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ability to adapt derived from adjutant mind-spirits 65:6.7-8(737;7)
adjutant mind-spirits #1 to #5 function in 36:5.13(403;1), 42:10.4(481;1), 65:6.7(737;7)
all are bellicose 70:1.7(784;3)
all except most primitive dependent on plants 58:2.9(666;6)
Andonites largely subsisted on 63:6.3(716;2)
Andonites warmed themselves with skins of 63:2.5(712;5), 63:4.1(713;7)
Andonites worshiped 63:6.3(716;2)
appearance of multicellular 59:1.4(673;4)
companionable, affectionate, noncarnivorous, intelligent, non-speaking on architectural spheres 43:6.4-5(492;4)
differences with respect to man
cannot know God, develop language 130:2.8(1431;3)
communicate in limited way, but with little or no personality 109:4.2(1198;5), 160:2.1(1775;2)
do not build fire 69:6.2(777;5)
do not communicate concepts 109:4.1-2(1198;4)
do not experience consciousness of time or self-consciousness 118:3.1(1297;2), 130:4.9(1435;1), 130:7.5(1439;3), 133:7.6,8(1479;6)
do not survive death 36:6.5(404;3), 130:2.8(1431;3)
do not visualize survival after death 68:3.2(766;3)
have knowledge, but not wisdom 101:6.4(1111;8)
instinctive exertions are not efforts of design 69:2.5(773;6)
know only the past; live in the present 12:5.10(135;9)
make no inquiry into purposes of life 160:1.5(1773;2)
manner in which man transcends 69:0.1(772;1)
selective responses limited to motor level 16:7.2-4(193;1)
domestication of animals
accidental 69:7.2(778;5)
gave living tools to primitive man 81:2.6(901;9)
one of first great advances 81:2.3,6-8)
pastoral civilization made possible by 68:5.6(768;6)
Prince's staff taught 52:2.8(592;1), 66:5.4-8(746;2)
selective breeding promoted 69:7.3(778;6)
early man mated with 64:1.7(719;2), 85:3.1(946;3)
evolution required appearance of many apparently useless forms destined to disappear 36:2.10(398;4)
indispensable to man's intellectual and physical evolution 36:2.10(398;4), 36:5.13(403;1)
Jesus asked Joseph why Father required slaughter of 124:6.14(1375;8)
Jesus' home had 3 cows, 4 sheep, chickens, a donkey, doves, and a dog 126:5.11(1393;8)
life of a. little changed by great glacier 64:4.7(721;5)
mind endows with consciousness without personality 9:6.3(104;1)
mortals unable to know God reckoned among a. 133:0.3(1468;3)
once fetishes, became taboo as food 88:1.5(967;7)
Ordovician was age of invertebrate 59:2sec(674;7)
primitive tribes believed they were descendants of 74:8.5(837;4)
primitives diagnosed disease by examining entrails of 90:4.3(991;2)
Prince's staff taught protection against predatory 66:5.4-8(746;2)
radically different on nonbreathing worlds 49:3.5(564;1)
sacrificial. See sacrifice: animal sacrifice
spornagia utilize a. in culture of soil 46:7.2(527;6)
sudden appearance of land 59:5.5(680;7)
thousands of marine species perished in Permian 59:6.2(682;8)
types named. See alligators; ammonites; amphibians; anteaters; antelopes; apes; armadillos; arthropods; baboons; barnacles; bats; bears; beavers; birds; bison; brachiopods; bulls; butterflies; buzzards; camels; carrier pigeons; caterpillars; cats; cattle; centipedes; chimpanzees; clams; cockroaches; coons; coral; coyotes; crabs; crickets; crinoids; crocodiles; crustaceans; cuttlefish; dawn mammals; deer; dinosaurs; dogs; dolphins; donkeys; doves; dragon flies; drills; ducks; eagles; earthworms; echinoderms; elephants; falcons; fish; flamingoes; foraminifers; foxes; frogs; gastropods; gibbons; giraffes; gnats; goats; gophers; gorillas; gulls; herons; hippopotamuses; horses; hyenas; jellyfish; kangaroos; lambs; leeches; lemurs; lions; lizards; llamas; lobsters; locusts; mammals; mammoths; marine life; martens; mastodons; mice; mid-mammals; mollusks; monkeys; musk oxen; octopuses; opossums; ostriches; owls; oxen; oysters; panthers; parrots; passenger birds; pearly nautilus; peccaries; periwinkles; pigeons; porpoises; poultry; Primates; Protozoa; pterosaurs; quail; rabbits; raccoons; ravens; reindeer; reptilians; rhinoceroses; rodents; ruminants; saber-toothed tigers; salamanders; scallops; scorpions; sea cucumbers; sea lions; sea serpents; sea squirts; sea urchins; sea worms; seals; sharks; sheep; shrimps; simians; sloths; snails; snakes; sparrows; spiders; sponges; squid; squirrels; starfish; sturgeon; swine; tadpoles; tapirs; tigers; trilobites; turtles; vipers; water hogs; watersnake; weasels; whales; wolves; yaks
