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advice regarding resurrection of Jesus 189:0.1-3(2020;1)
arrival 123:2.1(1357;5), 196:1.6(2091;2)
at healing at sundown 145:3.10-11(1633;1)
at Jesus' baptism
Jesus in constant communication with, after 136:2.5(1512;1)
only Jesus saw 136:2.3(1511;2)
Personalized after Jesus' baptism 109:6.4(1200;4), 136:2.3(1511;2)
chief of his kind in Nebadon 109:6.4-6(1200;4), 136:2.3,5(1511;2), 168:2.6(1846;5)
collaborated in creation of Part IV 121:8.1(1341;2), 168:1.2(1844;1)
commanded celestial hosts 136:5.2-4(1516;2), 182:3.8(1969;3), 189:1.11(2022;3), 189:3.4(2024;6)
could not limit Jesus' Creator prerogatives with respect to time 136:5.4(1516;4), 136:7.3(1519;7), 137:4.12(1530;4)
detained Lazarus's Adjuster 168:1.6(1844;5)
Jesus achieved perfect synchrony with 136:2.2(1511;1)
permitted water to be turned into wine 137:4.12-14(1530;4)
present after crucifixion 188:3.4,7(2014;7)
previously served with Machiventa Melchizedek 109:6.4(1200;4), 123:2.1(1357;5), 136:2.2(1511;1)
at baptism of Jesus 135:8.6(1504;4), 135:9.7(1505;7), 136:2.3-5(1511;2)
at transfiguration from silvery cloud 158:1.10(1753;6), 158:3.4(1755;4)
in Gethsemane 174:5.10(1904;1)
on Mount Hermon 136:5.3-4(1516;3)
administered directly from Divinington 108:3.1(1188;3)
arrival 108:1-2secs)
Adjuster has full data respecting candidate prior to volunteering 108:1.2-7(1185;4)
assigned when children make first moral decision 103:2.5(1131;4), 108:2.1(1186;8), 133:6.5(1478;4)
conditions associated with arrival prior to Spirit of Truth 20:5.3(227;6), 108:2.5-11(1187;4)
creature's sex of no consideration in assignment 108:1.7(1186;5)
guardian seraphim arrive with planet's first Adjusters 49:6.4(568;7)
human personality antecedent to Adjuster's arrival 16:8.3(194;3)
increasingly bestowed upon post-Adamic men 52:3.2(593;1)
of Jesus' 123:2.1(1357;5), 196:1.6(2091;2)
reach human subjects just prior to 6th birthday 108:2.1(1186;8)
selection and assignment 108:1sec(1185;3)
sent to all mortals after bestowal Son's visitation 52:5.6(596;4), 120:2.6(1328;3), 146:3.6(1642;2)
sent to all normal morally conscious mortals 5:0.1(62;1)
sent without announcement or explanation 2:1.7(34;6)
Spirit of Truth prepares for planetary reception 34:5.5(379;5), 120:2.6(1328;3), 194:2.3(2061;1)
Supreme Being sometimes causes bestowal on non-fusion worlds 108:2.11(1188;2)
avail themselves of reflectivity service 17:3.9(201;7)
better adapted secondary midwayers able to attain contact with 114:7.6(1258;1)
communicate with Father by prepersonal circuits; spirit-gravity circuits 5:3.2(65;4), 15:9.6(177;5)
divine presence most fully discovered in communion with 5:2.3-4(64;6)
do not leave during transit sleeps between mansion worlds 47:4.4(534;8)
fusion with 112:7sec(1237;3),. See also fusion: Adjuster fusion
great days in individual careers 110:6.22(1212;1)
Adjuster of human being through whom Urantia Papers given 110:5.7(1208;6)
Adjuster of Melchizedek and Jesus only one ever to serve twice on Urantia 93:2.7(1016;1), 109:4.6(1199;1)
Andon and Fonta made decisions which enabled Adjusters to indwell 63:1.4(711;7), 63:6.9(717;1), 65:4.9(735;8)
assembled Andonic counterparts for Prince's staff 66:2.7(742;7)
Brahman philosophy very near realization of 94:3.6(1030;6)
came in great numbers in days of Onagar 63:6.9(717;1)
clear Buddhist teaching of 94:11.5(1039;4)
empowered Amadon to be loyal in rebellion 67:3.7(756;8)
indwelt Cain when he sought divine assistance 76:2.8(849;2)
