The Urantia Book Fellowship
on basis of common ideals, not theologic beliefs 99:5.7(1091;6)
on basis of unity, not uniformity 103:5.12(1135;2), 134:4.6(1487;3), 182:1.6,8(1964;3), 195:10.11(2085;3)
only by appeal to Adjuster 149:3.3(1672;6)
only by religion of spirit 155:6.8(1732;1)
cf: early believers separated themselves from unbelievers 194:4.12(2068;2)
cf: inevitable clash between religion of spirit and of authority 173:3.3(1893;3)
cf: peace cannot exist between light and darkness, truth and error 175:1.2(1905;4)
cf: time for open break with religious rulers 163:4.7(1805;4), 164:3.16(1813;3)
cf: woe upon you scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites! 163:6.5(1807;4), 166:1.4-5(1826;1), 175:1sec(1905;3), 175:4.2(1910;4)
derives from identical indwelling God fragments 103:1.1(1129;4)
each apostle taught his own view of gospel 148:1.2(1658;1)
fruit of faith union with living Jesus 195:10.11(2085;3)
lack of spiritual brotherhood inexcusable 170:5.20(1866;3)
omnipresence of Eternal Son constitutes 6:4.3(76;3)
Pentecost was call to 194:3.17(2065;5)
dead humans never communicate with living on earth 112:3.7(1230;5), 150:3.5(1680;7)
dead never return to native planet in same dispensation 39:4.15(436;1), 112:3.7(1230;5), 146:7.2(1646;3), 150:3.5(1680;7)
midwayers not involved in so-called s. 77:8.13(865;6)
shamanesses professed to be mediums 90:1.3(987;1), 90:2.5(988;1)
created by Gabriel and Father Melchizedek; execute routine spirit tasks of Nebadon 37:10.2(416;2)
function from mansion world #2 onward; inhabit constellations 43:0.4(485;4), 47:0.4(530;4)
in Paradise classification 30:1.8(331;4)
labor for the upkeep and embellishment of morontia creations; like midwayers on Urantia 46:4.3(523;1)
among primitives
always covered from fear of magic 88:5.1(971;3)
ancients would not spit into fire 69:6.4(777;7)
became potent fetish 88:1.8(968;3)
followed by magical formula 87:6.10(965;4)
saliva exchange was seal of friendship 66:5.22(748;3), 70:3.7(787;7)
belief in efficacy of s. as healing agent 95:2.6(1044;5), 164:3.11,14(1812;5)
Jesus mixed s. with clay; put on Josiah 164:3.8(1812;2)
Jesus was spat upon 184:4.1(1984;2), 185:6.2(1995;1)
has 70 satellites 15:7.9(174;9), 18:4.7(211;3)
major sector #5 in superuniverse of Orvonton; our major sector 15:14.7(182;5), 18:4.7(211;3), 35:3.15(388;9)
Umajor the fifth is capital of 15:7.9(174;9)
sponges 59:1.14(674;4), 59:2.11(676;2), 59:3.7(677;4), 60:2.8(687;9)
animallike borderland organism 58:7.2(670;4), 65:2.2(731;6)
used as wine bottle stoppers 187:3.5(2008;6)
agencies of Infinite Spirit and cosmic mind inject s. in physical creation 9:3.8(101;8), 195:6.15(2078;1)
all Paradise conduct is spontaneous 27:4.3(301;4)
believers have originality of 92:7.5(1012;6), 100:4.1(1097;5), 102:2.3(1119;8), 140:10.6(1585;4), 196:0.5-6(2087;5)
choose whether inner life is wholly spontaneous and haphazard or controlled and constructive 114:4.9(1585;4)
divine s. in all personality 5:6.9(71;4), 40:6.7(448;6)
evolutionary capacity of universe is inexhaustible in 42:11.7(482;5)
Jesus advocated spontaneous kindness 140:8.11(1580;6)
no s. in lives of primitives 68:4.4(767;4)
prayer may be a spontaneous outburst of God-consciousness 91:8.5,10(1001;6), 144:2.2(1618;6)
spontaneous friendliness of spirit-born sons 180:5.12(1951;1)
true worship is spontaneous 5:5.3(68;5), 27:4.2(301;3), 27:7.2(303;6), 47:7.5(537;5)
spore-bearing plants. See plants: spore-bearing plants
