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disease regarded as 90:3.8(990;3)
art. See also beauty; sculpture
angels enjoy our real a. 38:2.1(419;1)
charm of a. consists in harmony of its unity 2:7.8(43;1)
civilization in danger when youth neglect 111:4.4(1220;3)
fine arts thrive best in cities 68:6.5(770;2)
gallery on Jerusem 46:5.23(526;5)
history of art
Andite contribution 78:5.8(873;4)
burial statues improved Egyptian 95:2.4-5(1044;3)
commandment against making images retarded 88:2.5-6(969;3)
Cro-Magnons were artists 80:3.7(892;1)
Jews' prejudice against images 96:5.5(1058;3), 142:3.12(1599;4), 185:1.3(1988;2)
religion is mother of a. 5:5.5(68;7)
sculpture originated in idol making 92:3.6(1006;3)
teachings of Prince's staff 66:5.23-27(748;4)
is mortal morontia 195:7.15(2079;10), 196:3.27(2096;6)
Jesus' appreciation of 142:4.2-3(1600;3)
morontia and spirit worlds enjoy 44:0.2(497;2)
requires social arena wherein to gratify vanity 68:2.10(765;7)
unification of contrasts 56:10.3-4(646;4)
cannot elevate soul or nourish spirit 84:8.4(942;5)
dangerous only when blind to spirit standards 195:7.16(2080;1)
foreshadows higher universe reality 48:7.23(557;7)
inveigles man to contemplate spiritual reality 5:4.4(67;2)
religious only when diffused with spiritual purpose 101:9.4(1115;5)
spiritual communion not promoted by ostentatious 167:6.6(1840;5)
mastery of problem solving 160:1.7(1773;4)
Rodan's philosophy 160:2sec(1775;2)
perpetuation of fertility goddess; temple in Ephesus 133:6.1(1477;8)
designers and embellishers of celestial artisans 44:6.6(506;7)
Aryans. See also Andites
33 deities 94:1.2-3(1027;3)
Andite Vedic conquerors of India ca. 2500 B.C.; from Turkestan 78:5.6(873;2), 79:4sec(882;1), 94:1.1(1027;2)
little racial impression except in north India 79:2.2(879;8), 79:4.3(882;3)
met undoing in failure to complete conquest of India 79:4.2(882;2)
used caste system to save racial identity 79:4.5,6,9(882;5), 94:2.1-2(1028;4)
Andites were pre-Aryan 78:4.4(872;2)
Hellenic invaders of Greece; destroyed Salem teachings 98:1.2(1077;6)
language of A. gave similarity to Occidental tongues 78:5.3(872;7)
migration into Levant and India 78:6.3(873;7), 79:1.6(879;3)
semidemocratic 79:4.5(882;5)
Sumerian language had much in common with Aryan 77:4.7(860;2)
ascending mortals. See also fusion: Adjuster fusion; mortals
6 stages of spirit existence; postulated 7th stage 31:3.3-6(347;6), 106:2.8(1165;5), 117:5.3(1286;1)
7 career stages 30:4sec(340;3)
7 jubilees of ascension career 27:7.8(305;1)
able to recognize beings from previous levels 44:0.11-12(498;6)
as ascending sons of God 40:5-7secs)
as finaliters 31:3sec(347;4)
become less subject to material gravity 7:3.2(84;2)
citizens of Paradise 30:2.19(337;3)
evolve to status of true spirits on Salvington 43:9.2(495;4)
extended vision range made possible by Adjusters 44:0.11-12(498;6)
failure in Deity adventure remands to superuniverses 25:8.9(284;2), 26:3.9(289;2), 26:8.3-5(294;2), 26:10.2-4(295;4)
forever stamped with character of superuniverse Master Spirit 16:5sec(190;11), 25:2.4(275;4), 26:2.5(287;4)
fraternize with 3000 orders of Paradise Citizens 27:2.3(300;3)
Grandfanda was first to attain Havona 24:6.4-8(270;2)
in personality registers 30:1.9(331;5), 30:2.8,26(335;6)
Jesus' spiritual progression as an a.m. 196:2.2(2091;4)
keep memories of all previous existences 47:4.4-5(534;8), 48:4.20(550;1)
Master Spirit #7 is director of 16:3.14,18-19)
may become
celestial artisans 44:0.4(497;4)
Celestial Overseers 37:6.7(413;1)
evangels of destiny 35:3.14(388;8)
finaliters Paper 31 (345;1),)
Mighty Messengers 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2sec(245;1)
Technical Advisers (temporary members) 25:4.2,4-5)
Those High in Authority 15:10.5(178;5), 22:3sec(246;2)
Those without Name or Number 15:10.5(178;5), 22:4sec(246;6)
may someday attain God as absolute 107:1.6(1177;7)