Jesus achieved perfect synchrony with 136:2.2(1511;1)
many great leaders exerted influence because of previous experience of their T.A. 109:4.3(1198;6)
one of most useful T.A. on Urantia previously indwelt 15 minds in Orvonton 109:4.5(1198;8)
plea to human subject 110:7.10(1213;5)
human subjects often known by numbers of their T.A. 108:3.3(1188;5)
if withdrawn, Urantia would return to barbarism 109:4.4(1198;7)
known as
by name on Divinington 107:3.7(1180;3)
difficulty finding appropriate name for 108:5.7(1192;2)
divine spark, spark of infinity, immortal germ 4:4.9(59;5), 111:6.1(1221;8), 132:3.6(1459;6)
fragment of infinity 3:4.7(50;5)
Mystery Monitors 16:3.2(186;6), 50:1.1(572;3), 52:3.2(593;1), 52:4.7(595;2)
Thought Adjusters, when subjects are age 20 to 40 107:0.7(1177;1)
Thought Changers, until age 20 107:0.7(1177;1)
Thought Controllers, after 40 107:0.7(1177;1)
true lights which light every man 40:5.16(447;4), 52:1.7(590;3), 101:0.3(1104;3), 113:6.2(1246;6)
Master Spirit #1 is close associate of chief of 16:3.2(186;6)
mission and function of Thought Adjusters
Adjuster's problem 111:7sec(1223;3)
lure subjects upward toward future and better life 108:4.2(1190;3)
always participate in conflicts between what really is right or wrong 108:5.9(1192;4)
always waiting to act decisively in accordance with human choice 107:7.3(1183;5), 108:5.8(1192;3), 110:2.2(1204;6), 110:3.1(1205;5)
attach feeling of reality to man's spiritual insight 102:3.12(1122;8)
bring along ideal plan for mortal career 110:2.1(1204;5)
build spiritual counterparts of mortal careers, spiritually significant events 40:9.4(450;6), 47:4.5(535;1), 108:6.5(1193;4), 110:2.3-4(1205;1)
carry away everything of survival value from nonsurvivors 2:3.4(37;2), 109:6.2(1200;2)
combine and spiritize human idea-decisions 101:6.7(1112;3)
combine operations with Spirit of Truth 101:1.3(1104;6)
concerned to make life reasonably difficult, so as to stimulate decisions 108:5.5(1191;6)
create capacity for reciprocal contact with divinity 52:1.7(590;3)
create hunger and thirst for righteousness, craving for perfection 1:2.3(24;1), 101:2.12(1107;4), 102:1.6(1119;5), 107:0.5(1176;5)
deeply interested in subjects' temporal welfare and achievements 110:1.3-4(1204;1), 110:3.1(1205;5)
during sleep, sometimes arrest mental currents; effect deep spiritual transformations 109:5.1(1199;2), 110:5.3-5(1208;2)
equal partners with human mind in fostering soul 5:5.13(69;8), 30:1.16(333;2), 107:0.3(1176;3), 108:5.4(1191;5), 108:6.6(1193;5), 109:1.4(1196;1)
exceptionally efficient while subjects are in seraphic transport 39:2.11(430;7)
facilitate human communication 109:4.1-3(1198;4)
Father draws nearest to mortals by 2:5.6(39;5), 12:7.13(139;2), 40:5.3(445;4)
gain experience indwelling primitive mortals 40:5.7(446;1)
go through experiences as a part of us as us 44:0.12(498;7)
indwell midwayers in light and life 55:4.6(627;4)
indwell mind, not physical brain 34:5.6(379;6), 110:1.1(1203;3), 133:3.7(1472;6)
lead man to, and conduct, worship 5:3.7-8(66;3), 146:2.17(1641;1), 146:3.6(1642;2)
least active when seraphim are most active 113:4.5(1245;5)
make contact in spiritualized thinking, not by feelings or emotions 101:1.3(1104;6), 110:4.3(1207;3)
make discernible other spiritual influences 5:2.4(64;7)
manipulate but never dominate man's mind against his will 66:8.6(753;2), 110:2.1-2(1204;5), 111:1.8(1217;3)
not much concerned with affairs of temporal life 108:5.5-6(1191;6), 109:0.1(1195;1)
