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time 12:5sec(134;6), 118:1sec(1295;1),. See also eternity; patience
absolute of t. is eternity 12:5.2(135;1)
alone ripens fruit on tree 130:5.3(1436;4)
animals possess no self-consciousness of 130:7.5(1439;3), 133:7.8(1479;8)
constellations use local universe t. 43:0.3(485;3)
days and years
Havona day is 1000 Urantia years 14:1.5-6(153;3)
Nebadon day is 18 Urantia days, 6 hours 33:6.7(372;2)
Nebadon year is 100 days; 5 Urantia years 33:6.7(372;2), 43:3.2(488;4)
on Urantia
7-day week because 7 was 1/4 of 28 66:7.17(751;12)
Jews reckoned day as beginning at sunset 179:0.1(1936;1)
Old Testament confusion on months, years 77:2.11(857;8)
origin of almost sacred sanction of 7-day week 74:8.1(836;7)
primitive time based on lunar month 66:7.17(751;12)
Urantia Papers use current usage 57:0.1(651;1), 126:3.1(1389;4)
Paradise cycle is 2 billion Urantia years 11:6.5(124;1), 13:3.2(149;5)
Paradise-Havona standard day is about 1000 Urantia years 14:1.4-6(153;2)
Satania-Jerusem day is 3 Urantia days; week is 10 Jerusem days; year is 100 days 33:6.9(372;4), 45:2.5(511;5), 46:1.2(519;3), 54:6.6(619;3)
standard time is local universe, Salvington time 33:6.7-9(372;2)
Uversa day is 30 Urantia days; year is 100 days 15:7.2(174;2)
faith in Jesus provides salvation from t. 101:6.8(1112;4)
function of time
criterion by which self evaluates life 118:1.3(1295;3)
cushions premature escape from barriers to human action 118:8.6(1302;3)
enables finite to coexist with Infinite 105:6.5(1159;5), 118:9.1(1303;2)
greatest aid and most formidable obstacle to reality perception 106:9.2-3(1173;3)
permits growth for that which grows 105:5.7(1158;7), 106:1.2(1164;1)
t. lag of mercy before fruition of evil and judgment 2:3.5(37;3), 54:4-5secs) 131:3.5(1447;2)
gravity responses of spirit, mind, and matter are independent of 12:3.2(131;5), 42:11.4(482;2)
Imports of Time portray t. necessary to complete task 28:6.11(315;5)
Jesus' Creator prerogatives not limited by t.; his miracles abridged t. 34:3.5(377;1), 136:5.4-6(1516;4), 136:7.3(1519;7)
Lucifer attempted to short-circuit 54:2.3(614;8), 118:8.7,9(1302;4)
nature of time
circular simultaneity displaces consciousness of linear sequence 130:7.5(1439;3)
cognizance by mind, spirit, and personality 12:5.6-9(135;5), 112:0.16(1226;4)
coming into existence of t. 105:5.6(1158;6)
exists by virtue of motion and mind awareness of sequentiality 12:5.1,5(134;6)
experience in eternity 118:1.1(1295;1)
fragment of nonbeginning, nonending continuum 118:1.8(1295;8)
indirect bestowal of Paradise 12:5.1(134;6)
is relative 54:5.13(618;2)
motions of t. are currents in stream of eternity 117:4.11(1284;7)
neither absolute nor infinite 1:7.7(31;7)
nonexistent on Paradise 2:1.5(34;4), 14:1.4(153;2), 54:5.13(618;2), 65:8.1-3(739;5)
nonexistent to sleeping survivors 168:2.5,9(1846;4)
not measured by space 130:7.6(1439;4)
of little consequence in Havona 26:5.5(291;5)
relationship to eternity 32:5.2-6(364;4), 189:1.3(2021;2)
rest is negative utilization of 28:6.12(315;6)
sequence blurs at upper limits of finite 117:7.6(1291;10)
shadow of eternity on moving panoply of space 101:10.9(1117;3)
succession-arrangement whereby events are perceived by analysis 118:3.1(1297;2), 130:7.4(1439;2)
time and space inseparable in superuniverses; vital factor 12:5.3(135;2), 28:6.10(315;4), 65:8.1(739;5), 118:3sec(1297;2)
Personalized Adjusters not conscious of 136:5.4(1516;4)
reflectivity independent of 17:3.10(201;8)
wisely using time
always difficult suddenly to accept advanced truth 92:6.8(1011;6)
dedicate to contemplation of eternal realities 155:6.13(1733;1)
essential to all human adjustment, except moral and spiritual 81:6.40(911;5), 152:6.1(1705;1)
fatally squandered only when buried in neglect 28:6.9(315;3)
humans are born, live, and die in an instant of t. 112:5.4(1232;5)
in morontia, no longer available to circumvent disagreeable obligations 48:5.8(551;3)
life is a day's work; do it well 14:5.1(158;4), 48:7.13(556;1), 112:7.4(1237;6)
maturity directly related to length of t. consciousness 65:8.3(739;7), 118:1.3-8(1295;3)
t. is the one universal endowment 28:6.9(315;3)
manifesting dangerous t. 181:2.16(1958;3)
many who are sure about God fear to assert it 102:7.6(1126;6)
joined Paul in Corinth 133:3.3(1472;2)
Adamsonites mixed with copper to make bronze 81:3.5(904;1)
Abraham gave 1/10 of his spoils to Salem treasury 93:3.1(1016;3), 93:5.13-14(1020;2)
early form of taxation 70:7.14(792;3)
introduced by Abraham 93:3.1(1016;3)