animal caretakers of architectural spheres 37:10.3(416;3), 45:0.3(509;3)
artistic landscape gardeners 46:7.2(527;6)
beautiful s. inhabit constellations, local systems 43:0.4(485;4)
do not possess survival souls, but live very long lives and reincarnate 46:7.3-4(528;1)
enjoy arrival of ascenders 47:10.1(539;3)
have individuality but not personality; react to first 5 adjutant mind-spirits only 46:7.4-5(528;2)
hospitable hosts to all beings they recognize 47:1.1(530;5)
minister to physical needs of probationary nursery children 47:2.6(532;4)
not evolutionary beings; possible spiritual destiny 46:7.6-8(528;4)
procreate; traits of a horse, dog, and chimpanzee 46:7.6-7(528;4)
visualize morontia, angelic, and lower spirit personalities, but not finaliters 46:7.7(528;5), 47:1.1(530;5)
work of botanic decoration directed by celestial artisans, ascending midway creatures 43:6.7(492;7), 46:5.24(526;6), 46:7.2(527;6)
harden youths for reality of life 70:7.6(791;3)
Joseph rebuked Jesus for admiring s. at Scythopolis 124:3.7-9(1370;5)
require social arena wherein to gratify vanity 68:2.10(765;7)
administrative areas on Jerusem 46:4sec(522;5)
squid 59:2.11(676;2)
squirrels 61:1.4(694;1), 61:2.7(695;5)
Great Lakes once emptied through 61:7.10(701;9)
site previously used by mystery cult 98:3.5(1080;7)
God is assurance of 12:7.5(137;6)
let pressure develop 48:6.24(555;3)
not result of inertia; always proportional to divinity 12:6.1(135;11)
comprised of Assigned Sentinels in light and life 55:10.3(634;3)
crystallization of religious concepts is spiritual death 102:2.7(1120;4)
indicative of decay 71:4.1(804;1)
of personality never encountered in eternal career 28:6.18(316;5)
stagnant soul is dying soul 133:6.5(1478;4)
terminates in inevitable death 39:4.12(435;5), 112:5.20(1235;2)
burning at s. once commonplace for sexual offenses 70:10.14(796;4)
standard time. See also time: days and years
local universe time 33:6.9(372;4)
Jesus deplored 141:5.4(1592;2)
mediocrity seeks perpetuation in 48:7.29(557;13)
reason for Roman decline 195:3.9(2074;4)
man casts about to sweeten process of living 81:5.2(905;7)
slavery raised masters' 81:2.9(902;3)
protected by tariffs on continental nation 72:7.9(815;9)
when too complicated or luxurious, speedily suicidal 68:6.7(770;4)
gaseous; unbelievable energy potential 15:4.9(170;3)
of Orvonton are comparable to nebulae 15:4.9(170;3)
star students 57:3.2(653;2),. See also astronomy
anyone may become s.s.; must serve 1 millennium 30:3.3(338;7)
celestial astronomers; forecast energy behavior 15:8.7(176;2), 30:3.2(338;6)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.26(338;3)
not organically connected with superuniverse affairs 30:3.2(338;6)
over 1 million on Uversa; reside in courtesy colonies 30:3.2-5(338;6)
served by seconaphim 28:7.1(317;4)
use mechanical instruments, Solitary Messengers, energy transformers and transmitters, reflectivity 23:2.14(260;1), 30:3.4(339;1)
view grand universe from Uversa 12:2.4(131;1)
work with transport adviser celestial artisans to determine seraphic transport routings 44:5.6(505;3)
best discerned from lonely depths 48:7.15(556;1)
God calls all by name 3:3.1-2(48;5), 15:2.1(165;6), 131:2.2(1444;2)
in their courses do battle for faith sons 101:10.9(1117;3)
new star signified birth of a great man 150:3.2-3(1680;4)
seen as glorified souls of great men departed 85:5.1(947;4), 95:2.7(1044;6)

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