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impossible to simultaneously determine exact location and velocity of moving object 65:6.1(737;1)
John the Baptist ate 135:3.1(1497;7)
absence of reasoned thought in presence of perplexity explains gross inconsistencies 86:5.3(954;2)
child best relates to reality by first mastering child-parent relationship, then enlarging 8:1.11(92;1)
founded on innate recognition of things, meanings, and values 103:7.13(1139;5)
if one event followed another, savage considered them cause and effect 86:2.3(951;5)
limitations of logic
can never validate religious experience 1:6.6(30;5), 101:10.6(1116;7)
cannot prove existence of God 1:2.4(24;2), 42:1.3(467;5)
error of approaching higher from lower 19:1.5-12(215;2), 40:0.3(443;3)
largely obscured by self-interest 86:2.4(951;6)
not infallible when applied to life problems 133:5.5(1476;7)
without knowledge one cannot successfully reason 13:2.5(148;4)
may lead back to First Cause 101:2.3(1106;2)
method of philosophy, science 101:2.2,6(1106;1), 103:7.6(1138;4)
tolerates concept of truth alongside observation of fact 102:6.9(1125;4)
23rd Psalm reference 48:6.8(552;6)
Father is always with us 181:1.6(1954;3)
Jesus' humanity not insensible to 182:3.10(1969;5)
no God-knowing mortal can ever be lonely 117:6.27(1291;4)
not good to be alone 25:8.4(283;5)
religion cures 101:10.7(1117;1)
the higher we ascend, the more lonely we are without our fellows 28:5.14(312;1)
Adamites and Nodites were 81:4.2(904;6)
secondary Sangiks were somewhat 81:4.2(904;6)
superior Saharans were 80:2.2(890;6)
typical early Nordics were 80:9.2(897;5)
doctrine of creator Deity 142:3.5(1598;6)
adoption by apostles of John and Jesus 144:6.5(1625;2)
Jesus formulated at age 15 126:3.3-4(1389;6)
Jesus recited at baptism 136:2.4(1511;3)
Father and Son search for 169:1.4(1851;2)
God goes in search of lost sheep 159:5.13(1770;5)
Jesus and Ganid restored lost child 132:6.1(1465;5)
Jesus came to seek and save 171:6.3(1874;2)
parable of
lost coin 169:1.4,15(1851;2)
lost sheep 169:1.2-4,15)
lost son 169:1.5-16(1851;3)
searching for one who is not lost 137:1.6(1525;3)
Abraham's nephew; went to Salem 93:5.5-9,12)
Moses gathered descendants of 96:5.9(1059;1)
went to Sodom to engage in trade, animal husbandry 93:5.9(1019;6)
ancients mistrusted l., sought tangible guarantee regarding marriage 83:3.1(923;7)
be purified through 182:1.5(1964;2)
can turn into hate through disappointment, jealousy, resentment 177:4.11(1926;4)
cannot be weighed in balance 196:3.15(2095;2)
divine love 2:5sec(38;6)
4 reactions of fatherly love 140:5.15-23(1574;8)
always looks for the best 140:5.12(1574;5)
appears in mortal personality by ministry of Adjuster 117:6.10(1289;3), 196:3.13(2094;12)
circuit is from Father, through Sons to brothers, to Supreme 117:6.10(1289;3)
credential of Jesus' mission 137:6.5(1533;3)
desire to do good to others 56:10.21(648;4)
divinity correlated in personality 0:1.17(3;4)
doubt not Father's l. 143:2.7(1610;2)
brings universal brotherhood into being 12:7.10(138;5)
casts out all fear 48:6.8(552;6)
destroys hate and sin, all weakness resulting therefrom 188:5.2-3(2018;1)
he who dwells in l. dwells in God 3:1.5(45;3)
infectious; more catching than hate 100:4.6(1098;3), 188:5.1-2(2017;9)
operates directly in heart of individual 118:10.11(1305;6)
requires us to love as Jesus loves us 140:5.2,3(1573;4), 181:2.30(1962;4)
saves the sinner 2:6.8(41;6)
triumph of l. in Lucifer rebellion 54:6sec(618;4)
essence of Jesus' teaching 92:4.8(1008;1)
essence of religion; wellspring of civilization 102:6.3(1124;5)
eternally creative 188:5.1-2(2017;9)
evidence of spiritual rebirth 142:5.4(1601;4), 143:2.3(1609;4), 146:3.6(1642;2), 196:3.7(2094;6)
flows outward to creation through the Supreme 117:6.3(1288;2)
follows us now and throughout eternal ages 2:5.9(40;1)
from God 117:6.10(1289;3)
fruit of the Spirit 34:6.13(381;7)
fully perceived, is coincident with divine justice 10:6.8(115;2)
God is love 1:3.8(26;2), 2:5.1(38;6), 6:3sec(75;6), 8:4.2(94;4), 54:4.6(616;5), 56:10.20(648;3), 130:1.5(1429;1), 134:4.1(1486;4), 160:5.11(1782;2)
