The Urantia Book Fellowship
1000 enable seraphic departure 29:4.12(326;1), 39:5.14(438;7)
cannot initiate communication; ruling sustaining Van marooned in 67:2.2-6(755;4), 67:6.9(760;4)
function in intraplanetary capacity by deploying themselves along desired energy path 29:4.20(327;3)
indispensable to mortals on nonbreathing planets 29:4.24(327;7)
living superconductors; induce energy flows in desired direction; augment feeble energies 29:4.21-22(327;4)
provide emergency lines of communication 29:4.23(327;6)
render distant scenes visible and audible 29:4.23(327;6)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.17(337;1)
type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)
understand communications; powerless to respond 29:4.19(327;2)
wholly automatic and mechanical; nonpersonal 29:4.5,19(325;1)
Jesus and Abner visited Nazarite colony at 142:8.1(1605;3)
John the Baptist lived at E. for 2-1/2 years 135:4.3(1499;3)
southern headquarters of Nazarites and other ascetic herdsmen 135:1.1(1496;6), 135:2.3(1497;5), 165:0.1(1817;1)
reposed sovereignty in United Kingdom 134:6.3(1490;6)
revelators instructed to use 0:0.1-3(1;1), 31:10.15(354;8), 56:10.23(648;6)
Book of
Jesus adopted term Son of Man from 126:3.6-8(1390;1)
partially accredited apocalyptic book 126:3.8(1390;3)
Son of God concept 136:1.6(1510;3)
first mortal to fuse in the flesh; one of 24 counselors 45:4.13(514;3)
son of Cain and Remona, head of Elamite Nodites 76:2.9(849;3)
son of Seth, founded new order of worship 76:3.4(849;7)
has 7 satellites 15:7.8(174;8)
minor sector 3 in major sector of Splandon 15:14.7(182;5), 18:5.5(212;2)
our minor sector 29:4.11(325;7)
rotates around star cloud of Sagittarius 15:3.5-7(168;1)
Uminor the third is capital of 15:7.8(174;8)
for long flight to Havona 112:7.5(1237;7)
Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of 122:1.2(1345;1)
be possessed with zeal for kingdom 163:4.13(1805;10), 163:6.1(1806;5)
Jesus surcharged with divine e. for the gospel 100:7.4,12(1102;1)
loveless zeal always harmful to religion 99:3.8(1088;9)
may become fanaticism 149:4.3(1673;3)
Peter's e. commendable but dangerous 137:1.3(1524;4)
work at what one finds to do with all one's might 133:8.3(1481;1)
zeal shown in unrecognized religious activity 99:3.7(1088;8)
bad e. cannot thwart attainment of individual mortal 55:11.7(635;9)
divinely watered souls all but independent of material 34:6.8(381;2)
Life Carriers manipulated e. to eliminate inferior prehuman strains 65:2.14-15(733;4)
no deprivation morontia career will not wholly remove 44:8.3(508;1)
religious experience markedly influenced by social 100:1.6(1095;1)
seraphim, Master Physical Controllers, and midwayers manipulate e. 113:3.5(1244;6), 113:4.4(1245;4), 114:6.18(1256;8)
some are exceptionally favorable to moral progress 5:1.4(63;2)
spiritual progress open to all regardless of 5:1.4-7(63;2)
admission of 160:1.7(1773;4)
deep-seated human trait 87:5.6(963;1)
evils of national e., racial jealousy 52:6.5(597;6)
Jesus comforted envious Phoenician 133:5.2(1476;4)
keep free from 140:8.17(1581;4), 165:4.1,4(1821;1)
many Havona pilgrims almost wish they could begin ascension all again 26:10.5(296;1)
material irritant of immaturity 160:3.5(1778;3)
mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress 110:1.5(1204;3)
Pharisees' inner souls filled with covetousness 166:1.4(1826;1)
prevented by intimate contact with others 160:2.7(1776;1)
waxing rich by wariness and much pinching 165:4.8(1822;3)
early mammalian era from 50 to 35 million years ago 61:1sec(693;4)
Apostle John settled in 139:4.6,15(1554;4)
capital of Roman province of Asia 133:6.1(1477;8)
Jesus' discourse on the soul at 133:6sec(1477;8)
Paul resided 2 years in E. making tents 133:6.3(1478;2)
Ephraim 143:0.1(1607;1), 162:9.6(1798;7),. See also Israel; Palestine