only evolutionary will creatures are indwelt by T.A. 107:7.7(1184;2)
overcome human limitations 4:4.9(59;5)
participate in every temporal struggle 118:1.10(1296;2)
place slight preference upon altruistic impulses 103:2.7(1131;6)
possess transcripts of sleeping survivor's spiritized mind, memory, and personality 30:4.8(341;5), 47:3.3(533;1), 112:3.5(1230;3)
receive and translate continuous stream of spiritual intelligences to material mind 108:5.1(1191;2), 110:4.1(1207;1)
register subjects' adoration in presence of Father 5:3.2(65;4)
relation to other spiritual influences 8:5.4(95;7), 101:1.3(1104;6), 108:4sec(1190;2)
relation to planetary mortal types 40:5.5-8(445;6), 49:5.7(566;2), 109:3sec(1197;3)
released if subjects finally reject survival, or if their brains are irreparably damaged 112:3.2-3(1229;9)
repeatedly indwell mortals until one survives 40:4.1(444;4)
retain duplicates of entire life's experiences 44:0.12(498;7)
retain spirit elements of nonsurviving mortals; Spirit-fusion subjects 16:9.3(195;5), 40:9.4(450;6), 47:3.4(533;2), 196:3.32(533;2)
serve as temporary guides for mortals destined for Son fusion or Spirit fusion; build up souls 37:5.1-3(410;4), 40:8.2(449;5), 40:9.2(450;4)
Seven Master Spirits have no involvement with 16:4.16(190;10)
some indwell Paradise Sons on bestowal missions 20:4.3(227;1)
somehow register hope and trust 101:2.4(1106;3)
sometimes detached for contact with superhuman intelligences 48:6.12(553;4), 77:7.5(863;6)
T.A. are identity of sleeping survivors 49:6.11(569;6), 113:6.5(1247;3)
temporary indwelling for primitives 52:1.6(590;2)
to be Father to mortals, elevate mortals to perfection 108:0.1(1185;1), 145:2.9(1630;5)
translate sense of duty into faith in revelation; transmute God-fear into God-love 86:7.6(957;2), 102:1.1(1118;4)
unify evolving creatures with God on Paradise 116:3.4(1271;2)
mortal co-operation with Adjusters
absolute oneness achieved only in eternity 110:7.4(1212;5)
Adjuster-expression is manifestation of mortal's real and better self 195:7.5(2078;8)
agreement to survive is mortal's 1st jubilee 27:7.8(305;1)
all who yield to T.A. eventually come to Jesus 153:2.11(1711;3)
approach Adjusters through living faith, sincere worship, wholehearted and unselfish prayer 100:5.7(1099;5)
augment harmony with T.A. by loving God, serving man, living by highest values, accepting cosmic citizenship 110:3.6-10(1206;4)
contact facilitated by loving service 91:7.1(1000;2)
do not look to Adjuster for selfish consolation 108:5.6(1192;1)
evidences of Adjuster's indwelling 196:3.6-13(2094;5)
faith-insight is an Adjuster endowment 101:3.2(1108;1)
faith releases Adjuster's superhuman activities 132:3.6(1459;6)
God's presence determined by degree of co-operation 3:1.10-12(46;2)
impulse of altruism, mercy towards the weak and needy, derives from 26:11.5(297;2), 103:2.10(1131;9), 103:5.1,3(1133;6)
inescapable death results when self-concepts fully displace Adjuster governance 12:9.6(142;1)
is ceasing to resist our steadfast faith 110:3.2(1205;6)
man can evolve moral insight because of indwelling Adjuster 95:3.2(1045;5)
man coheres in Father through Adjuster 2:7.7(42;8)
material handicaps to T.A. 's work 109:5sec(1199;2), 110:4.1,5(1207;1), 110:7.6(1213;1)
may be unconscious 34:5.4(379;4)
mind endowed with Holy Spirit has capacity to choose T.A. 34:5.4(379;4)
mortal consciousness of Adjuster based on perceptions of truth and goodness; motivation to love 103:7.14(1139;6)
