The Urantia Book Fellowship
widow contributed all 172:4.2(1883;4)
and Christianity 98:6sec(1083;1), 98:7.7(1084;6)
Christian leaders compromised with M. 195:0.9,11(2070;5)
M. similar in appearance and ritual to early Christianity 98:6.3(1083;3)
M. was competitor of Paul's Christianity 121:5.8(1337;4)
Paul's atonement doctrine derived from 121:6.5(1339;1)
Roman Mithraic temple became Christian church 132:0.5(1456;1)
arose in Iran 98:4.2(1081;5), 98:5.2(1082;3)
encouraged militarism; tolerant of other religions 98:6.4(1083;4)
greatly improved by Zoroaster's teachings 98:5.2(1082;3), 98:7.6(1084;5)
Iranian priests resurrected M. to combat Zoroastrianism 95:6.7(1050;3)
Jesus sought out worthwhile M. leaders 130:7.3(1439;1), 132:0.4(1455;4)
orgiastic celebrations 134:6.16(1491;10)
Roman legions spread M. over Empire 98:5.1(1082;2)
school at Urmia reopened as temple of 134:6.16(1491;10)
Sol Invictus was sun-god of 98:5.3(1082;4)
sun worship gave rise to M. in Iran 85:5.2(947;5)
supplanted Phrygian and Egyptian mysteries 98:5.1(1082;2)
champion of sun-god in struggle with god of darkness 98:5.3(1082;4)
Jerusem group approving planetary life initiation plans 57:8.9(661;3)
combated Confucianism, proclaimed brotherhood founded on love of God 94:6.11(1034;6)
King David laid heavy tribute on 97:9.14(1073;4)
eventuates in charm 48:7.11(556;1)
restraint in all things is good 131:3.6(1447;3)
spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos 99:4.6(1090;2)
among ancients was attempt to deceive envious spirits 87:5.7(963;2)
arose from fear of being observed at menstrual period 84:4.8(936;1)
political evolution 134:5.9(1488;7)
Mohammed. See also Islam
great religious teacher; founded Islam; protested foreigners, incoherent religious life of his people 92:5.11(1010;2)
return looked for in Islam 92:5.3(1008;5)
mollusks 59:3.5,11(677;2),. See also cephalopods
nonprogressive species oysters, octopuses, snails 65:2.5(732;3)
in dark ages 195:4.1(2074;7)
maintained by individuals lacking normal sex urges 82:3.9(916;5)
apostles and evangelists advised to take m., not take m. 140:9.3(1584;2), 163:1.3(1800;5), 180:0.2(1944;2)
cannot love 127:2.8(1397;6)
earliest was fish, goats, or cows 69:4.5(775;5)
first used in Dalamatia 66:5.12(747;2)
carried m. bag in deep pocket 186:1.3(1998;1)
threw 30 pieces of silver over temple floor 186:1.2,6(1997;5)
turned over apostolic funds to David 178:2.10(1933;7)
render tribute m. to Caesar 174:2.2(1899;2)
universal language of trade 70:3.5(787;5)
widow's mites 172:4.2(1883;4)
in court of gentiles 125:1.1(1378;3)
Jesus cleansed from temple 173:1sec(1888;4)
licensed to exchange currency for shekel 173:1.3(1889;1), 173:2.3(1891;4)
early creditors controlled body after death 69:5.8(776;6)
never employ money-power to gain unfair advantage 132:5.9(1464;3)
parable of 2 debtors 147:5.4(1652;1)
influential river cult 85:4.1(946;8)
talked with Jesus in Caesarea 130:2.2(1429;4)
Mongoloids. See also races
race comprised of red, yellow, and blue Sangiks 81:4.7(905;3)
monkeys. See also simians
appearance 61:1.4(694;1), 61:3.12(697;7), 61:4.4(698;6)
became fetish animals 88:1.5(967;7)
retarded mid-mammals were ancestors of 62:3.12(706;3)
Monmatia 57:5sec(655;6),. See also sun (Urantia's)
3 Angona tributaries have retrograde motion (Venus and Uranus are 2) 57:5.13-14(657;2)
3 planets suited for life 15:6.10(173;5)
5th planet fragmentized into asteroids 57:6.5(658;2)
12 planets 57:5.7(656;3)
could end as double star formation 15:5.8(171;3)
origin in Angona approach 4.5 billion years ago; gravity explosion of sun; capture of meteors 15:3.6(168;2), 15:5.5(170;8), 41:10.1(465;6), 57:5.4-14(655;9)
planets still growing from meteoric captures 57:6.6-10(658;3)
planets travel in plane of Angona solar extrusion, not sun's 57:5.12(657;1)
registered 3 billion years ago 57:6.9(658;6)
revolves around former Andronover nebula 15:3.6-7(168;2)
Urantia's solar system 57:2.1(652;4), 57:5sec(655;6)
