The Urantia Book Fellowship
Hap taught Dalamatians 66:5.14-15(747;4)
ideal of creature life 136:4.6(1514;7)
moral code of Dalamatia 66:7.8-16(751;3)
fatigue. See also rest
can induce mystic state 100:5.10(1100;1)
self element exhausts, not effort to achieve 48:6.26(555;5)
thought change, rest recuperate depleted energies 48:4.9-10(548;4)
do not expect God to show partiality 91:4.3(998;1)
God is no respecter of persons 1:4.6(27;1), 2:3.1(36;6), 12:7.1,8(137;2), 40:10.13(454;2), 133:0.3(1468;3), 137:8.6(1536;3), 138:8.2(1545;3), 140:3.16(1571;3), 143:1.5(1608;2), 148:6.2(1662;4), 155:6.2(1730;6), 156:2.4(1736;1), 166:4.11(1831;2), 175:2.1-3(1909;1), 181:2.14(1958;1), 192:2.2(2047;6)
God loves each son alike 40:10.5,13(452;5)
Jesus refused all f. 124:3.2(1369;8)
paternalism was one reason for Roman decline 195:3.9(2074;4)
cure for fear
clean heart 131:1.8-9(1443;4)
disown f. 131:3.2(1446;4), 165:5.5(1824;1)
faith vanquishes 130:6.3(1437;3), 131:1.9(1443;5), 143:7.3(1616;5)
consolation and stabilization of sound religion 99:4.6(1090;2)
Jesus frequently delivered victims of 167:3.5(1836;4)
love of God casts out all 48:6.8(552;6)
intimate contact with others 160:2.7(1776;1), 184:4.6(1985;1)
self-understanding 160:1.12(1774;4)
do not appeal to f. in proclaiming gospel 159:3.2,5(1765;4)
effect of fear
alone, f. can never prevent survival 110:3.5(1206;3)
can induce mystic state 100:5.10(1100;1)
inhibits creative imagination 111:4.9(1220;8)
led Cain to repent 76:2.8(849;2)
man's chief enslaver and paralyzer 142:0.2(1596;2), 157:2.2(1745;1)
mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress 108:6.2(1193;1), 110:1.5(1204;3)
weakens character, destroys happiness 140:5.6(1573;8)
face difficulties and uncertainties without f. 48:6.24(555;3)
fear not, for I am with you 97:7.6(1069;1)
have no f. for those who can kill the body 165:3.3(1820;2)
Caligastia 100 sought to substitute Creator f. for ghost f. 66:5.13(747;3)
could kill primitive man 88:4.6(971;2), 89:1.2(974;4)
differed little from worship to primitives 85:7.2(948;7)
early civilization forged out on hammers of 66:5.13(747;3)
early religious stimulus 86:0.2(950;2), 90:3.10(990;5), 92:1.4(1004;2)
evolution through anguish, dread, awe, reverence, to love 149:6.3,6(1675;4)
instinct fostered institutions of survival 69:1.3(772;6)
man's tendencies to f. date from lemur ancestors 62:2.4(704;3)
of ghosts 68:2.4(765;1),. See also ghosts
Primates greatly subject to 62:4.4(707;3)
primitive religion drove men forward by fear 5:4.1(66;5)
subdued fiery tempers of primitive man 52:1.7(590;3)
nature of fear
common fear is physiological in origin 68:3.1(766;2)
external restraint to free will 118:8.5(1302;2)
hate is shadow of f. 145:3.4(1632;3)
master intellectual fraud 48:7.4(556;4)
of Lord is beginning of wisdom 68:3.3(766;4), 131:2.6(1444;6), 149:6.2-5(1675;3)
persists because we lack Adamic inheritance 76:4.6(851;4)
religion becomes real as it emerges from 12:9.5(141;6)
self-deception leads to foolish 143:2.5(1609;6)
seraphim cannot understand domination by 113:2.5(1243;2)
unworthy motivation for religious living 140:4.7(1572;7)
when confronted with unknown or inexplicable 90:0.3(986;3)
feasts. See also banquets; Judaism: feasts
all ancient ceremonies terminated by feasting 70:3.7(787;7)
feast of spiritual goodness 147:8sec(1656;2)
brought miracle-seeking to a head 152:5.6(1704;5), 152:6.5(1705;5)