Ahab was king of 97:9.18-19(1073;8)
Canaanite city of Gibeon had peace treaty with 97:9.13(1073;3)
Israelitish consciousness took origin in E.; vanished 97:9.2,21(1071;7)
Judahites always defamed Ephraimites 97:9.2(1071;7)
oppressed elders of E. anointed David king of Israel 97:9.11(1073;1)
Jesus' talk with 133:4.5(1474;5)
dedicated to pursuit of happiness; combated superstition 121:4.2(1335;11)
Occidental religion languished until days of 98:6.2(1083;2)
epilepsy confused with demon possession 145:2.13(1631;1)
Jesus healed e. in Capernaum 145:2.12-14(1630;8)
Jesus healed James of Safed's son 158:4.2(1755;8), 158:5.6(1755;8)
priests and medicine men often were 88:1.9(968;4), 90:1.2(986;5)
primitives often worshiped 85:6.2(948;2)
written as cover letter for Gospel of John 121:8.10(1342;5)
altered by disciple of Paul 139:2.12(1552;1)
epochal angels. See seraphim: types: master seraphim of planetary supervision
erroneous belief 5:1.4(63;2), 69:3.8(774;7), 70:8.1(792;5), 70:9.5(794;3)
in spirit all men are equal 92:7.4(1012;5)
inferiors have always contended for equal rights 70:9.6(794;4)
never brings peace except in recognition of supersovereignty 134:4.9-10(1487;6)
of men and women 125:0.4(1377;4), 125:5.4(1382;6), 127:1.5(1396;2), 138:8.11(1546;2), 149:2.8-9(1671;3), 150:1.3(1679;2), 167:5.4(1839;1), 167:6.4(1840;3), 194:3.14(2065;2)
of mind advocated by Lucifer 53:4.2(604;4)
one cannot supplicate a mathematical 102:7.3(1126;3)
animal vestigial trait which morontia career eradicates 48:5.8(551;3)
Mesopotamia city state 78:8.9-10(876;6)
near Noah's home of Aram 78:7.5(875;2)
ability to entertain e. lost on final spirit levels 132:2.6(1458;3)
Adam and Eve's default was error, not rebellion 76:5.1(851;7)
causes sorrow because it cannot be realized 2:7.6(42;7)
conflicting truth and falsehood create 54:0.1(613;1)
dealing with error
deal with gently 178:1.14(1931;5)
Jesus did not attack e., rather embellished truth 132:0.4(1455;4)
living truths drive out serious e. 141:6.2(1592;4)
overthrow by love of living truth 131:1.7(1443;3)
sometimes too great to rectify by revelation 48:6.21(554;6)
defined as
inevitable result of immature creatures' freewill contact with reality 118:7.3(1300;7)
inherent in evolutionary growth 105:6.4(1159;4)
misconception or distortion of reality 67:1.4(754;5)
possibility of unwise judgment 3:5.10,15(51;9)
shadow of relative incompleteness 130:4.11(1435;3)
difficult for angels and midwayers to conceive of brilliant, trusted rulers like Caligastia going astray 67:4.6(758;4)
greatest e. is craving power to deprive others of liberty 54:1.6-9(614;1)
may markedly delay evolution of soul 111:3.1(1218;9)
memories of past life without spiritual meaning will perish with material brain 112:5.22(1235;4), 156:5.8(1739;3)
suggestive of lack of intellectual keenness 67:1.4-5(754;5)
fertile plains of 123:5.13(1364;1)
King David marched to 97:9.5(1072;3)
believe man comprised of body, soul, and name 86:5.13(955;5)
believe soul stays with body 3 days after death 87:2.3(959;4)
chance meeting with red tribe 64:7.19(728;8), 79:5.7,9(884;1)
conceive everything in nature has a spirit 86:5.1(953;8)
fairly free from violent antagonisms 70:1.2(783;5)
meager concepts of God 92:6.1(1010;5)
mothers lick babies in lieu of washing 84:7.10(940;6)
naturally docile children thrive on little discipline 84:7.21(941;2)
blend of Andonite and blue races 81:4.4(904;8)
descendants of Foxhall peoples 64:2.5,7(719;8)
sole survivors of Urantia aborigines; Andonites resembled 61:6.3(700;4), 63:4.1(713;7), 65:2.7(732;5), 70:1.2(783;5), 81:4.4(904;8)
penalty for crime decreed and administered by family wronged 70:10.11(796;1)
seldom cannibalistic except in famine 89:5.4(979;3)

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