Michael's bestowal as Eventod on Uversa 119:5sec(1314;4)
mortal associates often remain together 22:2.6(245;6), 25:8.5-7,11)
mother influence dominates throughout local universe 117:6.5(1288;4)
new fused being is of eternal past, eternal future 110:7.4(1212;5)
no limit to spiritual ascent 32:3.8-10(361;3), 107:4.7(1181;3)
not deprived of Spirit of Truth beyond local universe 117:5.9(1286;7)
of Jerusem citizens, none lost in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.10,12(608;6)
ascending mortals pass through
all 10 superuniverse major sectors 18:4.9(211;5)
Ascendington 13:1.21(147;2)
only 1 minor sector 18:5.5(212;2)
progression of survivors from Urantia 14:5.1(158;4), 31:10.13(354;6)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.11,20(525;1)
residential area on Edentia 43:1.9(486;8)
swing around superuniverses many times 5:1.9(63;7)
probable destiny 31:3.2-8(347;5)
receive spirit confirmation from Creator Son and Mother Spirit before leaving local universe 30:4.14(342;4)
satisfactions afforded by Havona 14:6.34-37(162;12)
service in constellation legislatures 43:2.5(487;7)
stages of existence 30:4sec(340;3), 31:3.4(348;1)
1. planetary mortals. See mortals
8. finaliters q.v.
mortals denominated ascending sons after fusion 30:3.13(340;2), 30:4.1(340;3), 40:6.1(447;5), 40:7.2(448;9)
study Supremacy in Havona 16:3.18(188;6), 117:6.13(1289;6)
threefold spirit endowment when fused 56:3.5(639;5)
trained to administer universes 30:4.17,23(342;7), 31:3.2(347;5)
trained to limits of capacity 31:3.7-8(348;4)
surviving mortals accredited for Paradise ascent 30:3.1(338;5)
bosom of Father, Son, and Spirit 13:1.21(147;2), 13:2.4(148;3)
finaliters' home address 13:0.6(143;6), 13:1.21(147;2), 13:2.1-2(147;5)
mortals may visit A. upon attaining Havona 13:2.6(148;5)
outer spacers' Paradise home world 13:2.2(148;1)
pilgrims' Havona "vacations" spent on 13:1.21(147;2)
secrets of A. are evolution of soul, fusion 13:1.22(147;3), 112:7.2(1237;4)
after mortal life, time no longer available to dodge disagreeable obligations 48:5.8(551;3)
all spirits are devoted to 77:9.12(867;3)
described as
bringing God down to man and in partnership carrying man to God and to eternal service 77:9.12(867;3)
elevation and perfection of mortals 7:4.1(85;2), 113:0.1(1241;1)
graduated opportunity to master universe administration 48:8.2(557;17)
helping those just behind 35:4.1(388;10), 37:10.5(416;5), 55:2.11(624;5), 30:3.9(339;6)
privilege of participating in creating own destiny 54:2.4(615;1)
divine perfection plans 7:4sec(85;2)
Eternal Son is trustee of 7:4.7(86;1)
Eternal Son's spirit-gravity pull is secret of 7:3.2(84;2)
Father bestowed Adjusters, personality; Son bestowed Creator Sons; Spirit gave mercy ministry of angels 7:4.4-6(85;5)
harmony of Uversa testifies to wisdom of 15:11.3(180;1)
Infinite Spirit has devoted all to 8:3.5(93;7)
no ascender deprived of aught essential 55:2.12(624;6)
no short cuts; lessons of each sphere must be mastered before proceeding to next 48:5.7(551;2)
one of chief businesses of universe 4:0.3(54;3), 48:8.3(558;1)
that some mortals cannot fuse is not a flaw in a.p. 40:10.3-4(452;3)
wisdom of ascension plan revealed
by worlds in light and life 55:6.9(631;5)
by performance of Amadon 67:8.5(762;4)
in that no fused mortals fell in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.10,12(608;6)
ascetics teach reverence 191:5.3(2043;1)
be not colorless ascetics 178:1.14(1931;5)
church became ascetic in dark ages 195:4.1(2074;7)
evolution of concept of sacrifice 89:4.1(977;3)
Gautama detracted from seeking salvation through 94:7.2(1035;2)
Jesus came to destroy notion of 136:3.3(1512;7)
Ashdod 134:7.4(1492;4)
ancient city of Adonia located near 79:1.4(879;1)
Aden preached at 159:2.1(1764;3)
Ishtar cult in Palestine 95:1.7(1043;2)
Assyrian god 97:6.2(1067;5)

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