challenged ideas of material Messiah 153:1.2(1708;1)
only nature miracle Jesus consciously performed 152:2.10(1702;1)
Jesus washed apostles' 179:1.2,8(1936;7), 179:3sec(1938;3)
apostles given authority over things temporal 157:4.5(1747;3)
he who is not against us is for us 159:2.2(1764;4)
invisible, spiritual, characterized by unity, not uniformity 195:10.11(2085;3)
Jesus pledged full support for policies provided all agreed 144:6.3(1624;4)
Jesus used term for kingdom of heaven 170:2.20(1861;4)
living organism in contrast to institution 195:10.11(2085;3)
maintain discipline; cast out unruly members 159:1.3(1762;5), 178:1.2(1929;3)
make no distinctions among men assembled for worship 133:0.3(1468;3)
no place for sectarian rivalry, assertions of moral superiority, or spiritual infallibility 182:1.8(1965;2), 195:10.14(2085;6)
personality association yields square of number involved 10:5.2(113;3), 68:1.4(763;7), 133:5.1(1476;3)
spirit gravity creates cohesiveness among believing persons, groups 7:1.6(82;5)
ferns 59:4-5secs) 60:2.7(687;8), 60:4.5(692;3)
charms and superstitions among ancients to ensure 83:4.4-9(924;7)
primitive women desiring children embraced trees 85:2.3(945;6)
belief in relics is outgrowth of 88:2.1-2(968;6)
Confucius made fetish out of order 94:6.9(1034;4)
doctrine of spirit possession 88:0.1(967;1)
certain days and numbers, peculiar pebbles 88:1.2,6(967;4)
human body parts, hunchbacks, cripples, lunatics 88:1.8-9(968;3)
kaaba stone at Mecca 95:7.5(1051;3)
kings became fetish personalities 70:6.4-5(790;1)
guarded water holes, wells, trees, crops, and honey 69:9.12(781;6)
in all primitive cults 88:3.1(970;2)
made early market places secure against theft 69:4.3(775;3)
many times symbolized real object of worship 85:1.3(945;1)
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
pouch with assortment of ghost-impregnated articles 88:3.3(970;4)
when plants or animals became f., taboo as food 88:1.3-5(967;5)
reversion to small castle groups 71:1.16(801;4)
white for harvest 138:2.1(1539;4), 143:6.1(1615;2)
parable of 166:4.9(1830;9)
parable of branches of 176:2.6(1915;3)
competitive substitutes for physical 74:7.3(835;6)
Jesus would not engage in 124:2.4(1368;6), 133:1.3-5(1469;2), 140:8.4(1579;6)
primitive man enjoyed; early clans engaged in annual 70:1.6(784;2)
restraining madman was closest Jesus came to 130:5.4(1436;5)
to convince ourselves we are not afraid 160:3.4(1778;2)
acting planetary chief of f. has seat in morontia temple 55:1.2(622;2)
alternating periods of duty and free service 31:0.5(345;5)
before spirit vision, f. made visible to survivors by energy transformers, Morontia Power Supervisors 45:1.2(509;5), 47:1.3(531;1)
come to know the Supreme by experience 56:8.2(643;5)
as 7th stage spirits
f. become, with attainment of the Supreme 31:3.5(348;2)
f. have hitherto unattained wisdom 19:2.5(216;3), 117:6.6-7,18)
f. 's minds unify with then-actualized Supreme 56:8.2(643;5), 117:5.3-4(1286;1), 117:6.5-7(1288;4)
group attainment of ultimate status 44:8.5(508;3)
may give up residential status on Paradise 13:2.1(147;5)
attain destiny with Trinity embrace 40:10.11-12(453;6)
explore infinity of Universal Father 14:6.37(163;2)
may fully comprehend time-space divinity of God the Sevenfold 56:8.2(643;5)
may join Mighty Messengers 22:2.1-2(245;1)
