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spiritual growth Paper 103) 100:1-2secs) 101:6sec(1111;5),. See also God: consciousness of God; God: finding God; growth; religion; spiritual communion; spiritual rebirth; submission
by elimination of selfish qualities of love 100:2.4(1096;1)
by faith and revelation 19:5.12(221;2)
by falling in love with truth 157:2.2(1745;1)
by Father identification 106:9.11(1174;7)
by gradual stages 39:4.12(435;5)
by integration of truth, beauty, and goodness 44:7.2-4(507;3), 196:3.20-21(2095;7)
by maintaining living connection with Jesus 180:2.1(1945;4)
by obeying divine leadings 34:5.5(379;5)
by recognition of spiritual poverty 100:2.1(1095;5)
by sincerity and steadfastness of God-seeking decisions 112:2.16(1229;7)
by spiritual transformation 156:5.5(1738;4)
by wholehearted devotion to supreme values 100:1.6(1095;1)
dependent on knowledge and wisdom 5:1.3-8(63;1), 65:8.4(739;8)
dependent on living spiritual connection; continuously bearing spiritual fruit 100:2.1(1095;5)
discovering good and right technique of reacting to ever-recurring situations 101:9.5(1115;6)
divine rest essential to effective utilization of spirit energy 44:5.10(506;1)
divine technique in approach to Divinity 27:4.2(301;3)
entirely dependent on mind endowment 36:2.11(398;5)
every step must be willing, intelligent, cheerful 34:6.11(381;5)
exchange human mind for mind of Jesus 48:6.15(553;7)
faith must be vigorously exercised 100:3.7(1097;4), 102:1.1(1118;4)
go forward in righteousness or retrogress into sin 156:2.6(1736;3)
greatest s.g. in mind of perfect poise, housed in body of clean habits 110:6.4(1209;4)
greatest spiritual jeopardy is partial progress 99:4.8(1090;4)
greatest where external pressures are minimum 103:5.11(1135;1)
grows out of divine capacity for action 28:6.18(316;5)
inevitable result of choosing Father's will 1:3.6(25;6)
leads from stagnation through conflict to co-ordination 100:5.2(1098;5)
learning to be loyal, then to love, then to be filial 39:4.11(435;4)
limited by capacity of receptivity and love for Father 3:4.6(50;4)
love supplies soil for 100:0.2(1094;2)
may be natural and gradual, or may occur in a crisis 65:8.6(740;2), 100:2.8(1096;5), 100:5.3(1099;1), 129:4.2(1425;1)
moral and spiritual adjustments can be instant 81:6.40(911;5)
none without conscious effort, determinations 103:2.1,6(1130;6)
not accelerated by artificial situations 136:8.8(1521;3)
our thoughts, not our feelings, lead us Godward 101:1.3(1104;6)
some truth essential to s.g. must be superconsciously received 19:5.9(220;4)
soul made divine by what it strives to do, not by what it does 48:7.24(557;8)
stimulated by intimate association with other religionists 100:0.2(1094;2)
when man and God enter into partnership, no limitation can be placed upon future possibilities 118:5.2(1299;2)
where we are is not so important as direction of progress, what we are striving to become 111:1.5(1216;6), 147:5.7(1653;1)
apostles made more s.g. in 1 month alone than in 4 years with Jesus 194:2.9(2061;7)
defined as
ability to know God; urge to be like him 5:5.1(68;3), 133:6.5(1478;4)
awakening to needs, discernment of meanings, discovery of values 100:2.2(1095;6)
fruit of divinity 56:10.20(648;3)
human self entering new relationship with divine self 13:1.21(147;2)
indicating nearness to God, usefulness to fellow beings 100:2.4(1096;1)
letting go of God that he may refresh our souls 160:3.1(1777;2)