utilization of a. 69:7sec(778;4)
crustaceans were ancestors of first vertebrates 59:4.10(679;3)
fish were first vertebrates 59:4.3,9(678;4)
frogs were ancestors of land vertebrates 60:0.2(685;2)
worship of a. 64:4.12(721;10), 85:3sec(946;3)
in Jesus' time, every rock and tree believed possessed 121:7.9(1341;1)
prayer little associated with 91:1.5(995;4)
savage looked upon all nature as possessed 86:2.6-7(952;1)
slaves brought a. to Greece 98:1.1(1077;5)
tithing a. while disregarding weightier matters 175:1.17(1908;1)
poetess at presentation of Jesus 122:9.2-6(1353;1)
loyal Nodite daughter 74:2.5(829;7)
Annas 190:3.3(2033;3),. See also Sanhedrin
chief steward of A. struck Jesus in face 184:1.6(1979;4), 186:2.5(1999;5)
deposed as high priest in A.D. 13 129:1.5(1420;2)
distant relative of Salome 142:0.2(1596;2), 184:0.3(1978;3)
disturbed by Jesus' refusal to answer 184:1.4-5(1979;2)
enmity aroused when Jesus threatened revenues 184:1.3(1979;1)
former high priest; most powerful individual in all Jewry; father-in-law of Caiaphas 129:1.5(1420;2), 183:3.10(1975;3), 183:5.1(1977;1), 184:0.1-2(1978;1), 184:1.1(1978;4)
Jesus called upon A.; was coldly received 142:0.2(1596;2), 184:1.2(1978;5)
Jesus' examination by 184:1sec(1978;4)
palace on Olivet near Gethsemane 184:0.3(1978;3), 184:2.10(1981;4)
reluctant to participate in murder of Jesus 184:1.2(1978;5)
Romans accustomed to dealing with 183:5.1(1977;1)
sent Jesus bound to Caiaphas 184:1.9(1980;1)
"sons of Annas" had bazaars in temple; overthrown 173:1.2(1888;5)
spent much time with Jesus in A.D. 22 129:2.7-8(1422;4)
told Roman captain to bring Jesus to him 183:5sec(1977;1), 184:0.1-3(1978;1)
Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of 122:1.2(1345;1)
oldest inhabited world of Satania 49:0.5(559;5)
Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of 122:1.2(1345;1)
Antarctica 61:2.3(695;1), 61:5.3(699;4)
drifted south 58:4.3(668;1)
rose out of Pacific depths 57:8.21(662;8)
vast ice sheets began to form 100,000 years ago 61:7.11(702;1)
largest star in local universe 41:3.2(458;2)
subjected to more pressure and heat than other coal 59:5.16(681;8)
highest attainment of purely evolutionary religion 5:4.9(67;7)
alternate flow of space levels exerts a. influence 11:7.9(125;3)
annuls physical gravity within local frame 9:3.3(101;3)
beings endowed with antigravity
Census Directors 24:0.3(264;3)
Infinite Spirit 7:1.2(82;1), 9:3.2-3(101;2)
local universe Mother Spirits 34:2.2(375;5)
Master Physical Controllers 9:3.6(101;6), 29:3.6(323;4), 29:4.12,28(326;1), 42:4.3(473;1)
Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit 24:0.3(264;3)
seven Supreme Power Directors 9:3.6(101;6), 29:3.6(323;4)
Solitary Messengers 24:0.3(264;3)
Supreme Power Centers 9:3.6(101;6), 29:3.6(323;4), 42:4.3(473;1)
Universe Circuit Supervisors 24:0.3(264;3)
employed in Havona 14:3.6(156;3)
operates only with respect to material gravity 9:3.3(101;3)
pervaded space exerts a. influence on linear gravity 11:8.3(125;6)
prevents gravity from converting all energy into matter 15:8.5-6,10)
ultimatonic energies sometimes exhibit 42:4.10(473;8), 42:6.3(476;5)
weight of energy depends on 15:8.3(175;6)
believers at A. sent funds to Jerusalem 194:4.7(2067;2)
Cedes made record of Jesus' life at 121:8.9(1342;4)
close connection with Jerusalem 121:2.5(1333;7)
flagrantly immoral capital of Roman province of Syria 133:8.1(1480;6)
headquarters of Pauline Christianity 171:1.6(1869;2)
Jesus and Ganid at 133:8sec(1480;6)
Jesus revisited for 2 months 134:7.3(1492;3)
notorious grove of Daphne at 133:8.1(1480;6)
Paul's disciples first called Christians at 121:2.5(1333;7), 194:4.13(2068;3)
Peter in 139:2.7(1551;3)
Antipatris 127:6.4(1404;3), 143:0.1(1607;1)
Jesus employed 159:5.14(1771;1)
Jesus' trial in praetorium of 185:0.2(1987;2)
Roman castle in Jerusalem 162:4.2(1794;1), 189:2.4(2023;3)
Mesopotamian god of sky 95:1.4(1042;5)
civilization forged upon 66:5.13(747;3)
forge out strong character 23:2.5(258;4)
Nebadon being forged upon 9:1.8(100;2)

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