monota. See also reality: levels of reality: absolute reality
indistinguishable from spirit except by name 116:6.7(1275;7)
living nonspirit energy of Paradise 42:2.19(471;3)
reveals nonspiritual realities of First Source; absolute 42:10.1(480;4)
breakup of Mogol empire handicapped growth of 79:1.9(879;6)
Egyptian political factors favored 95:2.2(1044;1)
Egyptian priests combined and hyphenated their gods 95:5.11(1048;5)
enabled man to see Father as creator and controller 1:0.1(21;1)
evolution of 96:0.1(1052;1), 96:1.14(1054;4), 104:2.1(1145;2)
pure m. reduces God to status of pantheistic Absolute 104:2.2(1145;3)
indicates immaturity of creative imagination 14:5.8(159;4)
multiplies perplexities and difficulties 143:3.7(1611;5)
never encountered in universal economy 28:6.18(316;5)
wears and exhausts 48:6.26(555;5)
full on April 4, A.D. 30 176:0.2(1912;2)
lost atmosphere to earth 57:7.4(659;3)
mortals living on m. would be nonbreathers 49:2.6(561;5)
Neanderthalers sacrificed best specimens to induce m. again to shine 64:4.13(722;1)
primitive time measurement was lunar month 66:7.17(751;12)
rotation ceased due to tidal friction 57:6.2(657;5)
weddings once celebrated when m. full 83:4.5(925;1)
will eventually shatter from tidal gravity 57:6.3-4(657;6)
worshiped during hunting era 85:5.2(947;5)
snake revered in dance of 88:1.5(967;7)
always antecedent to religion 5:5.4(68;6)
among gentiles, not necessarily related to religion 121:5.17(1338;2)
ancient secret societies aimed to improve morals 70:7.7(791;4)
and religion 101:9sec(1115;2), 160:5.4(1780;6)
concept of God as king-judge fostered 2:6.4(41;2)
defined as
acceptance of duty 5:5.2(68;4), 16:7.1(192;8), 16:9.9(196;5), 117:4.8(1284;4)
awareness of relativity of relationships 112:0.11(1225;1)
barely superanimal unless progressive 12:5.10(135;9)
discipline of self by divine ideals 92:7.5(1012;6)
ethical values by which duty demands man abide 101:9.5(1115;6)
futile without cosmic insight 16:7.8(193;7)
indigenous to human personality 16:7.1(192;8)
indispensable to human progress and survival 101:3.1(1107;8)
inexplicable without God 3:6.3(53;1)
insight into rightness and wrongness, eternal fitness of human relationships 147:4.8(1651;2), 196:3.22(2096;1)
interaction of liberty and loyalty 39:4.10(435;3)
motivation of goals 71:7.5(806;5)
recognition of progressive obligation to Supreme Being 110:3.10(1206;8), 117:4.8(1284;4)
superanimal but wholly evolutionary 5:5.1,4(68;3), 196:3.23,24(2096;2)
disseminated by morally fragrant persons 16:7.9(193;8)
evolution of m. not wholly dependent on revelation 95:3.2(1045;5)
family life is progenitor of true 84:7.30(942;1)
highest moral choice is to do God's will 39:4.14(435;7)
in spiritual greatness, morals are subordinate to unselfish service 28:6.20(317;1)
inferior moral standards cannot invalidate presence of Adjuster 5:5.13(69;8)
is to religion as duty is to love 102:5.3(1124;2)
Jesus never concerned with m. as such 140:8.21(1582;2), 170:3.9(1862;6)
Jesus taught m. from relation of man to God 140:10.5,8(1585;3)
lowering morals produces sense of guilt 103:4.3(1133;3)
man's understanding of m. only relatively true 115:1.2(1260;3)
modern religion's overstressed and isolated m. 2:7.9(43;2)
moral choosing usually accompanied by conflict 103:2.7(1131;6)
never advanced by law or force 16:7.9(193;8), 178:1.12(1931;3)
none would exist without religion 92:3.6-8(1006;3)
of act determined by motive 140:10.5(1585;3)
Pharisees spiritually blind but thoroughly moral 162:3.1(1792;5)
potential evil necessary for moral choosing 132:2.10(1458;7)
religion is ancestor of 101:0.2(1104;2)
Salem missionaries' failed attempt suddenly to raise 95:1.6-9(1043;1)
soil in which revealed religion germinates 103:2.3(1131;2)
usually acquired among primitives with appearance of language 52:1.6(590;2)
well-ordered society nurtures 34:7.4(382;4)

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