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always linked with property and religion 82:4.1-2(917;4), 82:5.3(918;3), 83:0.2(922;2), 83:1.1(922;4)
among primitives
always planned by parents 83:2.1(923;1)
annulled if woman barren 82:3.14-15(917;2)
betrothal equivalent to m. 83:2.6(923;6)
custom of wife stealing from neighboring tribes 82:5.7,10(919;3)
early man could kill wife at will 84:4.10(936;3)
first matchmakers were barbers; later priests 83:2.1(923;1)
group m. gave way before polygamy 83:5.3(926;1)
husband lost deposit in case of divorce or desertion 83:3.1(923;7)
in-marriage and outmarriage 82:5sec(918;1)
infidelity test from Old Testament 70:10.6(795;3)
m. by capture preceded m. by contract 69:4.1(775;1), 83:2.2(923;2)
m. practiced among children because ancients believed it necessary to enter spiritland 82:3.8(916;4)
mores regarding 82:3sec(915;4)
Neanderthalers gave most successful hunters choice of wives 64:4.2(720;8)
outmarriage led to tribal co-ordination and military alliances 82:5.9(919;5)
plural m. 83:5sec(925;6)
polyandry limited to queens and rich women 83:5.3(926;1)
four sorts of wives 83:5.3-11(926;1)
multiple mating common outside the Garden 75:3.8(842;1)
number of wives limited by husband's ability to provide for 83:5.10(926;8)
survival of female-slavery in m. 69:9.7(781;1)
practice of brother-sister m. dates from Adam 74:6.9(835;3)
puberty common age of 82:3.9(916;5)
races exalting m. survived in increased numbers 82:3.3(915;6)
required consent of ruler 69:9.7(781;1)
tribes required feats to qualify for m. 82:3.5-7(916;1)
under property mores 82:4sec(917;4)
Andon and Fonta's agreement to live with and for each other 62:5.8(708;6)
continence cult tolerated m. as evil lesser than fornication 89:3.6(977;1)
does not exist after life in flesh 38:2.2(419;2), 174:3.2(1900;2)
fostered by Prince's staff 66:5.29(748;10)
ideal of marriage 83:8sec(929;4)
cherish wife as Father exalts Spirit Mother 133:2.2(1471;1)
lifelong partnership of self-effacement, compromise, devotion, and unselfish dedication to child culture 83:7.6(928;7), 160:2.10(1777;1)
Material Sons portray ideals of 83:8.5(930;1)
Michael and Mother Spirit represent 17:6.5-6(204;1), 33:3.6(369;1)
most ideal, highest human relationship 83:8.5(930;1), 167:5.3-8(1838;4)
Immanuel discouraged Jesus from entering 120:3.8(1330;3), 127:5.5(1403;3), 127:6.8(1404;7)
institution of marriage
now temporarily unstable 83:7.4-5(928;5)
institution of society, not department of church 83:1.2(922;5)
regulates sex relations and inheritance 83:1.1(922;4)
repercussion to mating instinct 82:0.1(913;1), 82:1.1(913;4), 82:3.1(915;4), 83:1sec(922;4)
Jewish weddings celebrated on Wednesday; festivities lasted a week 137:4.1(1528;4), 137:5.1(1531;5)
laws regarding m. in continental nation 72:3.8-9(812;1)
monogamy 83:6sec(927;2)
antagonistic co-operation 84:6.2(938;6)
becoming mutual, romantic, ethical, and idealistic 83:1.3(922;6)
decidedly best for children 83:6.1,8(927;2)
enduring m. never founded on biologic affection alone 84:7.10(940;6)
error to regard as sacrament 83:1.2(922;5), 83:6.3(927;4), 83:8.1-4(929;4), 83:8.3(929;6)
idealistic goal of human sex evolution 83:6.6(927;7)
mother entitled to be certain of husband's affections 83:6.7(927;8)
not biologic but sociologic 84:6.2(938;6)
not founded on sex relations 84:1.1(931;4)
often fails for lack of self-control 83:6.6(927;7)
real test is inescapable continuous intimacy 83:7.6(928;7)
sexual fidelity, not mutual monopoly of personality 83:6.4(927;5), 83:8.8(930;4)
special protection man can give woman 133:2.2(1471;1)
stabilized by mores, property, pride, chivalry, duty, and religion 83:0.2(922;2), 83:1.2(922;5), 84:7.3-7(939;6)
union of one man and one woman to establish home 69:9.7(781;1), 83:0.1(922;1), 83:8.1(929;4)
