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Adamites far more resistant to 76:4.7(851;5)
always works out for welfare and progress 10:7.5-6(115;7)
biological aspects
cooking food avoids sickness 66:5.18(747;8)
healing chemicals in treatment of injuries 65:4.5(735;4)
human cells akin to disease-producing organisms 76:4.7(851;5)
most disease-causing bacteria are renegade parasitic fungi 65:2.3(732;1), 65:5.2(736;5)
bloodletting once believed cure for 70:2.5(786;1)
faith exhibits inexplicable poise notwithstanding 101:3.4(1108;3)
faith in treatment is powerful remedy 90:4.1-2(990;6)
Father works to improve our earthly state 147:3.3(1649;3)
great handicap confronting Urantia 55:3.14(626;3)
isolation of sick prevented contagion 90:3.4(989;6)
mastered in bestowal Son era 52:5.9(596;7)
material and spiritual treatment 148:2.1(1658;4)
nonscientific treatment of 90:4.2(991;1)
occurred as physical, mental, and emotional affliction, and demon possession 141:4.4(1590;7), 147:3.3(1649;3), 166:4.10(1831;1)
pain is an inevitability 3:5.14(51;13)
primitives believed disease
cured by porous rocks 85:1.4(945;2)
diagnosed by animal entrails 90:4.3(991;2)
produced by magic; the enemy 86:3.3(952;5), 90:3.7(990;2)
punishment for sin, personal or racial 90:3.8(990;3)
shamanic theories 90:2.1(987;5), 90:3sec(989;3)
treated by chanting, howling, laying on hands, breathing on patient 90:4.4-5(991;3)
results from natural causes 90:3.9(990;4)
sick segregated at Bethsaida hospital 148:0.1(1657;1)
types named. See coma; dropsy; epileptics; lepers; malaria
woman with spirit of infirmity 167:3.1-2(1835;5)
through indecision, indifference, devotion to godless ideals 89:10.2(984;5)
to confiding friends is most destructive of personality status 67:1.3(754;4)
dispensations. See planetary epochs; revelation: epochal revelations
can induce mystic state 100:5.10(1100;1)
avoid loss of time through trivialities 163:4.5(1805;2)
do not necessarily signify resistance to Adjuster 110:3.5(1206;3)
escaping present duty by running to far-off enticements 130:1.2(1428;2)
avoided distracting details 159:5.14(1771;1)
refused to have attention diverted by 140:8.9(1580;4)
wasted little time on trifles 134:9.7(1495;4)
Dium 159:0.2(1762;2)
differences between men and women highly beneficial 84:6.5-6(938;9)
from operation of differentials, variables, modifiers, attenuators, qualifiers, and diminishers 104:3.4(1146;6)
infinity is d. without end or limit 115:3.4(1262;1)
racial diversity
competition healthfully stimulated by d. 64:6.31-33(726;3)
provide otherwise unattainable expression of diverse human potentials 51:4.4(584;6)
tolerance of diversity
each apostle taught his own view of gospel 148:1.2(1658;1)
forbid not strange preacher 159:2.1(1764;3)
Jesus allowed Kirmeth freedom of action 148:8.3(1666;2)
refrain from trying to mold believers according to some set pattern 140:8.26(1582;7)
religion of spirit permits diversity of belief 141:5.2(1591;4), 155:6.9(1732;2)
unity not uniformity 134:4.6(1487;3), 182:1.6,8(1964;3), 195:10.11(2085;3)
unity underlies creative d. 56:0.2(637;2)
without d., no basis to formulate concepts 115:3.2-3(1261;6)
Nazarite parable of Lazarus and 169:3sec(1854;5)
attempt to avoid trouble 87:5.11(963;6)
divining rod is relic of ancient tree cults 85:2.5(946;1)
interpreted spirit messages 87:5.9(963;4)
superstition of ignorant minds 150:3.8(1681;3)
celestial artisans, types 44:3sec(501;11)
21 billion in service; fixed numbers 15:10.4(178;4), 19:0.2(214;2), 19:3.1(216;5)
109 days required for trip from Uversa to Urantia 19:7.4(222;5)
co-ordinates are Perfectors of Wisdom and Universal Censors 19:2.2(215;11)
Counselor knows whereof he speaks 1:7.9(32;1), 6:8.8(80;5)
Hearts of Counsel, Joys of Existence, Satisfactions of Service are reflective associates 19:3.2-4(217;1), 28:3.1(307;3), 28:5.4,15-18)
High Son Assistants serve as clerks for 22:10.1(253;3)
in personality registers 30:1.4(330;6), 30:2.5(335;3)
perplexed regarding Absolutes (4:1.7 8)
preside over some superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2)
represent "I will be" of judgment 19:4.4(218;2)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6)
as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7)
harmonize versions of wisdom 28:5.9(311;1)
on major sectors 18:4.4(210;7)
serve superuniverse governments, courts (15:10.3 5)
train Celestial Recorders on Uversa 25:6.1(281;6)
