The Urantia Book Fellowship
Andites sent captives to h.h.g. by lethal submergence 80:5.6(893;8)
on way to Salem, Abraham's family tarried at 93:5.4(1019;1)
few good h. in eastern Mediterranean 121:2.2(1333;4)
increased blood kin to support throne 83:5.11(927;1)
concord. See also order; spiritual unity
evolve out of chaos 117:7.14(1293;1)
keynote of Havona 27:4.2(301;3)
without sacrifice of free personality originality 141:5.1(1591;3)
music. See also music
speech of Havona 44:1.8(500;6)
universal code of spirit communication 44:1.4(500;2)
co-ordinating tertiary supernaphim 26:3.4(288;4)
Joys of Existence reflective of 28:5.16(312;3)
celestial artisans 44:7sec(507;2)
Jesus skillful at, fond of 123:6.5(1364;8), 126:1.6(1387;6)
Jesus sold his h. to defray Jude's school expenses 127:4.10(1402;3)
Andonites discovered 63:5.6(715;6)
cf: Adam could send and receive thoughts with his children to 50 miles 74:6.6(834;8)
morontia devices for reception of communications 47:10.2(539;4)
feast of ingathering. See Judaism: feasts: tabernacles
fields white for 143:6.1(1615;2)
plenteous, but laborers few 150:4.1(1681;8), 163:1.3(1800;5)
believers emancipated from 102:2.3(1119;8)
Jesus never in a hurry 100:7.14(1103;2), 136:0.1(1509;1), 171:7.5(1874;8)
modern man thinks he is too busy for meditation 195:6.7(2077;3)
primitives would not hurry 69:2.4(773;5)
Hatita 165:0.1(1817;1)
absence of ideals of national leaders explains 111:4.10(1220;9)
believers' reaction to hatred
enmity of the world 180:3sec(1946;6)
give authorities no occasion for offense 157:1.2(1743;4)
h. by men for Jesus' sake 176:1.1(1912;3)
Spirit of Truth endows with power to overcome 194:3.12(2064;4)
vanquish by benevolence, love 131:4.6(1449;1), 194:3.11-12(2064;3)
creative imagination inhibited by 111:4.9(1220;8)
hostility is automatic reaction of children of nature 70:1.1(783;4)
Judas indulged 139:12.6(1566;5)
nothing can appeal to victims of intense emotional h. 185:6.4(1995;3)
nursed in heart courts judgment 140:6.4(1576;4)
self-deception leads to 143:2.5(1609;6)
shadow of fear 145:3.4(1632;3)
when attacked by h., rest in unassailable citadel of spirit 100:2.7(1096;4)
1 Havona Center supervises 1000 worlds 29:2.5(321;4)
2 billion 70 Stationary Sons of Trinity serve in 19:4.8(218;6)
1st Havona circuit
complements of rest function on 26:11sec(296;4)
comprised of 35 million worlds 14:1.2(152;4)
creature-trinitized sons dwell on 26:11.2-3(296;5), 27:3.3(300;6)
innermost circuit 26:11.2-3(296;5)
pilgrims study problems of Paradise residence 26:11.1(296;4)
task is spiritual attainment 14:5.4(158;7)
2nd Havona circuit
counselors and advisers function on 26:10sec(295;3)
defeated pilgrims are advanced to 2nd circuit before return to superuniverses 26:10.2-4(295;4)
task is gaining familiarity with Paradise hosts 14:5.4(158;7)
3rd Havona circuit
ascenders become 5th stage spirits on 31:3.4(348;1)
Father guides function on 26:9sec(294;5)
task is recognition of Universal Father 14:5.4(158;7), 26:9.2(294;6)
4th Havona circuit
Son finders function on 26:8sec(293;5)
task is recognition of Eternal Son 14:5.4(158;7), 26:8.1-2(293;5)
5th Havona circuit
task is recognition of Infinite Spirit 14:5.4(158;7), 26:7.1-6(292;5)
Trinity guides function on 26:7sec(292;5)
6th Havona circuit
mortals are 4th stage spirits on 31:3.4(348;1)
supremacy guides function on 26:6sec(292;1)
task is recognition of Supreme 14:5.4(158;7), 26:6sec(292;1), 56:7.2(642;2)
7th Havona circuit
comprised of 245 million worlds 14:1.2(152;4)
outermost circuit 14:1.2(152;4), 26:4.5(290;2)
pilgrim helpers function on 26:5sec(291;1)
pilot world of 7th Havona circuit
ascenders awaken on 14:3.4(156;1), 14:5.4(158;7), 26:3.2(288;2), 26:4.5-6(290;2), 106:2.4(1165;1)
personality realities of Supreme Being unify with power prerogatives of Almighty Supreme on 56:6.2(641;3), 106:2.4(1165;1)
task is recognition of one's Master Spirit 14:5.4(158;7), 26:5.5(291;5)
ascenders gain clearance for Ascendington upon attaining 13:2.6(148;5)
awakening in H. is 4th mortal jubilee 27:7.8(305;1)
bestowal of the original Michael in H. 7:5.8-9(87;2)
circuits of Havona, generally
circuits rotate clockwise around Paradise 14:1.1(152;3)
each circuit has a headquarters planet 22:1.3(244;1)
each circuit has different length of year 14:1.4(153;2)
each circuit pervaded by one Spirit of Havona Circuits 14:1.2(152;4), 17:0.4(197;4), 17:5sec(202;4), 26:2.6(287;5)
one Census Director stationed on each circuit 24:2.3(267;1)
recognition requirements on each circuit 14:5.4(158;7), 26:5.4(291;4)
creation of Havona
Architects of Master Universe may have contributed to planning of 31:9.4(351;5)