God is love, but love is not God 2:5.10(40;2)
God loves not like a Father but as a father 2:6.4(41;2)
God's greatest satisfaction is in loving, being loved 4:4.6(59;2)
grasping highest good of individual loved 180:5.10(1950;5)
greatest of all spirit realities 56:10.20(648;3), 143:1.4(1608;1), 143:6.4(1615;5), 192:2.1(2047;5), 196:3.26(2096;5)
has severe disciplines 143:1.4(1608;1)
intelligent and farseeing parental affection 2:5.9-10(40;1)
is source of parental love 21:0.2(234;2)
made real by loving each other 180:4.5(1949;1)
mortals can feel undiminished impact of 3:4.6(50;4)
never self-seeking, cannot be self-bestowed 156:5.11(1739;6)
not secondary to anything in God's nature 188:4.8(2017;3)
not shortsighted affection which pampers, spoils 118:10.1(1304;3)
outworking of divine urge of life 174:1.5(1898;5)
portrays transcendent value of each personality 12:7.9(138;4)
seen in Father's intrusting us with everything we might perform 32:4.10(363;8)
sum total of truth, beauty, and goodness 5:4.6(67;4), 56:10.17-21(647;8), 140:8.31(1583;5)
true, holy, unlimited, eternal, and unique 40:10.13(454;2)
true guide to real insight 195:5.14(2076;5)
volitional will of God 2:6.9(42;1)
domination by l. brought Adjuster prior to Spirit of Truth 108:2.9(1187;8)
dove was symbol of 85:3.4(946;6)
experientially unify with divine law 42:11.1(481;5), 104:2.3(1145;4), 111:6.6(1222;5)
express in intelligent ministry 157:2.2(1745;1)
fatherly l. transcends brotherly affection 140:5.5(1573;7)
gives and craves affection 2:6.5(41;3)
immeasurable gulf between spiritual l. and thought 112:2.6(1228;5)
l. with new and startling affection 191:6.2(2044;3)
learning to love
by the grace of faith 191:4.3(2041;6)
divine l. awakens l. in human heart 188:5.2(2018;1)
each day learn to l. one more human being 100:4.6(1098;3)
faith enhances 159:3.12(1098;3)
freely give and receive l. 156:5.19(1740;6)
greatest l. is to lay down life for friends 180:1.3(1944;6), 188:5.7(2018;6)
human l. is reciprocal 156:5.11(1739;6)
l. becomes real only when bestowed upon others 117:6.10(1289;3)
l. cannot be created, manufactured, or purchased; it must grow 100:3.7(1097;4)
l. is only born of thorough understanding of neighbor's motives, sentiments 2:4.2(38;2), 100:4.4-6(1098;1), 174:1.4-5(1898;4)
learn to l. others by loving Father; becoming interested in others' welfare 155:3.4(1727;4), 181:2.5(1955;6)
one cannot bring l. forth by act of will 100:4.6(1098;3)
suspicion incompatible with l. 52:6.4(597;5)
the more we bestow ourselves upon our fellows, the more we l. them 129:0.2(1419;2)
to share Master's l., we must share his service 180:1.5(1945;2)
very much a direct response to being loved 2:5.8(39;7), 56:8.3(644;1)
man's nearest approach to God is through 3:4.7(50;5), 56:10.17(647;8)
man's understanding of l. is only relatively true 115:1.2(1260;3)
misconceptions of love
do not allow l. to become stumbling block 158:7.4(1760;1)
human word symbol unfit 2:5.11(40;3)
illusory without truth, beauty, and goodness 196:3.18,26(2095;5)
l. for purpose of affectionate possession 127:6.1(1403;5)
often dangerous, semiselfish trait in mortal parents 177:2.3(1922;1)
selfish qualities of 100:2.4(1096;1)
money cannot l. 127:2.8(1397;6)
mother l. is an adjutant mind-spirit instinct 84:1.6-7(932;3)
must dominate personality 100:4.3(1097;7)
mutual regard of whole personalities; l. not the souls of men, but men themselves 112:2.3(1228;2), 191:5.3(2043;1)
not natural for man 16:9.7(196;3)
only a God-knowing person can l. others as himself 16:9.8(196;4)
persons only l. and hate other persons 1:7.3(31;3), 2:6.8(41;6)
prevents estrangements which necessitate repentance 174:1.2(1898;2)
requires knowledge for human things; produces knowledge for divine things 102:1.1(1118;4)
secret of beneficial association 12:9.2(141;3)
strengthens character, creates happiness 140:5.6(1573;8)
subjective philosophic abstractions are devoid of 16:9.8(196;4)
supplies soil for religious growth 100:0.2(1094;2)
written examination cannot prove 103:8.3(1140;3)

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