mortal free will affords channel for liberation of Adjuster's divine and infinite nature 112:7.10(1238;5)
permit Adjusters to fight with us and for us 111:7.2(1223;4)
personality attainment is identification with 132:2.5(1458;2)
realizing presence of Adjuster lifts man out of and beyond himself 103:5.9(1134;7)
spiritual status is measure of attunement with 100:2.5(1096;2)
survival attested to by Adjuster's answer at dispensational roll call 113:6.8(1247;6)
survival dependent on choosing values selected by T.A. 132:2.2-3(1457;5), 196:3.14(2095;1)
T.A. is man's infallible cosmic compass 107:0.3,6(1176;3), 107:4.3(1180;6)
T.A. is pilot, mind is ship, will is captain 111:1.9(1217;4)
T.A. augment qualitative manifestation of personality 16:8.3(194;3)
T.A. indwell men subject to human will 111:5.3(1221;4)
T.A. possessing special previous experience are source of mortal ability 44:8.1-2(507;6)
union with Adjuster confers eternal life 40:7sec(448;8)
we can be more certain of T.A. than of reality of our fellows 16:9.4(195;6)
we should cherish Adjusters more affectionately 110:1.2(1203;4)
mortal communication with Adjusters
Adjuster influence is for the most part a superconscious experience 110:5.5(1208;4), 133:4.9-10(1475;2)
Adjusters constantly communicate with human subjects 108:6.7(1193;6), 109:5.2(1199;3), 110:1.1-2(1203;3), 110:3.1(1205;5), 110:4.1(1207;1), 110:5.6(1208;5), 110:7.9(1213;4)
Adjusters register picturizations of destiny with augmenting vividness and conviction 110:6.5(1209;5)
apparent voice of Adjuster is usually an emanation of intellect 110:3.1(1205;5), 110:4.1-6(1207;1), 110:5.6(1208;5)
challenge is to achieve better communication with T.A. 196:3.31(2097;2)
difficult for T.A. to engage in direct communication with material mind 101:1.2(1104;5),
direct and immediate communication upon attaining 1st psychic circle 110:6.15,22(1210;10)
erroneous concepts of Adjuster guidance 110:5sec(1207;7)
ever-present possibility of immediate communion 5:1.3(63;1), 9:2.5(100;7)
heed Adjuster's distant echo 111:7.2(1223;4)
human mind almost deaf to 110:7.6,8(1213;1)
improved in light and life 55:6.4(630;7)
in supreme decision, mortals may hear direct voice of 109:5.2-3(1199;3), 110:7.9(1213;4)
lack of consciousness of contact does not disprove 5:2.4(64;7)
little can be done when men shut off appeal of 149:3.2(1672;5)
no intermediaries with human subjects 108:2.4(1187;3), 108:4.1(1190;2)
prayer attains contact with 91:2.6(996;4), 91:6.7(1000;1)
sometimes possible to hear divine voice within 109:5.2(1199;3)
soul capable of experiencing presence of 5:2.5(65;1)
superconscious is zone of immediate contact 100:5.6(1099;4)
survivors discern Adjusters mind-to-mind on mansion worlds 110:7.7(1213;2), 113:7.1(1248;2)
T.A. have no special mechanism for self-expression 101:1.2(1104;5)
T.A. rejoice to make contact with mortal mind 110:7.7(1213;2)
when intellectual development proceeds faster than spiritual, communication dangerous 110:6.4(1209;4)
mystery of divine indwelling 1:4.1,3(26;3), 124:6.17(1376;3)
nature of Adjusters
absolute foundations upon which finaliter nature can be evolved 116:3.4(1271;2)
actual fragment of highest and eternal reality, the original Father 5:0.1(62;1), 5:6.7(71;2), 8:5.2(95;5), 42:11.1(481;5), 117:3.9(1282;4)
actuality of Father's love incarnate in souls of men 2:5.10(40;2), 107:0.2(1176;2), 107:6.2(1182;4), 108:6.3(1193;2), 110:0.2(1203;2), 120:3.9(1330;4), 136:2.5(1512;1), 194:2.12(2062;1), 196:3.18(2095;5)