may join Those High in Authority 22:3.1(246;2)
may join Those without Name and Number 22:4.1(246;6)
may realize supremacy and ultimacy of God 5:5.11(69;6)
speculations concerning 10:8.6-8(116;7)
to administer outer space universes 12:2.6(131;3), 30:4.17,23(342;7), 31:0.2(345;2), 31:3.2-8(347;5), 31:7.4-5(350;2), 31:10.6,12(353;5), 40:10.8(453;3), 48:8.4(558;2), 55:4.16(628;7), 112:7.15-18(1239;4)
unknown future service with Creator Sons 26:11.5(297;2)
will be superb rulers, most effective of all administrators 19:2.5(216;3), 30:4.17(342;7), 112:7.18(1239;7)
finality oath administered individually by head of Architects of Master Universe 30:4.24(343;6), 31:1.3(346;4), 31:3.4(348;1), 31:4.1(348;6), 31:8.4(351;1)
finality oath to Trinity 27:7.9(305;2), 31:0.6(345;6), 31:8.4(351;1), 117:7.7(1292;1)
first acknowledge extra-Paradise authority in local universe light and life 55:10.7(634;7)
granted clearance to Sonarington 13:2.6(148;5)
invisible to mortals except in morontia temple 55:6.6(631;2), 55:7.2(632;1)
midsoniters are wards of 36:4.8(401;4)
midwayers are contact personalities for f. in light and life 55:4.7(627;5)
nature of finaliters
6th stage spirits; status not final 40:10.11-12(453;6)
children of the Supreme 112:7.16-19(1239;5)
each stamped with traits of native Master Spirit 16:5.5(191;3)
experience finality of liberty 39:4.11(435;4)
natures blend creatures and Creator 112:7.17-19(1239;6)
no possibility of casting shadow of evil 31:0.7(346;1), 132:2.9(1458;6)
one-time mortals who have attained perfection in all that pertains to will of God 10:8.7(116;8)
only Adjuster-fused or other Father-fragment-fused beings become 30:4.24-26(343;6), 31:1.2(346;3), 40:9.9(451;5), 55:4.28(629;9)
threefold spirit endowment perfectly unified in 56:3.5(639;5)
transcendation allies f. with spirit-gravity circuit of Eternal Son 117:5.3(1286;1)
unique beings consisting in eternal union of perfect Adjusters and perfected creatures 108:0.1(1185;1)
none become f. without having passed through parental relationship 45:6.4(516;2)
not dependent on seraphic transport 39:2.10(430;6)
recess every millennium of Havona time 22:7.4(249;4)
5th circuit circling Salvington 36:4.5-7(401;1)
Ascendington is home address 13:2.1-2(147;5)
have personal residences on Paradise 14:3.5(156;2)
local system transition world #1 45:1.2(509;5), 47:1sec(530;5)
occupy mansion worlds in systems in light and life 47:0.3(530;3)
on Edentia; in Jerusem circles 43:1.9(486;8), 46:5.25(527;1)
use 1/10 of 1% of Havona worlds 14:3.5(156;2)
1 from each superuniverse portray Trinity attitude 16:5.5(191;3)
assume duties of most celestials after morontia temple appears 20:9.4(232;2), 40:10.11(453;6), 55:4.1,2,11,16(626;5), 55:7.1(631;7)
attend Paradise Citizens in Havona 26:4.1(289;4)
chief serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9)
may attempt trinitization 22:7.4-10(249;4)
mortals serve under f. in light and life 55:2.3(623;3)
nonactive in prelight-and-life domains 40:10.11(453;6)
serve on commissions approving Havona pilgrims' circuit advancement 26:7.3(293;1)
serve successively in superuniverses other than those of nativity 40:10.6(453;1), 56:8.2(643;5)
Spirit-fused mortals do not become 37:5.3,6(411;1)
Tabamantia is a veteran 49:5.5(565;6)
temple of f. invisible to material, early morontia vision 47:1.2-3(530;6)

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