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doctrine of suffering; original gospel of Gautama 94:8.3(1036;5)
cherubim and sanobim characterized by 38:7.6-7(422;6)
do not ascend to seraphic status 38:8.4(423;4)
perform indispensible borderline tasks 38:7.6(422;6)
similar to midwayers 38:7.6(422;6)
discern both spirit and material worlds 44:0.10(498;5)
semiphysical 25:1.3(273;5), 38:7.6(422;6)
discern spirit and material worlds 25:2.8(276;1), 38:7.6(422;6), 44:0.10(498;5)
divine executioners 25:2.8(276;1)
foxes 61:3.13(697;8)
have holes, but Jesus had nowhere to lay his head 157:6.12(1750;6), 163:2.2(1801;5)
Andonites; first humans in England 64:2.6(719;9)
held remnants of Onagar's culture in England 64:2sec(719;4)
retained Andonic culture; maintained racial superiority; ancestors of Eskimos 64:2.5-7(719;8)
Adjusters best typify fragmented orders of Deity (30:17-19)
nature of Eternal Son incapable of 6:5.5-6(78;1), 7:5.3(86;4)
France 61:3.8(697;3), 61:4.2(698;4), 61:5.4(699;5),. See also Brittany; Somme river
Andonites in 63:5.2-3(715;2), 64:1.5-6(718;7), 64:2.6(719;9)
blue race persisted longest in southern 80:5.5(893;7)
connected to England 64:1.5(718;7), 64:2.6(719;9)
Neanderthalers spread to 64:4.1(720;7)
sun worshippers in 3000 B.C. 80:9.13(898;8)
white race dominant by 5000 B.C. 80:5.8(894;1)
10 on each constellation capital 41:1.4(456;3)
automatic energy presence, pressure, velocity gauges 29:4.30(328;6)
chronoldeks are frandalanks that also measure time 29:4.30(328;6)
created by Master Force Organizers and Universe Power Directors 29:4.29(328;5)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.17(337;1)
master f. are living instruments indicating energy charge of superuniverse 29:4.2(324;4)
stationed on all inhabited worlds 29:4.29(328;5)
type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)
wholly automatic and mechanical 29:4.5,31(325;1)
avoid tempting rewards of dishonesty 160:4.5(1779;3)
cheating acceptable outside tribe for ancients 69:4.3(775;3)
Jesus' advice to rich man on wealth derived from 132:5.2,8,12(1462;3)
secrecy essential to successful practice of 90:4.9(992;1)
Adjuster, future finaliter, Father, and Supreme depend on our decisions 112:5.5(1233;1)
Adjusters may indwell beings who have f.w. 52:1.6(590;2)
cannot choose beyond range of choosable 118:6.5(1300;1), 118:9.2(1303;3)
dedication of f.w. is man's choicest gift to God 1:1.2(22;5)
defined as
ability to know God and power to worship him; to choose eternal survival 3:1.12(46;4), 62:7.6(710;5), 65:0.3(730;3), 66:0.1(741;1)
absolutely sovereign regarding eternal destiny 5:6.8,12(71;3), 39:3.3(432;4), 66:8.6(753;2), 118:7.1(1300;5), 118:9.2(1303;3)
dangerous, unstable unidentified with spirit 118:8.3-4(1301;8)
determining factor in human experience 170:4.3(1863;2)
empowered to rescind spiritual choice and reject survival at any time before fusion 111:3.1(1218;9)
includes possibility of self-confusion, self-disruption, and self-destruction 54:0.1(613;1), 111:4.11(1220;10), 118:7.7(1301;4)
increasingly liberated as universes are ascended 118:7.8(1301;5)
maximated decision; deliberate choice leading to decision-conduct 107:7.3(1183;5), 130:2.7,10(1431;2)
mind arena of choice 111:1sec(1216;2)
not unrestricted, but respected in spirit world provided choices not injurious to self or others 48:6.6,14(552;4)
range of choice necessary to enjoy universe progression by making contact with reality 118:7.3(1300;7)
relative; determines actions 7:0.5(81;5), 118:6.4-7(1299;7)
residing in material mind circuits in mortal life 111:3.2(1219;1)
early tribulation resulting from liberty offset by later higher loyalty 35:9.8(393;8)
enables subjective consciousness to be Godlike 130:2.10(1431;5)
endowing imperfect beings with f.w. entails inevitable tragedy 110:0.1(1203;1)
endowment of personalities 16:8.5(194;5)
Father has ordained f.w.; no personality has power or authority to curtail or abridge 1:1.2(22;5), 13:4.5(150;4), 54:1.9(614;4), 54:2.5(615;2), 54:3.1(615;3), 54:6.9(620;1), 113:5.1(1245;7), 163:2.8(1802;4), 165:3.8(1820;7), 179:4.6(1941;3)