Adjusters are one with, of us, as finaliters 40:7.3(449;1), 110:7.4(1212;5)
always subservient to human will 110:2.1-3(1204;5)
are of God, from God, and are God 32:4.5(363;3), 48:1.6(542;3), 107:0.6(1176;6), 107:1.2,5(1177;3), 108:4.2(1190;3), 111:1.4(1216;5)
are to humans what Trinity is to Supreme Being 116:3.4(1271;2)
are uniform in nature and divinity; function interchangeably 5:1.5(63;3), 16:8.3(194;3), 107:2.2(1178;3), 108:1.1(1185;3), 108:3.1(1188;3)
can plan, work, and love 107:5.2(1181;5)
carry valid proof of their existence 1:2.3(24;1), 1:6.4(30;3)
constitute a reservation by Father for direct and unlimited action and communication 3:1.6,9(45;4), 10:3.15(111;13), 107:7.6(1184;1), 108:4.1(1190;2)
cosmic windows by which we faith-glimpse Father 103:0.1(1129;1)
divine pledge of future full spiritual stabilization 112:7.10(1238;5)
do all their work upon intellectual foundation 111:1.1(1216;2)
do not require energy intake they are energy 107:6.4,7(1182;6)
enjoy equivalent of human thinking, prepersonal will 6:6.3(78;6), 107:5.2(1181;5), 107:7.3-4(1183;5)
entirely outside mind circuits of Infinite Spirit 6:6.3(78;6)
essence of man's eternal nature 113:4.2(1245;2)
evil spirits are servile before 53:8.7(610;3)
exude flavor of divinity 103:1.6(1130;5)
factors of pure energy are present 107:6.4(1182;6)
fragmentations of Father on prepersonal absolute level prior to energy-spirit divergence 0:5.9(8;9), 1:3.6(25;6), 1:5.10(28;7), 2:1.11(35;4), 5:6.5-7(70;6), 16:8.9(195;2), 30:1.16-17(333;2), 32:4.5(363;3), 34:5.6(379;6), 40:4.2(445;1), 40:6.8(448;7), 49:6.5(568;8), 56:3.2(639;2), 103:1.6(1130;5), 107:1.2(1177;3), 107:4.7(1181;3), 107:5.1-3(1181;4), 107:6.6(1183;1), 107:7sec(1183;3), 108:3.9(1189;5), 109:4.2(1198;5)
free gifts by Father 1:2.5(24;3)
greatest evidence of love of God 2:5.5,10(39;4)
have affection for mortals 107:7.3(1183;5)
have solitary and exclusive function; comparatively isolated 6:4.5(76;5), 32:4.6(363;4), 108:4.2(1190;3)
heavenly helpers, tireless toilers 110:1.2(1203;4)
image of God in man 1:3.1-2(25;1), 10:3.1(110;7)
in perfect synchrony with all spirit ministries 108:4.3(1190;4)
indestructible regardless of mortal survival 117:4.3(1283;5)
lonely for our companionship 107:6.2(1182;4)
man is T.A. 's personality possibility 107:6.2(1182;4), 110:2.5(1205;3)
more experienced Adjusters indwell higher minds 108:1.1(1185;3)
mortals' path to Paradise 5:6.5-7(70;6), 40:10.2(452;2), 56:4.1(639;7), 108:5.1(1191;2), 112:5.3(1232;4)
mortals' power, privilege, possibility of survival 108:6.4(1193;3)
no limit to numbers of T.A. 2:1.7(34;6), 3:4.4(50;2)
nonpersonalized Adjusters visible only to Personalized Adjusters 107:4.4(1180;7)
nonprogressive attitudes cannot last long because of presence of 196:3.14(2095;1)
nonsurvival of mortal wards never due to neglect of 40:4.1(444;4), 107:4.3(1180;6), 108:5.3(1191;4), 109:6.1(1200;1), 110:3.3(1206;1), 110:4.4(1207;4)
not identifiable apart from mortal after spirit level 107:5.5(1182;1)
numbers stricken from records after fusion 108:3.2(1188;4), 112:7.13(1239;2)
perfect guides 112:0.1(1225;1)
pledge of eternal life for seeking souls132:3.9(1460;2)
predictions of man's future universe attainments 117:7.6(1291;10)
realest and deepest thing in human minds 101:1.7(1105;4)
respond to spiritual appeal of gospel 152:6.4(1705;4)
secret of Divinington 13:1.5-6(144;5)
seek for divine unification; will return to Father 2:7.7(42;8), 149:6.9(1676;3)
standard of personality survival 132:2.2(1457;5)