measure of Adjuster attunement, Fatherlikeness 5:2.4(64;7), 100:2.5(1096;2), 106:9.11(1174;7)
never-ending voyage of discovery into absoluteness of Father 106:9.11(1174;7)
partnership with God in perfection attainment 54:2.2(614;7)
reality proportional to spiritual content 103:9.12(1142;3)
signifying creative activities in superconscious 100:1.9(1095;4)
unvaryingly unconscious 100:1.8,9(1095;3)
discourse on spiritual freedom 162:7sec(1796;3)
error directly proportional to content of materialism 102:4.4(1123;4)
experience remains the same over generations 5:5.12(69;7)
experience with God transcends logic or controversy 1:6.6(30;5)
Father requires growth in grace 150:5.2(1682;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
gland chemistry influences spiritual receptivity 49:5.12(566;7)
God has given us himself that we may be like him 32:4.12(364;2)
inconceivable spiritual difference between Father and man 5:1.1(62;3)
individual mortal is never retarded by universe government 55:11.6(635;8)
intellectual mistakes did not interfere with apostles' s.g. 194:2.9(2061;7)
Jesus' faith destroyed every conflicting desire 196:0.5(2087;5)
Jesus' s.g. resulted from singleness of purpose, unselfish devotion 196:2.7(2093;1)
little to do with planetary material prosperity 110:6.19(1211;4)
modern civilization at standstill in 81:6.25(909;6)
more honor to those who start at bottom 32:3.10(361;5)
mortals cannot fully understand 5:5.6(69;1)
overview 101:6.7(1112;3)
precise definitions limit believer's spiritual imagination 179:5.4-5(1942;3)
problems of spiritual growth 100:4sec(1097;5)
difficulties must be encountered for growth of soul 154:2.5(1719;1)
early arrested if satisfied with slight attainments 101:7.4(1114;2)
foolish to attempt too sudden acceleration of 92:2.4(1004;7)
fringe of conflict must be traversed 159:3.7(1766;3), 160:1.6(1773;3)
impatience is spirit poison 48:7.20(557;4)
no s.g. without psychic conflict, spiritual agitation 100:4.2(1097;6)
overindulgence destructive of 147:5.9(1653;3)
unbalanced s.g. produces fanatical interpretation of spirit leadings 110:6.4(1209;4)
quest for God is endless! 106:7.5-6(1169;4)
result of spiritual growth
12 reactions showing existence of Adjusters 101:3.4-5(1108;3)
bearing fruits of the spirit 5:2.4(64;7)
evidenced by love, ministry, worship 100:1.5,8(1094;7), 100:2.2(1095;6)
experience of divine companionship 5:5.10(69;5)
peace experienced, provided we continue in consecrated living 160:5.10(1782;1)
substantiation of moral values 5:5.9(69;4)
unifies personality by love; yields peace which passes all understanding 5:5.8(69;3), 100:4.3(1097;7)
we can attain same satisfaction in experience with Father as did Jesus 101:6.10(1113;2)
should subject itself to intelligent criticism 5:5.12(69;7), 99:3.7(1088;8)
spiritual forces unerringly seek and attain original levels; carry us along 34:6.4(380;5)
temporal conditions do not inhibit s.g. by soul dedicated to Father 100:1.6(1095;1)
Adjusters allow us to discern other s.i. 5:2.4(64;7)
agencies of Infinite Spirit manage practicalities of our daily lives 5:3.5(66;1)
conspiracy of spirit forces effects our deliverance from matter 34:6.9(381;3)
difficult to be conscious of 5:2.5(65;1)
enhance through group spiritual association 43:8.11(494;10)
Godward urge in Havona is intense and inescapable 14:2.7(155;1)
Life Carriers conspired to lead Andon and Fonta north, once they decided to flee 62:5.9(708;7)
listed 9:2.3-5(100;5), 92:0.2-5(1003;2), 113:4.6(1245;6)