by Father and Eternal Son 6:1.6(74;5), 32:3.1(360;3)
by Infinite Spirit 0:3.15(6;2), 0:11.1(13;6), 8:1.4,7(91;1), 105:2.7(1154;6)
by the Trinity 14:2.2(154;4)
eternalized concurrently with Infinite Spirit 8:1.7(91;4)
projected by Father with Son and in the Spirit 54:2.1(614;6)
Eternal Son's bestowal in 7:5.5-7(86;6)
function of Havona
basis for absolute confidence in Father 14:6.9(160;10)
buffer between absolute Paradise and finite creations; illustrates absonite level 105:7.2(1159;7)
created for satisfaction of God 4:0.2(54;2)
eternal power nucleus for all universe expansion 14:6.7(160;8)
exemplifies future-eternal unity of Supreme 14:6.21(161;11)
final proving ground for ascenders 14:3.4(156;1)
future finishing school for outer spacers 14:6.38(163;3)
H. 's full development requires superuniverses 32:3.14-15(362;3)
mind laboratory of creators of cosmic mind 14:6.17(161;7)
pattern for all universes 4:0.2(54;2), 11:9.6(127;4), 14:4.8(157;7), 32:3.3-4(360;5), 44:0.6(498;1)
possible future citizens 19:6.4(221;6)
purpose of H. 4:0.2(54;2), 14:6sec(160;2)
satisfactions afforded various beings 14:6sec(160;2)
source of overcontrol stabilizing local universes 14:6.26(162;4)
training worlds of high personalities native to Paradise and H. 14:3.4(156;1)
workshop and playground of finaliters 14:6.36(163;1)
God discernably present in 3:1.6(45;4)
individual worlds of Havona
arranged in one plane of 7 concentric circuits 14:1.2-3(152;4)
each directed by one Eternal of Days 14:3.3(155;6), 15:2.9(166;8)
every world wholly unlike any other world 14:5.6(159;2), 18:2.4(209;2)
follow each other in orderly linear procession 14:1.3(153;1)
mind different on each sphere 14:6.17(161;7)
one Universal Censor assigned to each 19:4.2(217;8)
Infinite Spirit is personal presence of ministry 8:4.3(94;5), 16:2.3(186;2)
life in Havona 14:5sec(158;4)
ascenders currently use only 1% of capacity; finaliters use 1/10 of 1% 14:3.5(156;2)
ascenders spend time on every world 18:2.4(209;2), 24:6.3(270;1)
differs in many respects since Grandfanda 24:7.9(271;8)
harmony is speech of 44:1.8(500;6)
inherently natural rules of conduct 14:5.3(158;6)
little need of language 44:4.3(503;3)
mind is absonite on 42:10.7(481;4)
no government, courts, or legislatures, only administrative direction 14:3.1-2(155;4)
no set time limit for pilgrims passage through 26:3.2(288;2)
same Graduate Guide stays with pilgrim throughout 24:6.3(270;1)
secondary supernaphim are angels of 26:1.5(285;6), 26:2.4-6(287;3)
sin has never occurred in 14:2.9(155;3)
training is qualitative, quantitative, and experiential 26:5.4(291;4)
nature and constitution
3 Architects of Master Universe co-ordinate 31:9.4(351;5)
7 basic life groups 14:4.1(156;6)
7 forms of energy; threefold energies, 1000 chemical elements 14:2sec(154;3), 56:1.1(637;3)
adjutants of 30:1.11(332;2)
central perfect eternal universe 0:0.5(1;5), 8:3.1(93;3), 12:1.4-5(129;2), 14:0.1(152;1)
cf: architectural spheres 14:2sec(154;3), 56:1.1(637;3)
comprised of 1 billion perfect worlds circling Paradise 8:1.4(91;1), 12:1.4(129;2), 14:0.1(152;1), 14:4.8(157;7), 18:2.1(208;6), 26:3.1(288;1)
energy systems are triune 11:8.7(126;3), 14:2.2(154;4), 42:2.16(470;7)
from finite viewpoint, reality begins with appearance of H. 8:1.9(91;6), 105:2.7(1154;6)
H. is and always has been; is existential 116:0.3(1268;3)
Havona energy. See triata
largest inhabited spheres in grand universe 14:3.6(156;3)
matter and spirit innately harmonious on 116:6.7(1275;7)
no decay or cellular death in 14:4.2(157;1)
real rivers and lakes 14:3.7(156;4)
space separation from superuniverses 41:0.2(455;2)
standard day is 1000 Urantia years; length of time for inner circuit to circumtransit Paradise 14:1.5-6(153;3)
stimuli of H. would not excite human senses 14:2.4(154;6)
with dark gravity bodies, mass greatly exceeds that of the 7 superuniverses 12:1.4(129;2)
Paradise Citizens first arrived in days of Grandfanda 26:5.1(291;1)
perfection of Havona
energy and spirit states in perfect balance 7:2.2(83;5)
only perfect and established aggregation of worlds; not evolutionary 14:0.2(152;2), 32:3.1(360;3)
perfect revelation of Paradise 11:9.5(127;3), 115:3.14(1263;1)
perfection-limited creation 118:0.13(1294;1)
perfection precludes possibility of disharmony 10:6.7(115;1)
sacred spheres of Paradise emit spiritual light to 13:0.3-4(143;3)
Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits pervade; not part of original pattern universe 26:2.6(287;5)
Supreme Being functions in H. as a spirit personality 116:0.5(1268;5)

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