unnatural to evolutionary man 83:6.2,7(927;3)
works hardship on those not so fortunate 83:6.1,4(927;2)
mores distinct from secret and personal relations 82:3.2(915;5)
temper youthful idealization with premarital disillusionment 83:8.6-7(930;2)
value of marriage
benefits from disciplines of average sex relations 45:6.3(516;1)
co-operating man and woman vastly superior to 2 men or 2 women 84:1.9(932;6)
designed to compose sex differences 84:6.7(939;2)
function in evolution is insurance of race survival 68:2.9(765;6)
honorable and to be desired by all 167:5.7(1839;4)
stimulates highest potentials in human nature 84:7.28(941;9)
worth any sacrifice requisite for its possession 160:2.6(1775;7)
woman is the interested party in promoting m. 84:7.2(939;5)
parable of 173:5sec(1894;4)
sit not in chief seat at 167:1.5(1834;3), 179:1.3-5(1937;1)
Roman god of war 98:3.1(1080;3)
mortals living on M. would be subbreathers 49:2.6(561;5)
suitable for life? 15:6.10(173;5)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
converted Mary Magdalene 150:2.2(1680;1)
member of women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
Martha (sister of Jesus) 126:4.9(1392;7),. See also Jesus: family
born September 13, A.D. 3 124:1.7(1367;3)
expert weaver 128:3.1(1411;1)
Jesus' relation with 124:4.3(1371;6)
slow in thought and action but dependable, efficient 127:4.8(1402;1)
wedding 129:1.6(1420;3)
tarried by Jesus' tomb 188:1.7(2013;6)
Martha (sister of Lazarus) 127:3.5(1399;4), 141:9.2(1595;6), 164:3.1(1811;2), 186:0.1(1997;1)
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
at resurrection of Lazarus Paper 168 (1842;1),)
disposed of possessions, joined Lazarus at Philadelphia 168:5.3(1849;7), 190:1.9(2031;3)
distracted by numerous needless tasks 162:8.2-3(1797;5)
first met Jesus 124:6.9(1375;3)
gave expression to no doubt 168:0.6(1842;6)
Jesus loved M. with fervent affection 127:6.3(1404;2), 167:4.2(1837;1)
M. loved Jesus like a brother 125:2.7(1380;2)
one year older than Jesus 127:6.5(1404;4)
wealthy; inherited extensive vineyards and olive orchards 168:0.4(1842;4), 172:1.7(1879;5)
visit of 2 courtesans 133:3.8-10(1473;1)
martyrs. See also stonings
high devotion required for martyrdom 143:1.6-7(1608;3)
individuals martyred
Andrew crucified at Patrae 139:1.12(1550;3)
James Zebedee killed by sword 139:3.8-9(1553;4)
Jesus crucified by Pilate Paper 187 (2004;1),)
John the Baptist beheaded by Herod 135:12.7(1508;7)
Matthew at Lysimachia 139:7.10(1560;6)
Okhban 95:3.5(1046;1)
Perpetua thrown to beasts at Rome 139:2.14(1552;3)
Peter crucified at Rome 139:2.15(1552;4)
Philip crucified at Hierapolis 139:5.12(1558;1)
Philip's wife stoned at Hierapolis 139:5.11(1557;5)
Prophet Amos stoned 97:4.4(1066;1)
Rodan killed in Greece 161:2.12(1787;2)
son of Titus of Capernaum killed in Rome 146:5.2(1644;4)
Stephen stoned at Jerusalem 194:4.11-12(2068;1)
Thomas put to death in Malta 139:8.13(1563;1)
Zechariah slain in sanctuary 175:1.22(1908;6)
Jesus did not seek to become a m. 156:2.5(1736;2)
prophets killed in Jerusalem 175:1.4,22-23)
reveal gospel even in manner of death 181:2.15(1958;2)
at Jesus' appearances 189:4.10-12(2026;4), 189:5.4(2027;8), 190:2.6(2032;4), 190:3.2(2033;2), 193:0sec(2052;1)
chief spokesman for women's corps; most effective teacher 150:1.1(1678;5), 150:2.3(1680;2), 190:0.5(2029;5)
discovered empty tomb 188:1.7(2013;6), 189:4.2-14(2025;3), 190:2.2(2031;6)
wept when apostles refused to believe Jesus risen 189:5.3-5(2027;7)
witnessed Jesus' crucifixion 187:3.2(2008;3), 187:5.4(2010;5)
won for kingdom in nefarious resort by Martha sister of Andrew 150:2.2(1680;1)
mother of John Mark; wife of Elijah 182:0.1(1963;1)
at Jesus' 5th appearance 190:3.1(2033;1)

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