mind-gravity circuit of Infinite Spirit 9:2.3(100;5),. See also gravity: types
Paradise Trinity 34:6.1(380;2)
spirit-gravity of Eternal Son envelopes us 6:5.7(78;3),. See also Eternal Son; gravity: types
superuniverse Master Spirit, through local universe Mother Spirit 16:5.3(191;1), 16:6.2(191;5)
Supreme Being. See Supreme, the
man's threefold endowment of Adjuster, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit 56:3.6(639;6), 194:2.11(2061;9)
many untrammeled lines of force link Urantians directly with Deities 9:2.3(100;5)
operate as one spirit, becoming ministry of Supreme 8:5.4(95;7), 9:2.5(100;7), 34:5.4-7(379;4), 34:6.1-2(380;2)
relationship to free will. See free will
spirit world is real 28:5.21(313;3)
transitions of spirit co-operation always gradual 65:7.7(739;3)
spiritual insight. See also leadings; mysticism; revelation: personal revelation
accrues as consequence of God-revealing Adjuster in hungry mortal mind 101:1.5(1105;2)
achieved independent of sociomoral differentials 5:1.4(63;2)
Adjuster attaches feeling of reality to 102:3.12(1122;8)
connotes choice between truth and error 196:3.10,14(2094;9)
detects harmony in chaos 118:10.19(1306;8)
Discerners of Spirits have inherent 28:5.20(313;2)
discerns spiritual realities 12:8.4(139;7), 112:2.7(1228;6)
divine personality only grasped by 1:6.4(30;3)
endowment of cosmic mind and Adjuster 16:7.1(192;8), 101:3.2(1108;1)
genuine religious reflection 103:5.5(1134;3)
gift of God 101:4.2(1109;4)
inner and spiritual communion 101:1.3(1104;6)
leads directly to unselfish acts of social service 102:3.3(1121;5)
mind of the spirit 6:6.4(78;7)
quality of worship determined by depth of perception 27:7.1(303;5)
seeing God by faith 140:5.13(1574;6)
social leadership transformed by 99:4.2(1089;5)
transcends and supervenes mind consciousness 9:4.2(102;2)
turns defeat into higher determinations 196:3.26(2096;5)
spiritual peace. See peace: spiritual peace
spiritual presence. See God: consciousness of God
by living faith 193:0.3(2052;3)
conversion experience
Adjuster's sudden down-grasp to synchronize with consecrated purpose 100:5.4(1099;2)
so-called conversion usually result of mental conflict, emotional repression 100:5.4-5(1099;2), 103:2.1-2(1130;6)
some stormy, some natural 100:5.3(1099;1), 103:2.1(1130;6)
transformation may occur gradually or suddenly 65:8.6(740;2), 100:2.8(1096;5), 100:5.3(1099;1), 129:4.2(1425;1)
defined as
conscious reception of Spirit of Truth 194:2.10(2061;8)
espousal of Adjuster's leading 34:6.4(380;5)
essential to deliverance from evil 148:4.6,8(1660;5)
necessary to enter kingdom 103:2.1(1130;6), 142:6.4-5(1602;3), 166:3.7(1829;4), 195:10.6(2084;6)
receiving indwelling of God 34:6.7(381;1), 155:6.3(1731;1)
testing process of self-destruction and soul reconstruction 160:5.10(1782;1)
wholehearted choice of spirit guidance 141:6.7(1782;1)
if any man has Jesus within, he is a new creature 100:7.18(1103;6)
impart advanced instruction only after 141:6.4(1592;6)
required to make goals eternal 160:1.14(1774;6)
results in
becoming master of self and its desires 143:2.6,8(1610;1)
becoming truth co-ordinated 155:1.4(1726;1)
love for fellows 142:5.4(1601;4), 146:3.6(1642;2)
power to overcome all doubt 142:5.3(1601;3)
salvation 193:1.2(2053;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
upon disillusionment with pursuits of selfishness 195:9.7(2083;3)

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