Jesus tithed from proceeds of dovecote 123:4.4(1361;4)
minor duty 166:1.4(1826;1)
mint, anise, and cumin 175:1.17(1908;1)
taxation in light and life 55:3.2(625;1)
tithes paid by all members of Melchizedek brotherhood 93:6.8(1021;4)
Fortune associated with 130:6.5(1438;2)
Paul sent to Crete 130:5.1(1436;2)
destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70 121:8.7(1342;2), 187:1.5(2005;3)
nobleman with critically ill son 146:5.1-3(1644;3)
son trained for gospel service 148:1.4(1658;3)
pray to no one in particular 91:0.4(994;4)
semimagical recitations of 91:3.2(996;8)
carried gospel into Mesopotamia 146:1.4(1637;6)
civilized races cursed with belief in 87:5.11(963;6)
derives from understanding, ripens into love 100:4.4(1098;1)
differences in status essential to development of 64:6.34(726;6)
education increases respect for opinions of others 25:3.12(278;3)
essential for success 160:1.9(1774;1)
fruit of the spirit 193:2.2(2054;3)
gracefully gains victory 160:3.4(1778;2)
learned in one's family 84:7.28(941;9)
mature person looks upon all others with 160:1.6(1773;3)
religious tolerance
approach other religions in recognition of common truths 149:2.5(1670;6)
be patient with those who crave symbolism to mobilize spiritual insight 91:5.7(999;3)
cf: inevitable clash between religion of spirit and religions of authority 173:3.3(1893;3)
cf: peace cannot exist between light and darkness; truth and error 175:1.2(1905;4)
cf: peace incompatible with assertion of religious authority 134:4.3-4,8)
cf: time for open break with religious rulers 163:4.7(1805;4), 164:3.16(1813;3)
cf: woe upon you, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites 163:6.5(1807;4), 166:1.4-5(1826;1), 175:1sec(1905;3), 175:4.2(1910;4)
each apostle taught own view of gospel 148:1.2(1658;1)
forbid not strange preacher 159:2.1(1764;3)
Jesus allowed Kirmeth freedom of action 148:8.3(1666;2)
mistake to require God-conscious men to reject their historic leadership 99:5.11(1091;10)
refrain from trying to mold believers according to some set pattern 140:8.26(1582;7), 141:5.4(1592;2)
religion of spirit permits diversity of belief 155:6.9(1732;2)
religionists should borrow best rather than denounce worst 92:7.3(1012;4), 94:12.4(1041;2)
show t. in living with stubborn associates 156:5.18(1740;5)
once universal 90:4.6(991;5)
tombs. See also Jesus: events in life
custom to bury man's belongings with him 69:9.4(780;7)
delight in building t. for the prophets 166:1.5(1826;2)
of Hiram 156:4.1(1737;2)
of Lazarus 168:0.4(1842;4), 168:1.1,11-13) 168:2.1-3(1845;7)
of Simeon 126:1.2(1387;2)
practice of burying pious men under places of worship 76:5.5(852;4)
Sontad entombed Andon and Fonta 63:3.5(713;5)
surviving symbol of images, idols, and ghosts 85:1.4(945;2)
used to keep ghosts away 87:6.3(964;2)
whited sepulchres are outwardly beautiful, inwardly ugly 166:1.5(1826;2), 175:1.19(1908;3)
in hands of the Father 130:5.3(1436;4)
sufficient for the day is the trouble thereof 140:6.13(1577;7)
tongue. See also language
few men can tame 146:2.13(1640;2)
great man subdues his 28:6.20(317;1)
tools. See also machines
Andonites developed 63:1.2-3(711;5), 63:5.6(715;6)
animals were living tools 81:2.6(901;9)
determine survival of contending groups 81:6.20(909;1)
invention of weapons enabled man to become hunter 68:5.4(768;4)
old men and cripples set to work making 69:3.4(774;3)
in ancient initiation ceremonies 70:7.6(791;3)
olden ideas of self-discipline embraced 89:3.4(976;6)
animals of supposed ancestry 74:8.5(837;4)
symbols of group and their god 88:3.2(970;3)
traditions. See also ceremonies; cults; Judaism: oral law; mores
compelling force of 51:6.5(587;3)
custom establishes institutions of survival 69:1.3(772;6)
Jesus disregarded superstitious t. 149:2.10(1671;5)
Jesus warned against using t. to guide and control believers 140:8.26(1582;7), 141:5.4(1592;2)
no obligation to accept outworn 155:6.5-7(1731;3)
oppressive and enslaving 175:1.8(1906;5)
permit not reverence for t. to pervert understanding 157:2.2(1745;1)
philosophy struggles for emancipation from 12:9.5(141;6)
pitiful to behold giant intellects in cultural bondage 101:7.4(1114;2)
produces stability but stifles initiative 66:6.2(749;4)
religious t. are untrustworthy guides for living 4:5.1(59;6)
ritual sanctifies custom; creates and perpetuates myths 90:5.2(992;3)
safe refuge for fearful, halfhearted souls 155:5.11(1729;6), 191:5.3(2043;1)
sentimentally link past with present 66:6.2(749;4)

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