T.A. 's prepersonal will attains personality expression through our decisions 110:2.5(1205;3)
tormented by sordid and selfish thoughts 3:1.5(45;3), 108:6.2(1193;1)
training of tremendous scope 107:3.6(1180;2), 109:0.1(1195;1), 109:1.1(1195;2)
travel over instantaneous gravity circuits 107:6.4-6(1182;6)
unlimited ability to communicate with each other 107:5.2(1181;5)
will always be revealing wonder of God 107:4.7(1181;3), 117:6.18(1290;4)
will of God abroad in universes 1:3.6(25;6), 10:3.15(111;13), 32:3.4-9(360;6)
without form until after fusion 42:12.3(483;3)
no communication with attending seraphim 113:4.5(1245;5), 113:5.1(1245;7)
not examined when subjects fail to survive 108:5.10(1192;5)
organization and administration 108:3sec(1188;3)
origin 107:1sec(1177;2)
pass into realization of identity transition before rejoining resurrected subjects 112:4.6(1232;1)
proceed to Father upon death of subject 39:2.13(431;2)
serve on Divinington after subjects' deaths until resurrection 40:4.1(444;4), 40:9.2(450;4), 49:6.5(568;8), 112:4sec(1231;1), 112:4.4(1231;4)
Solitary Messengers and Inspired Trinity Spirits can detect presence of 23:1.9(257;4), 107:4.4(1180;7), 108:3.9(1189;5)
spiritual beings must humanize to receive 55:4.22,28(629;3)
types of Adjusters 107:1.3(1177;4), 107:2sec(1178;2)
1. virgin Adjusters
elaborate training and development 109:0.1(1195;1), 109:1.1(1195;2)
less ability to communicate with fellows 107:5.2(1181;5)
often indwell series 2 mortals or on primitive series 1 planets 40:5.10(446;4), 109:3.2,8(1197;4)
seldom assigned to persons of unquestioned survival capacity 109:3.6,8(1198;1)
serve on primitive worlds, series 1 planets 109:3.2,8(1197;4)
serving initial assignment 107:2.2(1178;3)
2. advanced Adjusters
have served on non-Adjuster-fusion worlds 107:2.3(1178;4)
3. supreme Adjusters
can leave human body at will 109:2.10(1197;1)
in quarantine, interplanetary communication can be had by liaison of 108:4.4(1190;5), 109:2.9(1196;11)
previous human partners declined survival 107:2.4(1178;5)
4. vanished Adjusters
Monitors on detached assignments or with Father 107:2.5(1178;6)
5. liberated Adjusters
eternally liberated from service of time 107:1.3(1177;4), 107:2.1,6(1178;2)
6. fused Adjusters 109:3.1(1197;3),. See also fusion
have become one with ascending creatures 107:2.7(1179;1)
7. Personalized Adjusters. See also Personalized Adjusters
have served with incarnated Paradise Sons or otherwise achieved distinction 40:4sec(444;4), 107:2.8(1179;2)
types of Adjusters, other classifications
detached Adjusters
Adjusters of Caligastia 100 were detached 66:4.9(744;8)
liaison Adjusters
Adjusters gain experience on loan planets 110:7.3(1212;4)
loaned for subjects' temporal lifetimes 109:3.1,3(1197;3)
self-acting Adjusters 109:2sec(1196;3)
can leave human body at will 109:2.6,10(1196;8)
communicate with fellows in other realms 109:2.9(1196;11)
fewer mortals function safely with 110:4.6(1207;6)
have marked degree of will in all matters not involving subjects' personalities 109:2.8(1196;10)
have served in time of crisis 109:2.7(1196;9)
in quarantine, interplanetary communication can be had by liaison of 108:4.4(1190;5), 109:2.9(1196;11)
progress to self-acting status independent of subject's co-operation 110:6.2(1209;2)
reservists have self-acting T.A. 114:7.2(1257;2)
subjects achieved 3rd psychic circle; made supreme decision; are reservists 109:2.3-5(1196;5), 110:6.22(1212;1)

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