178:1.2-3,6)
must not try to mold others to some pattern 140:8.26(1582;7)
necessity to take gospel to people shows failure to live righteous life 155:1.5(1726;2)
only battle is against doubt 159:3.8(1766;4), 165:5.5(1824;1)
relationship with Jesus must take precedence over all others 141:7.5(1593;6)
too vacillating and indefinite in teaching conduct 155:1.3(1725;4)
who bear not fruits of spirit are dead 193:2.2(2054;3)
will be hated by all men for Jesus' sake 176:1.1(1912;3), 180:3sec(1946;6)
will be killed by those who think they do God service 180:6.1(1951;2)
where 2 or 3 are gathered together 159:1.3(1762;5)
advised Most Highs to allow Lucifer rebels free course 54:5.9(617;9)
ascenders meet on Edentia 43:9.1(495;3)
Mount Assembly is dwelling place of 43:4.1(489;4)
presented Michael's plan for salvation to Lucifer 53:2.5(603;1)
residence on Edentia comparatively modest 18:7.4(213;6), 43:4.4(489;7)
basis of Supreme Judge's eternal verdict 25:1.6(274;3)
in little and in much 169:2.6(1854;2), 171:8.11-13(1876;8), 176:3.4(1916;4)
70 million in existence 18:7.1(213;3)
in constant communication with their order 18:7.3(213;5), 43:4.3(489;6)
in personality registers 30:1.4(330;6), 30:2.5(335;3)
instructed to retire after Michael's completion of sovereignty; Michael requested them to remain 119:8.1(1317;5)
function in supreme council in light and life 55:10.1(634;1)
last link in administrative-advisory chain 18:7.5(213;7)
never proffer advice unless asked 18:7.2(213;4), 33:5.4(371;2), 43:4.2(489;5)
representatives of Unions of Days 18:7.3(213;5), 33:5.3(371;1), 43:4.2(489;5)
reserves function as commission on government 18:7.1(213;3)
rotate in service 18:7.1(213;3)
staffs of 43:4.3(489;6)
Trinity advisers, representatives to constellations 15:2.4(166;3), 15:10.6(178;6), 15:13.6(181;6), 18:7.1-2(213;3), 43:4.1-3(489;4)
Supreme Trinity Personalities 18:0.1(207;1)

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