wrote Foreword, Papers 1-9, 17-19, 23, 24, 31) 0:12.13(17;3), 1:7.9(32;1), 2:7.13(43;6), 3:6.9(53;7), 4:5.8(61;1), 5:6.14(72;2), 6:8.9(80;6), 7:7.7(89;6), 8:6.8(97;2), 9:8.18(107;8), 17:8.10(206;5), 18:7.6(213;8), 19:7.6(222;7), 23:4.7(263;3), 24:7.10(272;1), 31:10.15(354;8),
testimonies by 1:3.8(26;2), 1:7.9(32;1)
Trinity-origin beings; are counsel of Deity to superuniverses 15:10.4(178;4), 19:3.1,6(216;5)
with associates, are highest source of truth on evolutionary planets 1:7.9(32;1), 19:2.6(216;4)
with associates, form highest mobile advisory body 19:2.4(216;2), 19:3.4-7(217;3)
almost visible to mortals 25:2.8(276;1)
assume role of mercy-justice interpreter from minor sectors on; become commissions' physical voices 25:3.11-13(278;2)
cf: Solitary Messengers may function as d.e. for high tribunals 23:2.10(259;3)
divested of retributive power at superuniverse level 25:3.11,13(278;2)
executioners of Ancients of Days; can extinguish personality existence 53:3.5(603;6)
great power to put into effect decisions of conciliating commissions 25:3.5(277;2)
Master Physical Controllers subject to 29:4.8(325;4)
quasi-physical members of conciliating commissions 25:2.8(276;1)
strange doings sometimes difficult to explain 25:3.5(277;2)
divine plan 7:4sec(85;2), 32:5sec(364;3), 105:4.9(1157;10),. See also ascension plan; evolution: theory of biologic evolution; will of God
6 divine purposes do not pertain to mortal ascent 106:0.10(1163;4)
Adjusters bring along ideal life plan 110:2.1(1204;5)
almost infinite variety characterizes Creator Sons' plans for their universes 32:3.3(360;5)
d.p. so vast it is impossible to see much at any one time 32:5.1(364;3)
divine oneness overspreads creative diversity 56:0.2(637;2)
embraces experiments of all God's subordinates 2:1.4(34;3)
eternal, perfect, and changeless 2:2.1(35;5)
events of time are only scaffolding 32:5.2(364;4)
evolution unfolds under perfect control 3:2.2(46;6)
Father may intervene regarding individual creature at any time 1:2.7(24;5), 32:4.4(363;2), 118:10.6(1305;1)
for creation, ascension, and perfection of will creatures 2:2.5(36;3), 7:4.1-7(85;2), 9:5.6(103;4), 26:9.4(295;2)
human salvation is revelation of 170:2.8(1860;3)
impossible for finite beings to grasp 2:1.10(35;3), 3:2.6-10(47;4), 4:0.1(54;1), 7:0.1(81;1)
in creation of universe 56:9.12-13(645;7)
involves boundless opportunity for every creature 32:5.7(365;3)
Lao-tse's teaching of 94:6.6(1034;1)
matter ever true to; only free will departs from 12:8.3(139;6), 42:4.2(472;13)
mortal participation in divine plan
adding our schemes to d.p. is evil 75:3.9(842;2), 75:4sec(842;3)
folly attempting advancement independently of 74:3.3(830;6)
mortal sorrows and trials are part of 23:2.5(258;4)
no gain from short cuts or personal inventions 75:8.5(846;4)
not incumbent upon any to accept 110:2.1(1204;5)
progress predicated upon effort, achievement upon perseverance, personality development upon faith 115:7.2(1266;3)
natural, slow, and sure way of accomplishing d.p. 136:8.5-6(1520;6)
no division of authority in 32:4.3(363;1)
no limit on forces or personalities Father may employ 4:1.4(55;2)
nothing can frustrate 178:3.3(1934;5)
of mercy ministry put in operation by Infinite Spirit 7:4.6(85;7)
prevails in destiny of planet 3:5.3(51;2)
realms of the finite exist by virtue of 115:1.4(1260;5)
representative government is divine ideal of self-government 45:7.3(517;5)
selective operation of survival plan has no favoritism or anything arbitrary 40:10.5(452;5)
statement of divine plan
conceive of eternal purpose as endless circle 32:5.4(364;6)
Father's effort to reveal himself to his children 5:1.2(62;4)
gigantic creation administered by finaliters 112:7.18(1239;7)
gradual progressive development 32:0.2(357;2)
graduated opportunity to master operation of universe through actual participation in every step 48:8.2(557;17)
human survival and mortal ascension 30:4.26(344;1)
subjecting energy-matter to spirit through striving of personal mind 42:10.1(480;4), 112:2.11(1229;2), 116:5.8(1274;5), 116:6.1,4(1275;1), 117:2.1(1280;1), 117:3.2(1281;4), 117:7.10(1292;4)
universes expand as gravity and love reach out into time-organizing space 106:3.5(1166;3)
that mortals be upstepped by Adamic blood was d.p. 34:7.5(382;5)
that some divine Sons lapsed from integrity does not indicate fault in creatorship (35:9.7 8)
Those without Name and Number have transcendent concept of 22:4.1(246;6)

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