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God's immanence and transcendence 5:5.6(69;1)
infinity is the maximum p. 115:3.4(1262;1)
of simultaneous measurements 65:6.1(737;1)
the human p. 111:6sec(1221;8)
ever-present dread of bad luck brought primitives 86:1.3(950;5)
healing 148:9sec(1666;5)
some early priests were 90:1.2(986;5)
Jesus objected to custom of touching 124:4.7(1372;4)
12 recently arrived parents serve on 47:1.4(531;2)
all survivors must pass requirements of 47:1.4,6(531;2)
affectionate p. never called upon to forgive children 174:1.2(1898;2)
children commanded to honor p. 131:2.12(1446;1), 153:3.3(1712;3), 163:2.4(1801;7)
disclose to children the love of Paradise Parent 84:7.30(942;1)
divine love is source of parental love 21:0.2(234;2)
highly educational and disciplinary responsibilities of parenthood 126:2.2(1388;2)
importance to children of love between p. 160:2.6(1775;7), 177:2.2(1921;6)
instinct to care for feeble infants 63:3.1(713;1)
leaving p. for sake of kingdom 163:3.4(1804;1)
no ascending mortal can escape parenthood experience 45:6.4-9(516;2), 47:1.4,6(531;2)
no mortal reproduction after life in flesh 45:6.7(516;5)
parent-child relationship is most tender and beautiful in mortal experience 2:6.2(40;6)
privilege of giving sons to the Father 84:7.4(939;7)
relationship with God is Father-child 3:4.7(50;5), 196:3.32(50;5)
rewarded by excellency of their children 71:3.9(803;9)
selflessness inherent in parental love 2:6.4(41;2), 16:9.7(196;3)
New Guinea tribe teaches descent from 74:8.5(837;4)
dog is sacred animal of 88:1.4(967;6)
fire myth persists in symbolism of 69:6.6(778;1)
modern perversions of Zoroaster 95:6.8(1050;4)
library at Alexandria contained manuscripts from 130:3.4(1432;4)
rising power; wars with Rome 121:1.6(1333;2), 121:2.8(1334;2)
quadruples achievement possibilities 43:8.11(494;10)
when man goes into p. with God, great things happen 107:4.7(1181;3), 118:5.2(1299;2), 132:7.9(1467;5)
parts and the whole 12:7sec(137;2), 12:9.3(141;4), 131:8.4(1452;2),. See also groups; individual, the
as it is with the parts, so it is with the whole 12:7.11(138;6), 116:6.6(1275;6)
evolution of parts is segmented reflection of purposive growth of whole 116:6.6(1275;6)
from standpoint of eternity, welfare of part and whole indistinguishable 3:2.8(47;6)
group members reap benefits and suffer consequences of others' actions 12:7.11(138;6), 54:6.3-4(618;6), 67:7sec(760;6), 145:2.8(1630;4)
Orvonton's purpose is meaning-of-the-whole 15:14.3(182;1)
parts and individuals of grand universe evolve as reflection of total evolution of Supreme 117:0.4(1278;4)
potential may fail to actualize with respect to a part, but never in aggregate 115:3.13(1262;10)
survival of part depends on identification with whole 3:5.15(52;1)
Trinity manifests regard for the whole, not the parts 3:2.8(47;6), 10:7.2(115;4), 118:10.11(1305;6)
understanding relationship of parts to each other requires understanding relationship of each to the whole 56:10.16(647;7)
universe government rather risk rebellion than deprive one soul of eternal life 112:5.7-8(1233;3)
universe is integrated aggregation of real units subject to destiny of the whole 112:5.1(1232;2)
whole is dependent on total acts of manifold parts 117:4.5(1284;1)
whole often more than, or different from, sum of parts 12:9.3(141;4)
affectionate; intelligent; spoke many words 52:1.5(590;1)
Bon successfully trained fandors as passenger birds; extinct 30,000 years ago 66:5.6(746;4)
could fly 2 men nonstop 500 miles 52:1.5(590;1)
used in Eden; Adam inspected Garden from 74:3.4(831;1), 74:4.4(832;4)
ostrichlike bird was ancestor of 61:1.4(694;1)
Jesus' disciples should always be active, positive 194:3.11(2064;3)
righteousness comes not from 159:5.9-12(1770;1)
Passover. See Judaism: feasts
to eternity is attainment of Father 26:9.2(294;6)
folly to regard p. as exclusive source of truth 79:8.8(888;1)
Jesus portrayed deliverance from 188:5.3(2018;2)
must be forgotten, disowned 154:6.8(1722;4), 156:2.6(1736;3)
restful to contemplate; savors of things already mastered 48:4.10-20(548;5)
weakening effect of overreverence for 79:6.9(885;6)
worshiped trees 85:2.4(945;7)
profits on p. taxed at 50% in continental nation 72:7.10(816;1)
Adam and Eve would have met with success had they exercised more 75:1.6(840;2), 75:8.4(846;3)
bear with erring brother 54:5.5(617;5)
being just and fair are preconditions to showing p. 28:6.8(315;2)
being long-suffering is fruit of spirit 34:6.13(381;7)
cannot function independently of time 54:5.4(617;4)
challenge evil and hatred with forbearance 194:3.12(2064;4)
cheerfully endure tasks, trials of Adjuster's selection 110:7.10(1213;5)
delays of time inevitable 65:8.1(739;5)
evidence man indwelt by God 26:11.5(297;2)
exercised by mortals whose time units are short 118:1.6(1295;6)
forbearance under provocation 178:1.14(1931;5)
go slowly in political evolution 71:2.1(801;5)
good derived from 39:4.12(435;5), 54:4.7(616;6)
always exhibited p. with human shortcomings 158:7.8(1760;5)
counsel regarding Jude 128:6.8(1416;1), 128:7.3-4(1417;2)
p. was Jesus' ideal of strength of character 140:8.20(1582;1)
would not act prematurely 100:7.14(1103;2)
learned in one's family 84:7.28(941;9)
mortals should be slow to criticize universe delays 54:6.8(619;5)
natural, slow, and sure way of accomplishing divine purpose 136:8.5(1520;6)
parable of prodigal son illustrates need for 54:4.2(616;1)
possess soul in 176:1.1(1912;3), 181:2.15(1958;2)
Prince's staff set about slowly and naturally to advance interests intrusted to them 66:6.3-7(749;5)
time alone ripens fruit upon tree 130:5.3(1436;4)
universe not managed merely to meet our approval 65:5.3(736;6)
we are in the hands of God 135:9.6(1505;6)
we must in all things wait upon Father's will 137:4.8(1529;5)
we will have opportunity to present any good ideas in future ages 65:3.7(734;4)
wisdom of delay 54:5sec(617;1)
Apostle John banished to 139:4.13-14(1555;6)
Apostle Andrew crucified in 139:1.12(1550;3)

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