Father's gift of personality makes mortals self-determinative and self-creative 5:6.6(71;1)
fixed policy of universe law not to infringe 39:3.3(432;4), 53:4.4-7(605;1)
decision of twins to flee was first act of 62:7.3(710;2), 63:1.4(711;7)
development of speech usually coincides with acquiring 52:1.6(590;2), 65:4.11(736;2)
Edentia authorities would not intervene in rebellion until every person made final decision 67:2.6(756;1)
Life Carriers may not arbitrarily influence 36:3.8(400;3), 62:5.9(708;7)
human will and divine will 110:2sec(1204;5), 118:6.3-7(1299;6)
hunger and fear provide external restraint to 118:8.5(1302;2)
involved in moral decision, truth discernment, unselfish love, purposeful cooperation, cosmic insight, personality dedication, worship 16:8.7(194;7)
man must be fallible if he is to be free; misunderstandings inevitable 3:5.15(52;1), 25:3.7(277;4)
man not a helpless slave of God or victim of mechanistic cosmic determinism 103:5.10(1134;8)
mortals are subjects of predestination, but may reject any part 110:2.1(1204;5), 118:7sec(1300;5)
mortals may draw near and forsake God so long as power of choice remains 5:1.11(64;2)
only in f.w. has there been deviation from divine paths 12:8.3(139;6)
permits mortals to cocreate themselves with God as they are to be 116:4.8,11(1272;7)
religion is natural but optional 5:5.5(68;7)
spirit liberates, mechanism limits, function of f.w. 118:8.3(1301;8)
spiritual volition self-identified with God is liberated from time 118:6.6-7(1300;2)
temptation cannot be overcome merely by human will 156:5.5(1738;4)
that creature can do wrong establishes fact of f.w. 54:4.3(616;2)
energy insulators on transport seraphim 39:5.12-14(438;5)
regarded as unlucky 88:1.6(968;1)
High Commissioners act as 37:5.7(411;5)
all live religions encourage f. 99:6.2(1092;2)
ascenders never lose power to recognize former associates 44:0.11(498;6), 112:5.22(1235;4)
betrayal and disloyalty to friends is most destructive of personality status 67:1.3(754;4)
concept of personality of Deity facilitates fellowship 1:7.1(31;1)
cosmic mind explains kindred spirits 16:6.3(191;6)
creatures crave association 10:1.3(109;1)
fellowship facilitated by Adjusters 1:7.1(31;1)
forsake not an old friend 147:7.3(1656;1)
friendliness characterizes spirit-born sons of God 180:5.12(1951;1)
friends sometimes work together in the afterlife 22:2.6(245;6), 25:8.5-7,11) 39:3.5(432;6)
God is most loving of all friends 3:1.4(45;2), 102:7.10(1127;4)
Havona arrivals look up old friends 30:4.21(343;3)
higher we ascend, lonelier we are without our fellows 28:5.14(312;1)
ancient idea meant adoption into clan 70:3.6,9(787;6)
Judas separated himself from supporting influence of friends 177:4.11(1926;4)
personal loyalty held apostles to Jesus, not his teachings 137:7.2(1534;1), 138:7.3(1544;2), 138:9.1(1546;3), 143:4.3(1612;3), 144:1.1(1617;4)
Rodan on f. 160:2.5-10(1775;6), 160:4.6(1779;4)
saliva exchange, blood drinking were seals of 66:5.22(748;3)
Thomas unwisely left his friends to grieve in solitude 139:8.10-11(1562;4), 189:4.1(2025;2), 190:0.1-3,12-13) 191:5.1(2042;5)
impulse of f. transcends all convictions of duty 180:1.6(1945;3)
making friends
daily prayer quickest way to overcome habit of criticizing friends 91:5.3-5(998;6)
enrich souls by pooling respective spiritual possessions 27:3.4(301;1), 160:2.7(1776;1)
he who would have friends must be friendly 193:3.2(2055;2)
how to make friends (130:7.2
Jesus seldom gave advice unless asked for 129:1.9(1420;6), 132:5.2,4(1462;3)
moral affinity and spiritual harmony essential to 1:6.5(30;4)
one cannot know a person from a single contact 12:9.2(141;3)
the more we bestow ourselves, the more we love 129:0.2(1419;2)
not good for man to be alone 25:8.4(283;5)
nourish religion by loyal fellowship 99:3.7,9(1088;8)
robs suffering of its sorrow 160:2.8(1776;2)
spirit gravity creates cohesiveness among persons, groups 7:1.6(82;5)
Spirit of Truth directs loving contacts 180:5.11(1950;6)
with God is gospel 159:3.9(1766;5)

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